The Seamless Bible

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Destiny Image Publishers, 2005 - Всего страниц: 578

At Last, The Story of Christ and His Apostles...Told as it was lived.

The Seamless Bible breathes new life into the New Testament to impact the lives of yet another generation of believers.

This timeless story has been recognized to follow the events of Jesus and His followers as they were experienced. The Seamless Bible presents these chronicles of the original translation - for the first time ever - in a seamless chronological order as they happened.

Adapted from the King James Version, the fabric of the Gospel has been rewoven into an easy-to-read narrative that presents the story of Christ and His Apostles in sequential order to provide new insights about His life and times. Words that may have obscured the simple power, beauty, and truth of Jesus' life and teachings have also been updated to contemporary language.

The result of nearly thirty years of effort is a remarkable resource that adds new structure and understanding to the journey of Christ from birth to death and resurrection - and the lives of the Apostles who continued His quest.

The Seamless Bible.

Simply the Greatest Story Ever Re-Told.

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