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Balance to credit of this account January 1, 1906............
Interest from Investments......

Paid for Books, Periodicals, Binding.........
Balance ....

$ 677.79

$ 305.34



Balance to credit of this account January 1, 1907.........
Received, cash, interest

sale of Publications.......




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Less, Society Proper, Dr., balance......

Magazine account.......


Balance in National Union Bank........

“ Eutaw Savings Bank
“ Savings Bank of Baltimore..

$ 773.81



Account opened February 26, 1906.
Subscriptions received and deposited....
Withdrawn and expended.........




Balance to credit of this Fund...........


Magazine Guarantee Fund.

Subscriptions paid

due 1907


59.00 44.00

" 1908

Aggregate fund..........

$1,511.00 319 volumes of books. 444 pamphlets.

The TRUSTEES of the ATHENÆUM presented a written report detailing the repairs which had been made to the building and furniture during the year, as also certain further repairs which are under consideration. The report also gave a complete list of the insurance in force upon the building and property of the Society. The several policies showed an aggregate insurance upon the building of $30,000, and upon the library and gallery of $33,000.

The COMMITTEE on the GALLERY showed that there had been no acquisitions of pictures during the year, but gave notice that a deposit of a portrait of Governor Paca had been arranged with one of his descendants, though the same had not yet been actually received. The Committee further reported the offer of a large painting, being a family group of the children of the late Israel Griffith, which the Committee had been obliged to decline, owing to its size. It was also announced that a new edition of the catalogue of the gallery will soon be issued in which it would be found that the paintings and objects of art in the gallery now number in excess of 500. The visitors for the year to the gallery numbered 1623, a slight decrease as compared with the previous year.

The COMMITTEE on the LIBRARY reported additions to the Library as follows: By purchase : 44 volumes of books........

$151.80 3 pamphlets.......

1.35 1 Current New York Newspaper..

5.50 3 Current Baltimore Newspapers...

11.25 Current Magazines.......

21.50 6 Maps

2.50 Expended for binding.......


$241.70 By gift:

1 volume copies of papers relating to Eden correspondence. 2 Medals, 250th Anniversary of the Jewish Settlement in the U. 8.

Baltimore Jubilee, 1906, Badge. 44 Nos. of Newspapers. 5 Atlases. 1 MS. Minutes of the Committee of Vigilance and Safety in the War

of 1812.

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8 MSS., Odds and ends.
2 Engravings.
2 Portraits.
1 Photograph.
1 Painting.
4 Maps.
Facsimile of the Constitution of the Confederate States of America.

The Committee also reported that the Records of Trinity Parish, Charles County, had been copied and indexed, also the Records of St. John's (Western Run), Balto. Co.; and that an index to the records of the First Presbyterian Church, Baltimore City, has been made.

copy of a Court record of Kent County has been begun. Work on a complete Calendar of Newspapers, belonging to the Society is well advanced.

The COMMITTEE on PUBLICATIONS reported : The most important matter that this Committee has to report is the successful establishment of the Maryland Historical Magazine. In this publication, under the editorial management of Dr. William Hand Browne, a number of interesting and valuable historical papers and records have been printed, and the magazine has been most favorably received.

It was recognized that a publication of this sort would not be self-sustaining at the beginning, and therefore it was not undertaken until a guarantee fund had been secured sufficient to meet

initial expenses.

The account of the venture for the first year is as follows:

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$1,118.22 Receipts, including appropriation from the Com

mittee on Publications for copies distributed
to members, and from the Society for printing
Annual Report

$ 983.04
Deficiency charged to Guarantee Fund.....


-$1,118.22 Volume XXVI of the Archives, comprising Proceedings of the Assembly 1704–1706, was issued and distributed to members entitled to receive copies in September last.

Volume XXVII, being a continuation of the Proceedings and

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Acts of the Assembly, is now in course of preparation. It has been the practice alternately to produce volumes containing the Assembly and Council Proceedings; but in consequence of the long gaps in the records of the latter during the period of the royal governors, Volume XXV of the Archives brought the Council Proceedings down to the year 1730, while Volume XXVI contained the Assembly Proceedings only down to the year 1706. Under these circumstances it was thought best to let the forthcoming volume be a continuation of the Assembly Proceedings, so as to make the two series more nearly contemporaneous.

The Committee further reported that under the modification adopted by the Society in regard to the furnishing of the Volumes of Archives supplied to members of the Society, it has been found that the $1.00 per volume charged for Volume XXVI has been fully adequate to pay the amount properly payable to the State for the same, and that there has been no necessity to make any demand upon the publication fund of the Society to defray any portion of this cost.

A full statement of the membership of the Society having been embodied in the report of the Council, the COMMITTEE on MEMBERSHIP presented no separate report.

The COMMITTEE on GENEALOGY and HERALDRY reported in substance as follows:

During the Summer the Committee, having discovered that the will of George Calvert, son of the First Lord Baltimore, was on record in England, called the attention of the Library Committee to the fact, and recommended that a copy of the will be procured. This was done, and the will, probably the first will made in Maryland, has since been published in the Maryland Historical Magazine.

In October the Committee recommended to the Council the formation of a collection of photographs of Maryland portraits and of places of historic interest throughout the State. Various circumstances have for the time being, delayed the realization of this project, but it is hoped that in the near future steps may be taken to carry it into effect.

The Committee desires to call attention to the series of

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genealogical articles, treating the Brooke and the Tilghman families of Maryland, that have appeared in the Magazine during the year, and also to Mr. Lothrop Withington's abstracts of wills recorded in England relating to Maryland, of which the first instalment appeared in the December number.

The COMMITTEE on ADDRESSES reported a list of the various papers read before the Society during the year.

year. These were : Jan. 8.—“Restoration of the Old Senate Chamber at Annapolis." By MR.

DECOURCY W. Thom, a member of the Society. March 12.-—"Memorials of the Stone Age of the Maryland Indians.” By Col.

WM. H. LOVE, a member of the Society. April 9.-" The Colonial Post Office." By MR. CHARLES F. RANFT. May 14.—“William Pinkney," a sketch. By MR. ALFRED S. NILES. Oct. 8.—“The Baltimore Committee of Vigilance and Safety in the War of

1812." By MR. L. H. DIELMAN, a member of the Society. Nov. 12.—“ Transported Convict Laborers in Maryland during the Colonial

Period.” By MR. Basil SOLLERS, a member of the Society. Dec. 10.-" John Francis Mercer, Governor of Maryland, 1801-03." By DR.

JAMES MERCER GARNETT, a member of the Society. At the conclusion of the presentation of the reports from the several Committees, the result of the ballot for officers as before given was announced by the President of the Society. Upon the completion of this announcement, the President-elect, Mr. Mendes Cohen, addressed the Society as follows :

“It is with a high appreciation of the honor you have conferred upon me, but with a full consciousness of my many deficiencies, that I accept, with its duties and responsibilities, the office of President of this Society to which, through your kind consideration, I have just been re-elected.

The occasion seems opportune to urge upon the attention of the members the great desirability, I ought to say the necessity, of in

Ι creasing the resources of the Society. The permanent fund consists at present of the gift of the late George Peabody

$20,000 The legacy of the late J. Henry Stickney

1,000 And savings of the Society in earlier years, some


A total of about


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