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[The starred pages indicate those in the October issue, so numbered—a mistake having occurred in the
paging of the volume.)



A Congregational Home,.

286 Soldier's Diary,.....


A Fraternal Address,

304 Spurgeon's Sermons,..


Alliterative Verses,..

293 The Canon of the Holy Scriptures,.. 110

A Song against the Friars,

161 The Hidden Life,


Association, General, of Massachusetts, The Holy Bible, (Sawyer's version,)... 269

proposed union with Conference,.... 41 The Old Horse-shoe,....


Associations, Ministerial, in Massachu- The Sergeant's Memorial,,

setts, History of,.......

293 The Story of my Career,


American Congregational Union, 115, 199, The Temperance Tales, ..


273, 357.

The Works of Nathanael Emmons,. 270

Andover, Ms., South Church of,......... 20 The Young Parson,.....


Old Meeting-house of South Woman and her Saviour,.


Parish of,..........

170 Catechism of Master of Oxford,.



Charge to a Deacon,..

• 45

Kingsley, James L., (with portrait,)... 117 Chorus Novæ Hierusalem,.


McEwen, Abel,

*263 Christian Eldership,...


Niles, Nathaniel,.......

33 Christian Union, Practical Steps of,..... 25 •

Sewall, Joseph, (with portrait,).... 201

Problem of,........ 161

Williams, Thomas Scott,

1 Church Creeds,..



Church Discipline, Process of,.

... 256
American Presbyterian and Theological Church Order, Rules of,.......



270 Colonial Schemes of Popham and Gorges, 143

Annual of Scientific Discovery,......

269 Columbian Phønix and Boston Review, 22
An Outline of the Elements of the En- Congregationalism, Current, Radical Fal-
glish Language,...

lacy of, ..........


Bengel's Gnomon of the New Testa- Congregationalism in England, Statistics


353 of, for 1863,.


Bible Servitude Re-examined,.. 195 Congregationalism in Ohio,.

Christian Self-Culture,
196 Congregationalism of Ohio,..

269 Congregational Churches, Rights of,..... 328

Layman's Assistant,....

269 Congregational Churches in Orleans Co.,

Lectures on Moral Science,

110 Vermont,.......


Letters of Ada R. Parker,.... 354 Congregational English Periodicals,... 347

Letters on the Ministry of the Gospel, 269 Congregational Library Association, 114,
Liber Psalmorum,....

196 198, 279, 359.
Life of our Lord on earth,

195 Congregational Quarterly Record, 112,
Lyra Cælestis,..

110 197, 271, 355.

110 Congregational Churches, Statistics of,

Sermons before the Prince of Wales,.. 353

for 1862,..


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Massachusetts, Exiled Churches of,..... 216

Adams, Rev. George Washington,..... 192 Master of Oxford's Catechism,...


Averil, Rev. James,..

351 McEwen, Abel,


Backus, Rev. Samuel,.

56 Meeting-Houses, Domestic manufacture of, 126

Bailey, Rev. Rufus William,

350 MEETING-Houses, Views of:

Bowers, Rev. John,..

194 · Andover, Ms., The South Church,... 20

Carver, Rev. Robert,


(Old) 170

Chittenden, Dea. John B.,.

193 West Haven, Ct., Congregational Ch., 318

Chittenden, Mrs. Elizabeth,

191 Ministerial Associations in Massachusetts, 293

Colburn, Rev. Jonas,..

191 Necrology, Congregational, 53, 187, 262, 349

Dustan, Mrs. Lucy A., ......... 189 Notices of Books,.........110, 195, 269, 353
Emerson, Mrs. Sarah (Dudley),....... 65 Ohio Congregationalism,.

Emerson, Rev. Ralph, D.D.,..
268 Ohio, Congregationalism in,...

French, Rev. Justus Warner,.

192 Old Meeting-house of South Parish, An-
Goodhue, Rev. Josiah F.,...

268 dover, Ms.,.
Hayes, Mrs. Elizabeth (Bean)

263 Orleans Co., Vt., Congregational Churches

Hazen, Rev. James A.,......

56 of, &c.,.......


Jefferds, Rev. Chester Daniel,. 192 Periodicals, English, (Congregational,).. 347

Kitchel, Rev. Jonathan, .

351 Plurality of Elders in Primitive Churches, 277

Levins, Dea. Alpheus Hall,.

267 Poetry, Elegiac, of last Century,... 247
Lincoln, Rev. Isaac Newton,

53 Popham and Gorges, Colonial Schemes of, 148
Lombard, Rev. Otis,....

349 Popular Government and Slavery,....... 46

Newcomb, Rev. Harvey,.

352 Problem of Christian Union,...


Parsons, John Safford, A.M.,.
190 Process of Church Discipline,..

Perkins, Dea. Abraham,.

193 Puritan Church, Suggestions toward a

Rankin, Rev. Andrew,.


Ritual for,


Robinson, Rev. Ralph,
267 Qualities requisite for a Priest,.


Scranton, Rev. Erastus,.


Smith, Rev. Albert, D.D.,

349 Churches formed,. .112, 197, 271, 355

Tompkins, Rev. William Brownell,.... 262. Ministers deceased,. .113, 198, 272, 357

Tisdale, Rev. James,...


Ministers married, .113, 198, 272, 357

Wells, Rev. Theodore,..

187 Pastors dismissed,. .113, 198, 272, 357

Council (Ecclesiastical) at Hopkinton, in

Pastors settled, „112, 197, 271, 356

342 Radical Fallacy of Current Congregation-

Ecclesiastical Theses,

211 alism,.


Editors' Table,.... .111, 196, 270, 354 Reminiscences of Forty years ago,...... 320

Elders, Lay Ruling,.

173 Rights of the Congregational Churches,.. 328

Elders, Plurality of, in the Primitive

Rules of Church Order,...



*277 Sewall, Joseph,....


Elegiac Poetry of the last Century,...... 247 Song against the Friars,.


English Periodicals, (Congregational,)... 347 Suggestions concerning the Ritual of a

Exiled Churches of Massachusetts,. 216 Puritan Church,..


Faith and Reason,..

41 The Pilgrim's Legacy,.


Home, Congregational,.

286 The Way to sing truly,.


Hopkinton, Ecclesiastical Council at, in Theses, Ecclesiastical,.



342 Union Doctrinal Basis,.



361 Verses,


Kingsley, James L.,...

117 Verses, Alliterative,..


Lay Ruling Elders,..

173 West Haven, Ct., Congregational Ch, in, 317

Legacy, The Pilgrim's,...

215 Williams, Thomas Scott,....


List of Congregational Ministers,.


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The world, degenerate as it is, has been without variableness or shadow of turnblessed, perhaps at every age, with here ing, as very few have ever done. It may and there an individual whose high intel- seem the more presumptuous, therefore, lectual and moral level, and whose even for one not having had the pleasure and and consistent life no less challenge ad- honor of a personal acquaintance, to atmiration than they defy exact and fitting tempt even this small record, as a tribute description. Suitable words elude your to his memory. But the writer justifies most careful pursuit in any attempt to himself on the pleas,—first, that he has express what indeed is obvious, and im- utterly failed to secure able and willing pressive, and truly characteristic, but hands to perform this service, which the cannot be appropriately translated into public has a right to demand of some one; language. Like a sphere in geometry, Secondly, he has had for over twentycomplete and beautiful to look upon, but five years a pretty general knowledge of furnishing no angle or sinuosity or irre- the public life of his subject, whom he has gularity as a starting point for satisfactory known only to honor and admire; Thirdobservation.

ly, and chiefly, he has available that which Such is the character of the individual others, well qualified to speak, have said whose name is above, and such is the dif- upon the very points he most wishes to ficulty that confronts us at the outset of develope. Little, therefore, is left for him this brief sketch. If he had been less ele- to do, but to collate, connect and arrange vated, less uniform, less straightforward, the ample materials at command; and this more like other men, with a common share plan has the advantage of securing the of eccentricities, or of such peculiarities united testimony of a number of the most as a certain kind of genius gives, then it competent witnesses, in place of the opinwere more easy to write down a brief his- ion of any single individual. tory " with a beginning, middle and end,” which would, clearly enough, identify its

HIS ANCESTORS. own original. Chief Justice Williams had Judge Williams had an honorable and no such irregularities. He moved through pious ancestry. Robert Williams came a long life, in the even tenor of his way, to this country in 1638, and settled in


[blocks in formation]


Roxbury, Ms. He had four sons who years of his life. Judge Williams often survived him. Isaac was born the same spoke of the instruction, example and year, and on maturity” removed to prayers of this estimable Christian woman, Newton, Ms., which town he represented as having been a great blessing to him in in the General Court five or six years, molding his character, and directing his and filled other offices, both civil and course in life. The child in this case was military. His son William was an emi- eminently the father of the man.' nent divine. He was pastor of the Con- While an elder brother was a law gregational church at Hatfield for about student at New Haven, he sent Thomas, fifty-six years. In a sermon preached at then but six years old, a little book, and his funeral by President Edwards, and in received the following verbatim response : a sketch of his life by Dr. Chauncy,


“ My Dear Brother-I am but a little highest qualities of mind and heart are

Boy, and can say but little beside thank attributed to him. Solomon, his son, was

you for the pretty Book you sent me. I perhaps more distinguished than his father.

have read it, and looked at all the picHe was pastor of the Congregational

tures, and showed it to almost all the church in Lebanon, Ct, for fifty-four scholars in our school : So they all know years, and deservedly bore the title of how good you are to your little Brother Doctor of Divinity. Ezekiel, his son,

Tommy S. WILLIAMS.” and the father of Thomas Scott, held many distinguished civil and military offi

When not above nine

years of age,

he ces during the period of the American read with this “fo:ter mother,” Rollins's Revolution, but was generally called Ancient History, quite mature reading “ Sheriff Williams," which office he held for one so young. The brother referred for many years. He was deacon of the to above used to speak to his children of Congregational church at Wethersfield, the remarkable purity of their Uncle Ct., during a large part of his adult life, Thomas's childhood and youth ; it being and is now remembered there by a very

free from all the faults and follies which few, as a most excellent, though eccentric usually attend that period of life. “I rec

On his mother's side, Judge Wil- ollect distinctly hearing my father say,” liams was great grandson of the celebrated

writes his niece, “in speaking of his conRev. Solomon Stoddard, of Northampton, version, which it is generally supposed Ms.

took place only about thirty years before

his death, Thomas was like Jeremiah, HIS CHILDHOOD AND YOUTH.

sanctified from the womb;' and I think Thomas Scott Williams was born at

this was his deliberate opinion concerning Wethersfield, June 26th, 1777, and was

him. Study was always a pleasure to the youngest but one of eleven children. He survived them all; and, indeed, few of him, and in it he needed to be held back

rather than urged on. his associates in his earlier life are now

When he was quite young,

he was placed for a while living. Little, therefore, is known of his

under the tuition of Mr. Azel Backus,” childhood. That he had all the advan

afterwards a distinguished divine. When tages of an early religious training, is in the clearest evidence.1 “ A Scotch lady of 2 Azel Backus was born in Norwich town, October high intelligence, and of warm, devoted

13th, 1765-graduated with high honors at Yale Col

lege in 1787, soon after which he took charge of a piety, resided in the family of Sheriff

grammar school at Wethersfield, Ct.; after this Williams, the father of Thomas. It was studied theology with his uncle, Charles Backus, so that he was committed almost to the D.D., of Somers, was ordained pastor at Betblem,

Ct., April 6, 1791, the immediate successor of Dr. entire care of this lady for the first nine

Bellamy; in 1812 was inaugurated President of 1 Memorial of Hon. Thomas Scott Williams, by

Hamilton College, N. Y., where he died December Rey. Joel IIawes, D.D., Hartford, Ct , p. 17.

9, 1817.




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