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A Birmingham Church

192 Disestablishment of the British State
A. Campbell's Millennial Harbinger 61 Church, The

181, 231

All for Christ...

421 Doing Nothing


An Archbishop on Church Reform... 90 Dr. Stock on Infant Baptism
An Honest Sectarian

Annual General Meeting
310 Edifying the Church...

Annual Meeting in Scotland

318 Editorial

72, 180, 360, 428
in Wales
319 Egg Story, An

Answers to Queries
174 Elijah ...


Are Church and State separate in Establishment Scandal, The latest 368


364 Evidences of Christianity in the 19th

Argument: a priori for the Being



and Attributes of the Absolute


169 Facts about Tithes


Associated Worship, by R. W. Dalë 384 Father Hyacinthe and the Pope 223
Australian Letter

47 F. Ferguson's reply to a charge of

Austria and Germany

342 Heresy

3, 94, 152, 237

A Word to Old Friends

1 Fellowship and the Fellowship 135, 171,

206, 245, 306

Baptism in the Apostolic Age

133 Follow on to know the Lord


Baptism for Remission

224 Forth-coming Disestablishment 231

Baptists and Disciples in America 239 Fuss is not Work


Biblical Criticisms 28, 135, 171, 206,

245 and 306 Gone down in the Cambria


Biblical Translation, The
55 Good Templars, The...

Bible Stage of Christianity

114 Great Commission of Jesus Christ, The 380
Bishop Strossmayer's Speech at the Growth, The Law of ...

Vaticon Council ...

Blind Amos and his Velvet Principles 26 Healing Leaves

Bradlaugh and Watts at their work 93 Henry Varley in Newcastle...

Brahmin's Testimony to the value of Home Piety

the Bible, A
309 Home Test the best Test, The

Bristol Debate

49 | How Modern Greeks use Baptizo 226

Bunch of Violets, The

353 H. W. Beecher on the present power

of Christianity


Can a Christian be a Soldier ? 76, 198, 257

Charity at Home

284 Infant Baptism, Dr. Stock on


Church in the Diocese of Chester, The 304 Intelligence of Churches 30, 65, 105,
Church of the Future, The ... 147 | 143, 178, 214, 251, 286, 320, 358, 395, 424
Church of the Past, The

397 Is Christianity of Divine Origin ? 64

Circular Letter, Philadelphia Associa-


84 J. Angus on Preaching


Commission of Jesus Christ, The Great 380

Common Mistake

285 Latest Establishment Scandal, Tho... 368

Cry for Union, to what is it tending ? Law of Growth, The ...



19 Letter from Germany


Liberation Society in Birmingham 2
Descent of Man, The...
280 | Life and its Aims

Design in Nature
274 | Life of Faith, The

of Affliction
127 Light in a Dark Place


Dignity of Man, The...

357 Loadstone of Culture, What is it? 347

Disciples of Christ and Baptists ...14, 51 Loadstone of Truth, The


Disestablishment and Church Reform 43 ' Lord Amberly and C. Bradlaugh 21

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Martrydom by Drowning

393 Rev. C. Voysey and D. King ... 203
Ministry in Modern Times

255 R. W. Dale on Associated Worship 384
Model Preacher, The...

103 Rome, the Bible, and the free Churches 389
Modern Apostles
336 Running Readers

Mrs. Butler on the repeal of existing Revisers and the Devil, The...

Demoralizing Laws

Mr. Gladstone in a fix
338 Salt Lake City

Mr, Miall on Disestablisnment 182 Scandal—The latest Establishment... 368
My Sunday Schoul ...
271 Scripture Difficulties ...


Scripture Proof of Open Communion 392
Natural History and the Bible 366 Secularism--What can it do for man
Never get angry

250 that Christianity cannot ? 100
New Era of Sunday Schools, The 131 Smoking Tobacco

Nonconformist Conference, The coming 420 Souls for sale ...

Notes from Manchester
418 Spare moments

Notes on Ephesians iv., xi., xvi. 345, 376 Spirit of the Nineteenth Century on
No Place like Home ...
141 Creeds, The

Spurgeon on a real Christ ..

Obituary 32, 67, 108, 144, 179, 216, Standard, The

252, 288, 360, 396, 428 State Church, America, and Mr.
Opportunity and Opposition
264 Miall, The

Our Dying Churches in America 387, 399 State Church Bishops

Our Father
289 Sunday School, a plea for

Overtures for Union with the Baptists 109 Sunday School


Sunday Schools, The new era of 131
Patient Continuance
322 Sunday School, My

Perils of this Reformation, The ...81, 119 Survey of Historical Supernaturalism
Physical cause of the death of Christ 167

116, 148, 194, 220, 306, 404
Plea for Sunday Schools, A ...

Poetry-108, 142, 180, 216, 286, 323, The Translator's Preface

324, 357, 394, 423 The Triumph of Christianity

Prayer and Science
259 The Twelve Tribes

Preaching, J. Angus, D.D., on 244 Thought Books

Present age and its greatest need, The 37
Present-day Heresies
129 | Union Movements in America

Present power of Christianity 163 | Union of Christians and Present day
Public Discussion in America
58 Movements

361, 41
on the Design of
350 Victory of Life, The ...


Voice from the State Church, A 325
Query on Edifying the Church 391
Queries.—28, 135, 139, 171, 206, 208, War and Christianity 78, 122, 160, 227
245, 248, 306 What is Christianity ?

Where was Little Harry ?

Rebuke for Baptists by an M.P., A 202 Why Baptize the Little Ones ?

Report on union of Churches

9 Words from the Work Table 34, 139,
Rev. F. Ferguson's reply to a charge

373, 407
of Heresy ...

94, 237 | Word to Old Friends, A




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The Ecclesiastical Observer.


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TEAR after year we have been permitted to address you, with best

wishes, at the time of the passing away of the old year. The British Harbinger which last January greeted you, bore on its cover the words

VOL. XXIII.” To-day we present an Old Friend under a New Name. But most certainly our work and purpose are not new. The old work has to be done and the old purpose faithfully carried out. We are set for the defence of the Faith once delivered to the saints. Our exposition of Apostolic Christianity and our plan for a complete return to the Primitive Faith and Order—which have ever been kept in foremost position—will still be found the leading thought in every issue. Change of title has been considered desirable; change of style comes as a nec

ecessity and an advantage; change of form may follow after another year; but our purpose and thorough devotion to the good old ways must know no change.

Some correspondents are at a loss to determine whether certain communications which have been hitherto acceptable will find a place under the new arrangement. The answer is clear and simple. No class of contributions formerly received will be excluded; there is still room for each to be represented. The proportion, in certain particulars, will be otherwise than formerly, and other minor changes will be needful ; but Prose and Poetry, Reviews and Criticisms, Items of Intelligence and Comments thereon, Christian Evidence and Attacks upon Christianity, Open Council and Family Room, will all have their place--perhaps not every month, but so often and in such proportion as the cause we plead may require. The leading change will appear in that “the larger portion" of each issue will relate to current events, in the form of Record or Comment. Of course we shall not seek to embrace all topics, but confine our attention to those which bear directly upon the Church, the Bible, and the religious condition of the peoples. In this wide field the help of our readers is invited.

The present number directs attention to deeply important questions. The Spirit of the Nineteenth Century and Creeds" is a well-written article, which should be pondered in this day of unrest by every anxious believer.

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Observer, Jan. 1, '71.

Wisely directing us to the Bible and away from the creeds, it points also to the only road by which we can obtain deliverance from the confusion resulting from false interpretation.

Report on Union of Churches.Under this heading will be found remarkable statements, clearly showing that the principles pleaded in our past volumes are laying hold of people, so as to produce, ere long, their legitimate results.

The Cry for Union,” read in connection with the foregoing, will show that Presbyterians on both sides of the Atlantic are considerably exercised in the same direction. In America they have the clearer insight, but here they have greater difficulties to contend against, They cannot come right by one step—at least not by one that they can at present take. But the present is preparatory to the future, and their changes will bring them nearer to Primitive Christianity, and when thus nearer they will see and desire more.

Disciples of Christ and Baptists." Every Baptist should read and ponder the address of the disciples of Ohio to their Baptist brethren. The whole transaction is pleasing, and the address itself is replete with sound statement.

But we must close, not because other articles do not deserve like passing notice, but in view of claims upon our space.

READER! Receive our best wishes for a good, a useful, and a most HAPPY NEW YEAR.

THE LIBERATION SOCIETY IN BIRMINGHAM. A MEETING of leading Nonconformists of Birmingham and district was held on the 15th ultimo at Carr's Lane Chapel, Birmingham, in connection with the Liberation Society, to confer upon the forthcoming campaign for the separation of Church and State.

Mr. Carvell Williams, the Secretary of the Society, addressed the meeting, giving much valuable information concerning the movements, Parliamentary and otherwise, of the Society, which afterwards formed the subject of discussion by those present at the conference.

The principal movement to which he called the attention of the meeting was that Mr. Miall, M.P., would, in the next session of Parliament, move a resolution to disestablish the Churches of Scotland, England, and Wales. The motion is to be seconded by a member of the Church of England. A resolution approving of such a course was proposed by Mr. Chamberlain, a leading Liberal, seconded by Rev. G. B, Johnson, and carried unanimously.

The Secretary of the Liberation Society gave a sketch of its history and the principal liberation movements during the late sessions in Parliament, remarking that the disestablishment of the Church of Ireland was recognised by the Church party as part of the plans of the Liberation Society. Notwithstanding the “ lover's quarrel” between Mr. Miall and Mr. Gladstone, the party were still of opinion, and the course of events bore them out, that both the Premier and leading Liberals would, ere long, advocate the necessity of the measure, both for the sake of the Church itself (torn with internal divisions) and in the interests of truth and justice to the nation at large.

The policy of the Society is to be carried out by educating public opinion, by lectures, the circulation of a million of tracts and pamphlets,


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