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My life's supremest pleasure
Would be in loving thee;
Within those sweet and gentle eyes,
A well-spring of affection lies.

Ah! wert thou mine, mine only,

An Eden earth would be!

My soul would ne'er feel lonely,
While gazing upon thee;

The hours would calmly glide away-
Life would be for us one summer day.



On every budding tree that bends above,
On every rock where'er my footsteps rove,
On every blooming and expanding rose

That round my pathway choicest fragrance


I'll trace in words that shall endure forever,
Thine is my heart. Thine is my heart,
No power on earth our loves can sever.

Some meadow-lark I'll lure and him caress;
Each word I'll teach him fondly to express,
So that each tender tone he breathes to thee
May waken in thy heart sweet thoughts of me;
And he shall sing to thee when thou art lonely
Thine is my heart. Thine is my heart;
Ah! yes; my heart is thine love, only.

To every zephyr I my passion tell;

The murmuring streamlet knows my fancy well
Thy name I whisper with a wild delight;
Thou art my dearest theme at morn, at night;
The current of my love shall alter never;
Thine is my heart. Thine is my heart,
Ah! yes; my heart is thine forever.


The hour has come to part us;
Adieu! my own dear love!
I feel my spirit fleeing

To brighter realms above.
Though strong the ties that bound me
To thee on this lone earth,
In heav'n our pure affection,
May have immortal birth.

If from this world when severed,
My soul have pow'r to roam,
With thee to hold communion,

"Twould leave its starry home.
Awhile for me thou'lt sorrow,

With tears my loss deplore,
But there will dawn a morrow
When we shall part no more.



Thy name I murmur softly,

When night winds sigh,
When silent stars are keeping
Their watch on high.

To listening ears I breathe not
Thy gentle name,

Nor say that in my bosom
Glows love's wild flame.

My lips betray, reveal not,
Thou'rt dear to me;
None see these tears of anguish
I shed for thee.


I wish I were a moonbeam pale,
Above her window straying,
And with a mellow trembling light,
Adown her fair cheek playing;


I'd read in her eyes with glance unbidden,
The thoughts that in her heart lay hidden;
Beside her I would fondly stay,

Till morning's envious gleam chas'd me away.

I wish I were a nightingale,

My love in sweet tones sighing,

I'd sing the tend'rest lay to her,

When softly day was breaking;

I'd haunt her light footsteps like some


In forest deep or flowing meadow;

In praise of her I'd wake the grove,

And every note should tell her how I love.

I wish I were a beauteous rose,

In yonder bower to blossom, And she were by to gather me,

And place me in her bosom;
Oh! rapture to be transported thither,
Beneath her ardent gaze to wither;
In fragrance breathing love's warm sigh,
Oh! happy rose, so sweet a death to die.


To see my life's existence,

One morn I fain would ride;
She 'spied me o'er the distance,
And all in rapture cried,

"Behold he gallops here,

To soothe, console, and cheer!"
Trot, trot, trot, trot, my pony,
Trot, trot, trot, trot, t'ward my dear.


I loos'd me from the bridle,
And sprang into her arms;
Nor lip nor speech were idle,
Saluting then her charms.

To laugh in playful jeer,

"Sweet love, why wait you here?" Trot, trot, trot, trot, my pony, Trot, trot, bye and bye ne'er fear.

My restive nag I bound me,

Right fast unto a tree;
The maiden's clasp around me
Made time, oh, more than glee!

O'er all her garden gear,

She bloomed without compeer. Trot, trot, trot, trot, my pony, Trot, trot, trot, trot, softly near.

In loving fashion seated,
On daisy jewell'd grass,
Our songs and sighs repeated,
Made hours like moments pass.

"A crystal tear doth glass

Thine eyelid, pretty lass!"
Trot, trot, trot, trot, my pony,
Trot, trot, trot, trot, home alas!


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