Book of Cats and Dogs: And Other Friends for Little Folks

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American Book, 1884 - Всего страниц: 96
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Стр. 9 - Hey, diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such sport, And the dish ran away with the spoon!
Стр. 10 - OLD Mother Hubbard Went to the cupboard, To get her poor dog a bone: But when she got there The cupboard was bare, And so the poor dog had none.
Стр. 33 - In the barn she used to frolic, Long; time ago. In the barn a little mousie Ran to and fro; For she heard the kitty coming, Long time ago. Two black eyes had little kitty, Black as a crow; And they spied the little mousie, Long time ago. Four soft paws had little kitty, Paws soft as dough; And they caught the little mousie, Long time ago.
Стр. 33 - Nine teeth had little kitty, All in a row ; And they bit the little mousie, Long time ago. When the teeth bit little mousie, Little mouse cried " Oh !" 'But she got away from kitty, Long time ago.
Стр. 5 - ... They are invaluable as a guide to observation in the hands of the teacher, or as supplementary reading in the hands of the pupils. In the preface to the book of cats and dogs, Prof. Johonnot says: "Through the love of pets, children may be led to careful observation, comparison and description, steps at once necessary to mental growth, and leading up to the portals of science. From the obvious in structure and movement, the mind is led to see relations and the adaptation of structure to function....
Стр. 22 - When pussy runs up a tree, her sharp nails hold on to the bark, and she uses her hind claws as well as the fore ones. This is what I read in a book a little while ago about a cat's claws, and I thought it very strange: "The claws of a cat grow very fast, just as our nails do, and, if the cat did not rub them off, they would grow so long that she could not use them. So, when the cat feels that her nails are getting too long, she scratches something hard until she wears them down to the right length....
Стр. 26 - The cat's tongue is covered with little hooks, all pointing backward, so that when the food is in her mouth, the rough tongue helps her swallow it. With this rough tongue she laps up milk, licks the plate clean when she is fed, and licks the meat off from bones. "The dog's jaws are strong, so he crushes bones and eats the meat, bones and all; but the cat's jaw are not strong enough for that, so she gets the meat off with her rough tongue.
Стр. 40 - ... than those of a cat and they hang down by the side of his head. Some dogs have ears that stand up and point forward. My sister has a little white terrier, Gyp, whose hair is silky and much longer than Rover's, and it hangs down over his eyes in a very funny way. He can see very well for all that. Dogs do not hunt for rats and mice, but if a rat comes in sight when Gyp is about, he gives one bound and a snap, and there is a dead rat. When Gyp is asleep, if we call out "Rats," he springs up and...
Стр. 36 - ... dog in this picture is an old watch-dog. He is sitting by the chair, waiting for his master, and taking care that nothing is stolen from the room. Our old dog. Rover, is always waiting for me when I get home from school, and the way he runs and jumps and barks, you would think he wanted to eat me up. When I throw a stick he will run and bring it up, and if I try to get it he will hold on and growl, and pretend to be very angry ; but he wags his tail and winks at me, to let me know that he is...
Стр. 26 - The dog's jaws are strong, so he crushes bones and eats the meat, bones and all; but the cat's jaw are not strong enough for that, so she gets the meat off with her rough tongue." My pussy keeps clean by licking her fur, the hooks on her tongue brushing the dirt off. It is funny to see her wash her neck. She first licks her paw and makes it wet, and then she reaches up to her neck and uses her paw like a brush. The old mother-cat licks her kittens all over, and keeps them clean before they can do...

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