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merchant, of Maryland (Pr. Geo. Co., Lib. RR, fol. 154). The Edward Lowndes here mentioned as one of the Liverpool partners of the firm was doubtless the younger brother of Christopher (see Earwaker's Sandbach, p. 123). Christopher Lowndes was one of the Justices of Prince George's County from 1753 to 1775, and was of the Quorum from 1769 (Commission Book). 4 June 1777, he was commissioned, under the new State government, one of the Justices of the county and Judge of the Orphans' Court (Md. Archives, xvi, 273, 274). He died at Bladensburg, 8 January 1785. The Maryland Journal and Commercial Advertiser, Baltimore, 18 Jan'y 1785, has the following obituary notice :-" Died. A few days ago, in advanced age, at Bladensburg, Christopher Lowndes, Esq., for many years an eminent merchant of that place." He died intestate and his sons Benjamin and Francis Lowndes gave bond, 28 Jan'y 1785, in the sum of £5000 current for the administration of his estate, their sureties being Levi Gantt and Richard Contee (Pr. Geo. Co. Admin. Bonds). Christopher Lowndes married 14 May 1747 (Register of St. Ann's, Annapolis), Elizabeth Tasker (b. 4 Feb. 1726; d. 19 Sept. 1789) daughter of Hon. Benjamin Tasker, President of the Council of Maryland. They had issue as follows, the births of the first five children being recorded in Piscataway Parish, Prince George's County :—

i. ANNE MARGARET LOWNDES,2 b. 15 June 1748; d. unmar. 16. Jan. 1822.

ii. BENJAMIN LOWNDES, b. 30 Dec. 1749; d. 6 Jan. 1802.

iii. FRANCIS LOWNDES, b. 19 Oct. 1751; d. April 1815.

iv. SAMUEL LOWNDES, b. 20 July 1753.

V. ELIZABETH LOWNDES, b. 7 April 1755.

vi. REBECCA LOWNDES, b. 1757; d. 10 Feb. 1802; mar. 17 June 1781, Hon. Benj. Stoddert (b. 1751; d. 1813), first Secretary of the Navy of the United States.

vii. HARRIOT LOWNDES, mar. about 1781, Levi Gantt, Esq., of Pr. Geo. Co. 4. viii. RICHARD TASKER LOWNDES, b. 25 Dec. 1763.

5. ix. CHARLES LOWNDES, b. 1765; d. April 1846.


2. BENJAMIN LOWNDES (Christopher), was born 30 Dec. 1749, and died 6 Jan. 1802. He married Dorothy Buchanan (b. 18 Feb. 1762) daughter of Gen. Andrew Buchanan of Baltimore County, and had issue:




iv. SUSAN LOWNDES, d. 22 Sept. 1822.


vi. CHRISTOPHER LOWNDES, b. 28 May 1799 (Piscataway Par. Rec.).

3. FRANCIS LOWNDES 2 (Christopher 1) was born 19 Oct. 1751, and died in April 1815. He married Jane Maddox (d. 6 July 1829) of Yorkshire, England, and had an only son,

i. FRANCIS LOWNDES, 3 b. in Yorkshire, England, 1784; d. in Georgetown, D. C., 2 Dec. 1867, without issue. He married Angeletta Craighill, b. in Jefferson Co., Va., 1793, d. in Georgetown, D. C., 7 Sept. 1858.

4. RICHARD TASKER LOWNDES (Christopher) of Blenheim, Bladensburg, Md., and of Bostock House, Prince George's Co., was born 25 Dec. 1763. He married Anne Lloyd (b. 30 Jan. 1769; d. 20 Feb. 1840) daughter of Col. Edward Lloyd of Wye and Elizabeth (Tayloe) his wife. They had issue:




i. ELIZABETH TAYLOE LOWNDES,3 d. April 1878; mar. Right Rev. William Pinkney, D. D., Bishop of Maryland.

ii. ANNE LLOYD LOWNDES, d. unmar. 1 May 1850.

iii. EDWARD LLOYD LOWNDES, d. young.

iv. RICHARD TASKER LOWNDES, b. 1804; d. 19 Sept. 1815.

v. EDWARD LLOYD LOWNDES, b. 1807; d. unmar. 7 Jan. 1832.

vi. BENJAMIN Ogle Lowndes, b. 1810; d. unmar. 12 July 1897.

5. CHARLES LOWNDES (Christopher) was born in 1765, and died in April 1846. He was a merchant in Georgetown, D. C., but settled later in Jefferson County, Virginia. He married first, in 1794, Eleanor Lloyd (b. 22 Sept. 1776; d. 18 Aug. 1805) daughter of Col. Edward Lloyd of Wye and sister of his brother Richard Tasker Lowndes' wife; and secondly Francis Whiting (d. 2 Sept. 1841) of Virginia. Charles Lowndes and Eleanor (Lloyd) his first wife had issue::-


i. HARRIOT LOWNDES,3 b, 1795; d. 15 Aug. 1835; married Dr. Samuel Scollay of Jefferson Co., Va.

ii. EDWARD LLOYD LOWNDES, b. 5 June 1797; d. 21 Oct. 1797.

iii. CHARLES LOWNDES, b. 19 July 1798; d. 14 Dec. 1885.

iv. LLOYD LOWNDES, b. 9 July 1800; d. 14 March 1879.

v. RICHARD TASKER LOWNDES, b. 29 March 1803; d. 24 April 1844.
vi. ELIZABETH ANN LOWNDES, b. 13 April 1805; mar. Horace Leeds

Charles Lowndes and Frances (Whiting) his second wife had issue:


ii. BEVERLY BLADEN LOWNDES, b. 1813; drowned 14 June 1835, while bathing in the Shenandoah River.

iii. FRANCES WHITING LOWNDES, b. March 1814; d. June 1815.

iv. FRANCES PERRIN LOWNDES, mar. John James Frame of Charlestown, W. Va.

6. CHARLES LOWNDES3 (Charles, Christopher1) Commodore U. S. N., was born 19 July 1798, and died 14 Dec. 1885. He married, 4 June 1826, his first cousin, Sally Scott Lloyd. daughter of Gov. Edward Lloyd of Wye and Sally Scott (Murray) his wife. They had issue :—

i. SALLY LLOYD Lowndes, b. 2 April 1827; mar. John W. Bennett, U. S. N.

ii. ELLEN LLOYD LOWNDES, b. 15 Sept. 1831; d. 23 July 1845.

iii. DR. CHARLES LOWNDES, b. 21 Oct. 1832; mar. Catherine M. Tilgh-
man, daughter of Wm. Gibson Tilghman of Grosses.
iv. EDWARD LLOYD LOWNDES, b. 11 Oct. 1836; d. 20 June 1837.
V. LLOYD LOWNDES, b. 21 March 1838.

vi. RICHARD TASKER LOWNDES, b. 14 Feb. 1843; d. 6 Aug. 1845.
vii. ELIZABETH TAYLOE LOWNDES, b. 15 Nov. 1844; mar. Dr. Julius
A. Johnson of Easton, Talbot Co.


7. LLOYD LOWNDES (Charles, Christopher) was born in Georgetown, D. C., 9 July 1800. In 1824 he settled in Cumberland, Md., but removed in 1831 to Clarksburg, W. Va., where he died, 14 March 1877. He married, in 1840, Elizabeth Moore, daughter of Thomas Moore of Clarksburg, and had issue :—


i. DR. CHARLES T. LOWNDES, Surgeon U. S. A., d. Feb. 1865.
ii. RICHARD TASKER LOWNDES, mar. 5 Feb. 1896 Mary Goff.

iii. HON. LLOYD LOWNDES, b. 21 March 1845; d. 8 Jan. 1905; Governor
of Maryland, 1896-1900; mar. his first cousin Elizabeth Tasker
Lowndes, daughter of Richard Tasker Lowndes.
iv. CLARENCE MOORE LOWNDES, b. 1847; d. young.

8. RICHARD TASKER LOWNDES 3 (Charles, Christopher 1) was born 29 March 1803, settled in Cumberland, Md., in 1824, and died 24 April 1844. He married Louisa Black, daughter of James Black of Cumberland, and had issue :—

i. ELOISE LOWNDES, mar. Philip Roman of Cumberland, Md.

ii. ELIZABETH TASKER LOWNDES. mar. her cousin, Hon. Lloyd Lowndes, Governor of Maryland.

This genealogy, except where other authorities are cited, is compiled chiefly from the manuscript family records of Mrs. Edward Shippen of Baltimore, Md., and Mrs. Murray Addison of Washington, D. C., the latter being a great-granddaughter of Levi Gantt and Harriot Lowndes his wife, daughter of Christopher Lowndes. I desire to I desire to acknowledge my indebtedness to both these ladies.




HENRY LOWE of St. Mary's Co., Maryland, Gent. See Mag. ii, 180–181. The following, received too late for insertion in the last number, should be appended to the abstract of this will :

land ss.

“And on the back was endorsed St. Mary's County, November 6th, 1717" Oath of Richard Brooks and Michael Jenifer, two of the Witnesses. November 27th, 1717 Samuel Grasty (sic) made oath (signed] William Aisquith, Dep. Com'y _ True Copy from Lib W. B. No. 6 folio 453 per John Gibson Reg?:-Mary

Charles Absolute Lord and Proprietary of the Provinces of Maryland and Avalon Lord Baron of Baltimore, etc. Oaths as above and will of Henry Lowe proved before William Asquith, Gent., our then Deputy Commissary the 14 November 1717 by Henry Lowe and Bennett Lowe, sons and Executors, etc., Witness, Charles Calvert Esq., Our Commissary General and Chief Judge for Probate, this 1st June in the 16th Year of our Dominion 1730. John Gibson, Registrar. Similar attestation that on 1 November 1722 by Honorable Thomas Brooke, William Holland, Thomas Addison, Daniel Dulany, Esquires, then General Commissioners, administration of Henry Lowe Esquire late of Kent County in Province aforesaid, deceased, intestate, was granted Mary Lowe, his relict. Similar attestation that on 14 November 1722 administration of Bennett Lowe, Esquire, of St. Mary's County, deceased, intestate, was granted to his brother Nicholas Lowe Esquire. Following is will of Nicholas Lowe of St. Maries County in Maryland, gent, dated

17—. To sister Susannah Digges all those tracts of land now Resurveyed into one called Bennetts Lowe in Kent County, also Land in said County called Green Oak, also land in Cecil County called Spries Hills on condition her husband Mr. Charles Diggs make over to my sister Mary Neale, Lands he claims belonging to his plantation in Prince County where his dwelling House stands or else Spries Hill and Green Oak to Revert to sister Mary. To sister Elizabeth Darnall my now Dwelling Plantation known by Name of Parts of Delabrook Manner in St. Mary's County, also three tracts near St. Mary': Court House which Maria Farthing formerly had, also lands I escheated adjoining Farthing called

To sister Mary Neal, land in Charles County called Barbados (1500 acres) exchanged with Mr. John Diggs. To sister Dorothy Lowe tract called the Golden Grove laying Dorchester County. To Mrs. Mary Young of St. Maries County for her life, tract in said County called Workerton, to revert to sister Elizabeth Darnal. To said Mary Young, four young working sleaves, with twenty head of neat Cattle, ditto Sheep, ditto Hoggs, and two draft Horses, also furniture for One Room with two thousand pounds of Tobacco. Rest to sisters to be divided, but Negro Familys not to be parted at Division of Estate. Executors : Mr. Charles Diggs and Mr. Robert Darnall. No witnesses. Deposition of Christian Geist of City of Annopolis in Arundell County, gent, aged 30 years, as to handwriting of Nicholas Lowe of St. Mary County, Esquire, deceased. Sworn 23rd May 1729. True Copy, Edw. Henry Calvert. Ditto of Robert Elliot of Mary's County Gent 22 May 1729 as to said will as alleged by Mary Young. Ditto of Phillip Key of St. Marys County aged 32 years 23rd May 1727 as to paper Mr. Charles Digges told him he had found among papers in Closet of Mr. Lowe. Ditto of Edmund Cole of St. Mary's County Gent before Edward Henry Calvert, Esq. Commissary General, 23 May 1729. Aforesaid true Copye of Nicholas Lowe Esquire, his will and the Depositions from Lib. C: C No. 2. Folio 707 to 709, per John Gibson, Regr., Charles Absolute Lord do. 30 May 1729 before our Dear Brother Edward Henry Calvert, Esquire, our late Commissary General, will of Nicholas Lowe, Esquire. late of St. Mary County, deceased, by Sentence and Decree, proved in Prerogative Court in City of Annapolis, and administration granted 17 July 1729 to Charles Digges of Prince George County, Gent. Witness : Charles Calvert Esquire, Commissary General 1 June 1730, John Gibson, Junr, Registrar. Certificate of Benedict Leonard Calvert, Goyernor of Maryland 4 June 1730. Administration in Prerogative Court of Canterbury on estate of Henry Lowe, late of St. Mary's County, Province of Maryland in America, to Daughters Elizabeth Darnall (wife of Henry Darnall) and Dorothy Hall (wife of Francis Hall), Sons Henry Lowe and Bennet Lowe, executors, being deceased.


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