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9, 11, 13 SOUTH STREET

Chartered 1864

Capital and Surplus, $2,200,470.39


CTS as Trustee of Corporation Mortgages, Fiscal Agent for Corporations and Individuals, Transfer Agent and Registrar. Depository under plans of re-organization.

Acts as Executor, Administrator, Guardian, Trustee, Receiver, Attorney and Agent, being especially organized for careful management and settlement of estates of every character.

Fireproof Building with latest and best equipment for safety of contents.
Safes for rent in its large FIRE AND BURGLAR PROOF VAULTS with
spacious and well-lighted coupon rooms for use of patrons.
Silver and other valuables taken on storage.


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A. D. STEBBINS, Gen'l Manager.


Asst. Secretary Asst. Secretary Cashier Real Estate Officer

January, 1910
Michael Jenkins
Blanchard Randall
John W. Marshall



Daily Line to Newport News and Norfolk.
Most delightful Route to Jamestown Exposition.
Steamers New, Fast and Elegant.

Accommodations and Cuisine Unexcelled.

Send for Illustrated Booklet.


W. P. TURNER, Pass. Traffic Mgr.

General Offices, S. E. Cor. German and Light Sts., Baltimore, Md.

[blocks in formation]


Annapolis 9th Sept! 1775 My Lord,

I had the Honour of writing to your Lordship on the 27th Ult. by Mr. Lloyd Dulany of this Province, and intended a Duplicate thereoff by this Opportunity—but Matters being so circumstanced in this Country as to make it very unsafe to keep the Copies of Letters that have any Connection with publick Business, I found it necessary to destroy that, and shall just mention the Contents, having no Doubts of its getting safe to your Lordship’s hands, and I hope, proving satisfactory with Regard to my Conduct here.

That Letter mentioned the sending back a Snow of M! Furness's the Adventure, Capt. Henzell. The burning a Ship (at West River) belonging to M! Gildart of Liverpoole ; and a Copy of my Letter to the Officers of the Customs, with their Answer thereon. I inclosed also to your Lordship the proceedings of the Provincial Convention, and the Appointment of Delegates—with a Copy of the proceedings in Council, & my proposed Address to the people :—the dissuasive Answer of the Council thereon, was, I believe sent enclosed to Wm Eden.

I mentioned to your Lordship the Motives that had induced me to pursue a more lenient Course than some of my neighbouring Governours had done, and the Event has so far justifyed me that I continue to preserve some Authority in my Govermn! when many of them have been necessitated to leave theirs—I mean not by this, My Lord, in the least to throw any Censure on others—only to observe that I had an Opportunity of availing myself of the Consequences of the Measures pursued in the other provinces, and of discovering the Turn of the peoples Mind, which by Experience I have found easier to govern by little, and perhaps unavoidable, Concessions, than by total Opposition.

Since my last to your Lordship, the Council of Safety met, but did nothing. M: Bordley declined acting M: Jenifer was chosen President. The Delegates from the several Provinces are now assembled at Philadelphia, in Congress, where, I hear, they intend to continue 'till some Return from His Majesty to their last Address shall be received by them, or denied—and if the latter is the Case, Manifestoes are to be sent to the sundry Powers in Europe, inviting them to trade with the free American Colonies -I heard this from Virginia—the Delegates of that province, one or two excepted, are the next to the four Eastern Govts for violent Measures, or Report speaks very falsely of them, as do also their own Itinerants.

The late violent proceedings have driven, and are driving many people of Character and property out of this Country-several of whom will have the Honour of waiting on your Lordship. M! Lloyd Dulany will probably have seen your Lordship. To M! Christie a Merch of Baltimore, of very good Character, who was exceedingly ill-used by the Convention here, I gave a Letter to my Brother, desiring him to introduce that Gent to your Lords? when most convenient to you. This will be delivered to your Lordship by my particular Freind, the Rev! M! Boucher, whom I took the Liberty of mentioning in the most favourable Terms in my last—should that, by any Accident, which I scarce apprehend, being in a very good Ship, never arrive, M: Boucher, from having long been occasionally, a confidential Secretary to me, as


well as from his own knowledge of American Affairs in general and those of Virg? & Maryin particular, is exceeding able to give your Lordship the fullest Information to any Questions you may propose. And should your Lordship have Occasion to employ him, you will find him a Man of Ability; and willing to do His Majesty any Service. Leaving a comfortable Estate, and a good (Living) to avoid persecution here, I hope that from the

Ι different Recommendations he carries with him, he may procure at home some Church Preferment equal to his Merit.

I shall conclude with informing your Lordship that I propose to continue here as long as I can be of the least Service to His Majesty, unless driven away or in danger of being seized as an Hostage. Boucher can communicate some Inducements I had to come away some time ago and my doubts thereon, which yet remain. To-morrow is the last day of Our Ports remaining Open. So that exe! by a few Ships yet to go, we shall have few Opportunities of writing. Your Lordships Dispatches by the June pacquet were opened before I received them--and if they had contained any thing, (besides the late Acts, with the Letter on, and Order for Mourn for the Qof Denmark) it was taken out.

I am, with great Respect, My Lord,
Your Lordshps Obed: & very hum. Serv!

Robt Eden.


Annapolis 1st Oct! 1775 My Lord

When I last had the Honour of writing to your Lordship, I informed you of my having received your Lordships Letter, with the Acts of Parliament relative to America, and the Orders for Mourning for the late Queen of Denmark, by the June Packet, which, I told your Lordship had been opened before it got to this City. The July Packet is since arrived, but brought no Government Dispatches for this Province.

I had the Honour, in my Letter, by the Ship Annapolis, to enclose to your Lordship the proceedings of the late Convention, with some Remarks thereon : and also an Address to the people of Maryland on the proposed Association therein, which I wished much to publish, but was dissuaded from it by the Council. Fearing, from the bad weather that Ship met with, carrying away all her Masts, and being nearly lost herself at Sea, that my Letters may by the Water be damaged, if not totally defaced, I inclose to Your Lordship another Copy of the Convention proceedings, as also a duplicate of the proceedings in Council on the 29th Aug begging Leave at the same time to refer your Lordship to my information by the Choptank Frigate, since whose Sailing nothing extraordinary has happened here, except that, in Consequence of a Pilot Boat belonging to this City having been seized, for having Swivels on board, & other Causes, by the KingFisher, about ten days ago, at the Capes, some few, but a very few, of the most violent here, made an Attempt, on Wednesday last, the 27th Ulto to collect the people of the City together, in Order to drive, or cart, out of the Town all the Tories, as they term those who will not muster, nor sign the Association. They were, I believe, partly incited to this by a Publication, that came down on Tuesday Night, (the same Evening they recieved the Account of the Seizure of Middletons Boat) in a Pennsylvania Paper, Bradfords Journalwhich I have enclosed to M: Wm Eden ; who will send it to Your Lordship, should you not have

l got it, and wish to see it, together with some other weekly papers. I must however do the Gentlemen of the Town, & the Citizens, the Justice to say that, on my speaking to many of them, and desiring their Attendance, they made a Point of being present at the meeting under Liberty Tree, and with Spirit, Resolution and Threats of Force, totally overset a mad-headed Scheme, set on foot by only eight or nine very worthless idle Fellows, and I hope have put an End to any future internal Attempts of a similar Nature in this City.-The Publication, My Lord, in the Journal that I refer to, begins the 39 Col. of the first page and relates to the late violent proceedings at Philadelphia respecting Mess's Hunt & Rearsley, of which your Lordship, doubtless has recieved a full Account: since that, and since the above ment! Publication, I hear that above twenty Companies in Philadelphia have associated in Opposition to that Tar & Feathering Committee.

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