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minds, without an elaborate logic, but still in keeping with their self-consciousness and experience. Truth itself is of no advantage to any man, but as it helps to rectify and regulate his desires, by directing his mind to right objects, thus enhancing his hopes as well as his enjoyments, while imparting motives to look further on in the pathway of heaven.

A more philosophical style might easily have been assumed, with the appearance, at least, of greater profundity ; but that is not always shallow which appears transparent, not that deep which is dark. The author prefers to express what he feels in such a manner as to seem but superficial truth, provided what he writes excites his readers to look deeper. He would rather invite them to contemplate distinct objects than endeavor to pierce indefinite space, where worlds of light appear but as clouds, because our sight is insufficient for the vastness before it. Man, himself, is the grand wonder, "mira profunditas, Deus meus, mira pro

funditas," a depth of which each one of us may see a little by looking into himself; and another's aid is valuable only but as it may dispose or enable a man to look within. The main object of the writer has been to preserve before the mind

the grand truth, that intelligent love is the only rightful power of government among rational beings. The subject is divided into chapters, which may be read either consecutively or in a detached maner, each receiving illustration from the rest, and yet not requiring that illustration in order to be understood. There is no metaphysi cal evolution attempted, but throughout the work will be found scattered some of the writer's reasons for believing that the Bible is consistent with nature, with the necessities of man, and with all we can conceive of his Maker. Should any injurious error have been introduced, it is sincerely hoped that it may be corrected by reference to the standard of truth, for it is the author's earnest prayer that all his readers may be led to walk in the light of a heavenly life, struggling against all delusion with unfettered soul.


April, 1848.

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