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Coaling stations, defence of, 124-125
Cobbett, William, 238–256

Coercion Acts, Irish, from 1800 to 1829,

Coffee, effect of, on digestion, 275, 278
Colonies, the bond between the mother-
country and the, 31


the Imperial Federation scheme for
the, 32-34

Comets, whence came the? 689-696
Commerce, ratios of increase of, for the
whole world, 592

Common land, 908-909
Congress, American, constitution and
powers of, 26-27

Connecticut, a parallel in, to Irish out-
rages, 801-802

Cooke (C. Kinloch), Samoa, 291–311
Copernican theory, the Catholic Church
and the, 725-726

Corn laws, alleged effects of their repeal
on national prosperity, 590-594, 817–

Crandall (Miss), 802-803

Creation, Dawn of, an Answer to Mr.
Gladstone, 160-175
Creation, account of the, purpose with
which it was written, 6-9

- its relation to modern science, 9-15

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APHNE, Mr. Max Müller's equation
of Ahana and, 51-52

Death, Hebrew views of, 350
Dekker the poet, 143, 146
Democracy, attitude of, towards scien-
tific truth, 184-189

Diets, provincial, of the Austrian crown
lands, 446-449

Digestion, Influence of Food Accessories
on, 271-279

Disraeli (Mr.) on the Irish question,
quoted, 630

Dods (Dr. Marcus) on the Biblical cos-
mogony tested by natural science,
quoted, 208 note

Donnelly's Shakespeare Cipher, 697-709
Drummond (Prof. H.), Mr. Gladstone
and Genesis, 206-214
Drummond (Thomas), administration of
Ireland by, 628-629

Dufferin (Lord), the Reform Club ban-
quet to, 684


BRINGTON (Lord), Liberal Election
Addresses, 606-619

Ecclesiastical benefices, scheme of trust
management for, 516-524
Eden, the story of, 172–173
Education, Irish, 127–137
Education, thrift a part of, 549-552
Edward, the historical name, 89–90, 669
Egyptians, ancient, moral standard of
the, 496-498

Election Addresses, Liberal, 606-619
Elections, Parliamentary, in Cobbett's
time, 242-244

Ellice (Edward), foundation of the Re-
form Club by, 674

Elliot (Arthur D.), Home Rule for
Scotland, 466-475

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Elohim, Israelite views concerning, 351- George the Fourth, anecdote of, 247
355, 359
as Prince Regent, 249-250
German affairs in Samoa, history of,

Endor, the story about the witch of,

Ephod, the, 357-358

Evolution of Theology, the, 346-365,

Evolution, Organic, the Factors of, 570-
589, 749-770

Evolution, doctrine of, 17-18

its antiquity, 200

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Germany, Constitution of, in illustration
of the Home Rule question, 430-431
the currency question in, 884-885
Ghost superstitions the basis of all
theology, 260

Giffen (Robert), The Economic Value of
Ireland to Great Britain, 329-345
Gladstone (W. E.). Proem to Genesis, a
Plea for a Fair Trial, 1–21, 176
replied to by Dr. Réville, 160-175
political difficulties of, 477
government of Ireland by, 631-635
not a successful statesman, 647–648,
650-652, 928

— speech of, in introducing the Govern-
ment of Ireland Bill, 779-780
Gladstone, Mr., and Genesis, 191–214
and the Irish Bill, a Nonconformist
View, 923-929

a French View, 930–936
Godkin (E. L.), An American View of
Popular Government, 177-190
American Home Rule, 793-808
Godkin, Mr., on Popular Government,

Godwin (E. W.), The Greek Home ac-
cording to Homer, 914-922

Goethe's 'Faust,' the second part of, 528–

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Ireland, Three Attempts to rule justly,

Government Bill, 779-792

Ireland, the case of the Loyalists in,

-nationality of, 467

references to, in Liberal election
addresses, 607-618

- character of the Nationalist Parlia-
ment for, 636-644

- Mr. Gladstone's plan of a Parlia-
ment for, 654-658

Irish crime, 223-224

American parallels to, 798–804

Irish Education, 127–137

Bill, Mr. Gladstone and the, a Non-

conformist View, 923-929

a French View, 930–936

Ironclad, types of, sanctioned by the
late Admiralty Board, 110-113
Israelites, theology of the, 347-360

compared with that of the
Polynesians, 362-365, 485-493

Italy, Rural and Peasant Properties,

Ixion, the myth of, 165–166

-beneficial working of Home Rule in, JAHVEH, the Hebrew, 352–353,


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Lecky (W. E. H.), A Nationalist'
Parliament, 636-644

Lefevre (G. Shaw), Precedents for Home
Rule, 424-442

Liberal Election Addresses, 606-619
Liberalism, the Nadir of, 645-663
Light and Water-Colours, 849-860
Limerick, Treaty of, respect of William
the Third for the, 620-623

Lion's Share of the World's Trade, the,

Little Ones, the, and the Land, 66–86
Liverpool, the Board School banks of,

Local Government not identical with

Home Rule, 470-471
Louis, the name, 95–96

'Loyalists, the, shall we desert?' 215-225
Lunacy, A Court of, 257-262

Lunatic asylums, private and public,
compared, 258–259

Lyons, the St. Paul prison at, 407–412

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— Mr. Godkin on Popular Government, O'BRI


Malarce (M. de), school bank enterprise

of, 540-544

Maria Theresa, Empress, centralising
policy of, 446-447

Mariner's description of the Tonga
islanders, 362

Martin (Sir T.), his translation of the

second part of Faust,' 528-538
Mauley (Lord de), A Court of Lunacy,

Medley (George W.), The Lion's Share

of the World's Trade, 807-826
Melbourne (Lord), government of Ire-
land by, 625-631

Meteors, origin of, from volcanoes, 693-

Middleton, Thomas, 138–153

Militia, advantages of camp training for
the, 268-269

Mill (J. S.) on the chemical method of

philosophising, quoted, 180
Mivart (Mr.) on the condemnation of
Galileo, reply to, 722-739
Molière, see Poquelin

'BRIEN (Barry), Federal Union with
Ireland, 35-40

Three Attempts to rule Ireland justly,

O'Connell, Repeal movement of, com-
pared with the Home Rule demand,

Odysseus, house of, 914-922

Oil paintings, effects of light on, 851–

Orangemen and Nationalists, 325–326
Ordnance, naval, 118-119

Organic Evolution, the Factors of, 570–
589, 749-770

Orthography of proper names, 87-105

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AE (W. Fraser), The Jubilee of the
Reform Club, 673–688

Railway Traffic and Charges, 771-778
Rawlinson (W. G.), Turner's Drawings
at the Royal Academy, 396-406
Reform Club, the Jubilee of the, 673-688
Reinach (Joseph), Mr. Gladstone and
the Irish Bill, 930-936
Religion, theology and, 19-20
science and, 206-211

- importance of, in education, 130
Reserve, Army, have we an? 264-270
Revelation, the true function of, 213-

the supposed historical relation of the
Homeric poems with, 163

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Samoa, religious customs of, 486, 492
Sassoon (Edward Albert), The Crusade
against Silver, 882-895

Saul and the witch of Endor, 348-350
Savages, psychology and myths of, with
reference to comparative mythology,

Savaii, island of, 292

Savings banks for abolishing slavery,

Schiaparelli, speculations of, on the
origin of comets, 690-691

Scholars, examples of precocity in, 838-
839, 846

School banks, an experiment in South
London, 539-540, 554

- in France, 541-544

- in Liverpool and Birmingham, 546-

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