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loped rim, lay alongside the skull at the right. This vessel contained a plain mussel-shell spoon.


FIG. 3. Skeleton of a Child with Vessel; Burial number 2.

Burial Number 3-Skeleton of an adult (Fig. 5), extended upon the back, with head toward the northeast. At the abdominal region was found a triangular arrow-point of drab flint. This burial and the two preceding ones were at a depth of two feet below the surface.


Burial Number 4An adult skeleton, apparently buried extended upon the back, with head a trifle north of east. The

Pottery vessel found with original burial lay only

above Burial (1-4). one foot below the surface, but bones of the legs and feet had been removed in digging the grave for burial Number 3, and were found at a depth of two feet below the surface, beneath the skeleton of the last-named burial.

FIG. 4.

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Burial Number 5- Partial skeleton of an adult, found deposited in refuse pit Number 3.

Burial Number 6- Skeleton of an infant, badly decomposed; placed extended upon the back, with head toward the northeast. No artifacts.


FIG. 5. Skeleton of an adult; Burial number 3.

Burial Number 7- Just across the fence dividing the feed-lot from the barnyard and within the latter, there had been noted a year or two previously, a burial, from which workmen, in re-setting the fence, had removed a shell container. As the burial had not been further molested, it was felt that so small an encroachment upon the forbidden barnyard area was justified, and the skeleton accordingly was exposed. The burial was that of an adult, extended horizontally, with head toward the southeast. Alongside the left forearm lay a perforated canine tooth of the black bear. The shell container, now in the collection of Dr. H. Lee Good, of Hamilton, measures 11 inches in length and is made from the Fulgur perversum. It is shown as Fig. 6.

Burial Number 8- This grave contained the skeleton of a youth of perhaps 16 years, and was one of the more interesting of the several uncovered. It lay upon the back, with head a trifle south of east, and with the knees drawn upward and backward, as shown in the


FIG. 6. Ocean-shell Container, found with Burial number 7. (1-8).

cut, Fig. 7. The depth of this burial was so slight that the skull was but 10 inches, and the knees but seven inches, below the surface. At the pelvis lay a small earthenware pot, of less than one quart capacity and without handles. The type of this vessel, as well as its decorative imprint, is somewhat different from the typical vessels of the site. Alongside the left ear was found a short spool-shaped ear ornament (Fig. 8) made from soft reddish stone, closely resembling both in size and form the spool-shaped ear ornaments of copper found with the burials of the Hopewell culture group.

Burial Number 9-Adult skeleton, presumably placed at length upon the back, head toward the north


FIG. 7. Flexed Skeleton with Vessel and Ear Ornament; Burial number 8.

east. An interesting feature of this burial is the fact that a subsequently constructed storage pit had resulted in the displacement and removal of the lower portions of the skeleton, as shown in the cut, Fig. 9. The burial was at a depth of two feet.


Burial Number 10- An incomplete adult skeleton, placed at length upon the back with head toward the east; skull, cervical vertebrae and feet bones absent; depth of burial, a trifle less than two feet.

Burial Number II Skeleton of an infant, ap

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FIG. 8. Stone Ear Ornament found with Burial No. 8. (full size).

parently only a few weeks old; extended burial, head toward the east.

Burial Number 12- Adult skeleton, extended upon back with head toward the northeast; burial so near the surface that cultivation had dislodged the skull and other bones.


FIG. 9. Burial Number 9, lower portions of which were disturbed by Pit.

Burial Number 13- Skeleton of a child, extended burial with head toward the southeast; had been disturbed by the plow.

Burial Number 14-Adult skeleton, placed horizontally at length, head toward the southeast.

Burial Number 15-Skeleton of a youth, extended upon the back with head to the northeast. An interesting vessel (Fig. 10) of about three pints capacity, lay at the right side of the skull.

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