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University of Illinois Press, 1961 - Всего страниц: 558
Collected from scattered sources throughout the United States, these letters cover the years of Douglas' mature life, from 1833, when the twenty-year-old Douglas, newly arrived in Illinois, recorded the first impressions of his new home, to 1861, three weeks before his death, when as a national leader he sought to rally his section and his party to the cause of the Union. They extol the virtues of Illinois as an agricultural state ; discuss the Mormons' expulsion from Nauvoo, the Mexican War, railroad matters, political developments, appointments, slavery, and secession ; include autobiographical sketches ; and accept Lincoln's challenge and set up the arrangements for the now famous Lincoln-Douglas debates in the U.S. senatorial campaign of 1858. -- from inside jacket flap.

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To Julius N Granger September 20 1833
To Julius N Granger December 18 1837
To Julius N Granger July 13 1834
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