Exploring Theology: A Guide for Systematic Theology and Apologetics : Three Books in One

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Crossway Books, 2007 - Всего страниц: 335
The spiritual questions you and your friends ask-about God, the credibility of the Bible, angels, heaven and hell, and even worship and prayer-are important. In fact, understanding your faith depends on finding answers to those questions, answers that work in the real world and that make sense in real conversations.To start you on your journey of discovery, Exploring Theology begins with God-probing his nature, character, and work, including a helpful explanation of the Trinity. Then, to keep you from getting lost in the swirl of today’s ideas, you will find a concise presentation of the twelve basic beliefs that separate Christianity from all other religions. After establishing the groundwork, the authors then examine both the historical and physical evidence for the Christian faith, addressing common questions about Christ’s resurrection, creation, fulfilled prophecy, the reliability of the Bible, and the changed lives of believers. Throughout the book, you’ll also find discussion questions, ideas for applying what you’ve learned, and further resources to enhance your individual or group study.“Our faith is not a blind leap into the dark but a sensible step into the light,” says Robert J. Morgan. So whether you want to be ready to answer a friend who doubts that Christianity is true or you’re looking to resolve lingering doubts, this book offers a solid base from which to take a step of faith and experience the ultimate assurance that comes from knowing-and living-the truth.

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