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Tangled; pout not, frown not, Kitty,
Though I gladly bear the pain,
For your anger is so pretty

It may make me sin again.
There! 'tis well! Now wind and wind,
Tangling further heart and mind.

Now 'tis done! The last thread lingers
Sadly, from me slow to part;
Canst thou see that in my fingers

I am holding up my heart?
Wind and wind, I do not care,
Smile or frown, and I will bear.

Ah! so fast and quick you wind it

I no more can keep it mine;
Do you wonder that you find it

Throbbing now close, close to thine?
Tangled, tangled are the twain,
Kiss, kiss, kiss them free again.



We live and love each other while the days Glide swiftly past us with a lightning speed. We live and love, and know not any need But what our love can satisfy. We praise The God above, that in this 'wildering maze


We two can walk as in a sunny mead,

And see bright flowers around. Each day we


To the All-Father, that His loving gaze
May be upon us to protect and guide
And keep us still together hand in hand.
Together may we evermore be found!
Together may we cross the rolling tide
When called away to that far-distant land,,
Together sleep beneath some grassy mound!


When the grass shall cover me,
Head to foot, where I am lying,
When not any wind that blows,
Summer-blooms nor winter snows,
Shall wake me to your sighing,
Close above me as you pass
You will say, “How kind she was;"
You will say, "How true she was;"
When the grass grows over me.


When the grass shall cover me,
Holden close to earth's warm bosom,
While I laugh, or weep, or sing
Nevermore for anything;

You will find in blade and blossom

Sweet, small voices, odorous,
Tender pleaders in my cause,
That shall speak me as I was—
When the grass grows over me.

When the grass shall cover me!
Ah! beloved, in my sorrow
Very patient I can wait,—
Knowing that, or soon or late,
There will dawn a clearer morrow,
When your heart will moan, "Alas!
Now I know how true she was,
Now I know how dear she was!".
When the grass grows over me.


When I met her at a party,

Dead in love I fell at sight; For her beauty was bewitching, And her conversation bright.

So I did my best to please her,

Chatted on all sorts of things; Told her of our life at college, With some slight embellishings.

"How do you," she asked, "like Cambridge?" "Oh," I said, "the town will do;


Though, to tell the truth, its girls are
Rather homely, and so blue!"

Fool I was! I saw my blunder
When her lip began to curl,
And in coldest tones she answered,
"Yes, sir, I'm a Cambridge girl."


I'll be at the window as he goes by,
As he goes by-

He'll lift his head to look at the sky,
The western sky,
To see if the sun has set for fair,—
And suddenly there,
Against the sky in the golden air
He'll see a pair

Of familiar eyes; and I shall see
As he looks at me
A sudden smile and a nod, maybe.
All this in three

Or perhaps four swift moments-then,
Ah then,

In another moment the world of men
For him, or, when
The street is turned, a different face
To take my place,


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While I by my window here retrace
Each line of the face

Which smiled at me as it passed me by
With a glance of the
That swept me in with the western sky,
The sunset sky.

To-morrow I shall be at the window when
He passes again;
He will smile and nod-and then, ah, then-
The same old story over again!



You kissed me!-my head had dropped low on
your breast,

With a feeling of shelter and infinite rest,
While the holy emotions my tongue dare not

Flashed up, like a flame, from my heart to my

Your arms held me fast-Oh, your arms were so bold

Heart responded to heart in that passionate hold; Your glances seemed drawing my soul through mine eyes,

As the sun draws the mist from the sea to the


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