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the Nation-Speeches of General Peel and Lord Palmerston—Observa-

tions of Mr. J. G. Phillimore, Mr. Warner, Major Reid, and Mr. Murrough

-Resignation of Sir J. Graham, Mr. Gladstone, and Mr. S. Herbert-

Their Speeches explaining their conduct-Speech of Mr. Bright-Debate

on the nomination of Mr. Roebuck's Committee-Mr. Gaskell, Mr. Drum-

mond, Mr. Scott, Mr. Laing, Sir J. Pakington, Mr. Walpole, Mr. Disraeli,

and Mr. Muntz speak in its favour; and Lord Seymour, Mr. Lowe, Mr.

Wortley, Mr. Gladstone, Lord Palmerston, and Sir G. Grey against it—

Nomination of the Committee-Members constituting it-Reconstruction

of the Cabinet-Lord John Russell a member of it-Death of the Czar

Nicholas-Profound sensation occasioned by its public announcement-

Discussion on Mr. Roebuck's proposal for a Secret Committee-The prin-

cipal speakers are Lord Seymour, Mr. W. Patten, Sir J. Pakington, Sir

J. Graham, Mr. Layard, Lord Palmerston, Mr. Disraeli, and Mr. H. Drum-

mond-In the House of Lords, the Duke of Richmond draws attention to

the Light Cavalry charge at Balaklava-Observations by the Earl of

Ellenborough Statement of Lord John Russell respecting the Four

Points-Earl Grey moves his Resolutions relative to the War Department

-Speeches of the Duke of Newcastle, Lord Hardinge, and the Earl of

Ellenborough-Discussion in the House of Lords on the Army Service

Amendment Act-Speeches of the Earls of Ellenborough, Malmesbury,

and Grey, and of Lord Panmure-In the House of Commons Mr. Lindsay

originates a discussion on the Army Administration-Admiral Berkeley,

Mr. F. Peel, Lord Hotham, and several other Members address the House

-Debate on Lord Goderich's Motion respecting promotion in the Army

-He is supported by Mr. Otway, Mr. Warner, Captain Scobell, Mr. J.

Ball, and Sir De Lacy Evans, and opposed by Mr. F. Peel, Lords Seymour,

Elcho, and Lovaine, Sir J. Walsh, Mr. S. Herbert, and Lord Palmerston

-The motion negatived-Debate on Mr. Malins' Motion relative to Sir

C. Napier and the naval operations in the Baltic-Reply of Sir J. Graham

—Admirals Walcott and Berkeley, Captain Scobell, Mr. M. Gibson, Mr.

Whiteside, the Attorney-General, Lord Palmerston, and others address the

House-Further discussion of the proceedings of the Black Sea Fleet,

upon Mr. Scott's Motion-Statements of Mr. F. Peel and Lord Palmerston,

in reply to Mr. Stafford's inquiries respecting the Hospitals for the

Crimean Army


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Mr. M. Gibson gives notice of his intention to move an Address to the

Crown-Mr. Layard's notice of his resolution on the condition of the

country-State of public feeling on both questions-After some in-

quiries by Mr. S. Herbert, and a discussion, in which several Members

take part, Mr. Gibson postpones his motion-Mr. Disrael's notice of his

resolution-His speech-Sir F. Baring and Sir W. Heathcote move

amendments-Mr. Ker Seymer, Mr. Wilkinson, the Marquis of Granby,

Mr. R. Phillimore, Mr. Gladstone, and Lord John Russell address the

House The Debate is adjourned, and continued by Mr. Whiteside, Mr.

Lowe, who moves a further Amendment, Mr. Cayley, Mr. Roundell Palmer,

Lord Stanley, Mr. Layard, and Lord Palmerston-After a reply from Mr.

Disraeli, his resolution is rejected on a division-Debate on Sir F. Baring's

Amendment-Speeches of Mr. M. Gibson, Sir W. Molesworth, and Sir E. B.

Lytton-Several other Members also express their opinions-The Debate,

being again adjourned, is opened by Mr. Cobden, and continued by Mr.

Collier, Lord H. Vane, Sir S. Northcote, Mr. J. G. Phillimore, and others

-Speeches of Sir J. Graham and Lord J. Russell-Further adjournment

of the Debate, which is resumed by Mr. Roebuck-Speeches of Mr. S.

Herbert and Mr. Bright—Mr. Drummond, Sir H. Willoughby, Sir W. Clay,

Lord R. Cecil, and other Members also take part in it—On the motion of

Mr. Scott, it is once more adjourned-Speeches of Sir F. Baring, the

Attorney-General, Sir F. Thesiger, Mr. Cardwell, Lord J. Russell, Mr.

Horsman, Mr. Disraeli, and Lord Palmerston-After speeches from several

other Members, Mr. Lowe's Amendment is rejected, and Sir F. Baring's

carried without a division .

Resolutions upon the subject-Debate thereon-Speeches of Sir S. North-

cote, Mr. Gladstone, Sir E. B. Lytton, the Chancellor of the Exchequer,

Lord Goderich, Mr. F. Peel, Mr. Drummond, Mr. J. G. Phillimore, Mr.

Disraeli, and Lord Palmerton-The question is again introduced by Mr.

V. Scully-A long Debate ensues, in the course of which the Chancellor

of the Exchequer, Sir S. Northcote, Sir F. Baring, Mr. Gladstone, and

Lord Palmerston address the House-Position of Lord John Russell upon

the publication of the Nesselrode Circular-His Explanation-Comments

of Mr. Cobden, Lord Palmerston, Mr. Roebuck, and Mr. Disraeli-Sir

E. B. Lytton gives notice of a Vote of Censure on Lord John Russell-

Further explanations and comments-Lord John Russell announces his

Resignation Statements of Explanations and Opinions by various Mem-

bers, amongst whom are Sir E. B. Lytton, Mr. Bouverie, Lord Palmer-

ston, Mr. Disraeli, Mr. Roebuck, and Mr. Gladstone-Debate upon Mr.

Roebuck's Resolution on the Report of the Sebastopol Committee-Ge-

neral Peel moves the Previous Question-Speeches of Mr. Lowe, Sir J.

Graham, Sir J. Pakington, Sir C. Wood, the Attorney-General, Mr. White-

side, Lord John Russell, Mr. Bright, Mr. S. Herbert, Sir G. Grey, Lord

Palmerston, Mr. Disraeli, and several other Members-Upon a Division,

the Previous Question is carried-Discussion on Mr. Laing's Motion-

Remarkable Speech of Mr. Gladstone-Speech of Lord John Russell on

the Prospects of the War and Position of the Country-Reply of Lord

Palmerston-Speech of Sir De Lacy Evans on the War-Lord Palmer-

ston's observations in reply.


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WAR WITH RUSSIA continued-Death of Lord Raglan-General Simpson

appointed Commander-in-Chief-Battle of the Tchernaya and Traktir

Bridge Instructions found on the body of a Russian general—Final

Assault of the 8th of September-Capture of the Malakhoff by the

French-Failure of the English at the Redan-General Simpson's de-

spatch-Criticism upon it-Evacuation of Sebastopol by the Russians—

Description of the interior of the Malakhoff-Prince Gortschakoff's de-

spatch-Interesting letter from a Russian Sister of Mercy giving an account

of the Final Assault-Description of Sebastopol when taken by the Allies

-Cavalry action near Eupatoria-Terrific explosion of a French park of

artillery on the 15th of November-Imperial progress of the Emperor of

Russia to Odessa and the Crimea-Addresses to the Army-New Russian

Loan-Expedition to Kinburn, and capture of the forts there, by the

Allies-Seizure, by the Allies, of Taman and Fanagoria in the Straits of



WAR IN ASIA-Lieutenant-Colonel Williams appointed Her Majesty's

Commissioner to attend the Turkish Army in Asia-His interviews with

Lord Stratford de Redcliffe and Lord Raglan, and departure for Erzeroum

-Shameful arrears of pay in the Turkish Army-Colonel Williams arrives

at Kars-Omar Pasha sails, with a body of Turkish troops, to relieve

Kars, and lands at Redoute-Kaleh-Description of the fortress of Kars

and its defences-The place closely invested by the Russians, under

General Mouravieff-Desperate Assault by and repulse of the Russians

on the 29th of September-Sufferings of the garrison, and Surrender of



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