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Harris, a merchant in the city, were her coach, notwithstanding the supporcalled in, and underwent an examina- ed diftrefles of that kingdom, is the tion, from a little after four till paft most superb equipage ever yet seen fix o'clock.

in all Europe. We are informed, that the premier We learn from Paris that the King confults every day some of the mere of France is preparing a new Christchants in the city, in order to acquire s-box for his subjects, and that he a certain knowledge of the present state intends to clear all bis debts in Januaof provisions, &c. in this kingdom. ry, 1773. The establishments of Bits

It is determined by administration, lets d'Eclat, a production of the Channot to suffer the Dantzickers to be op- cellor, is upon the carpet; the Abbe pressed by his Prussian Majesty; and Terray having exhausted all his rethe English Conful bas accordingly fources, and being unable to face the acquainted the city with that deter- expences of government, the engravers mination.

and printers of the Louvre are preparThey write from Berlin, that great ing to coin paper money for twelve preparations are making there for the hundred thousand millions of livres, reception of a great personage, who is and a declaration of the King is under daily expected; said to be the Emperor the press for the same purpose. The of Germany.

lowest billet will be 300 livres, or 12 It is talked that terms have been at guineas and a half, and the highest last proposed, through the mediation of 12,000 livres, or 1000 guineas; the Great Britain, to the three powers who most comfortable article of the declahave seized on different parts of Great rations is, that the King will establish Poland, which, it is thought, will induce a chest of favings, to which one hunthem to with Iraw their forces, and be dred millions of his annual revenue the means of restoring unanimity and will be brought in every year, till the peace to that distracted pation.

whole shall be cleared. A letter from Madrid, dated Nov. means it is pretended all the pensions, 16, says, “ A great many people have fuppressed and stopped, will be restoring died suddenly here with eating ed; an excellent act for the creditors. mushrooms, the government hath pro- of the French government! We farhibited the bringing them into this ther hear, that since this scheme has city.”

been known, all the deputies of the We are assured, by letters from a trading towns in France, residing in neighbouring country, that luch is the Paris, have received orders to oppose dreadful state of their finances, as well it; and the petitions, remonftrances, as their domestic affairs, that they are &c. of the new parliament, on the same on the eve of a civil war. Madame subject, are ready digefted. de B. carries it with fo high a hand, that not a favour can be obtained, nor Extract of a letter from Portsmouth, an appointment filled up, but through

Dec. 10. her interest and interceflion, except in “ There is an order come down the c-n-l-r's department, who is here to discharge 800 marines from this her declared enemy, and will neither division, and numbers are discharged have any concern with her or her every day.--We hear an order is arfriends.

rived for the guardships at Spithead to It is said, that the magnificent robe come into the harbour, and for the presented by the Freneh King to Ma- compliment of men to be reduced to the dame de Barre, exclusive of jewels fame establishment as in the year 1770." with which it is intended to be orna- Two chiefs, of the Choctaw Indians mented, will cost 3000l. sterling; that are come over with the Speedwell;


By thefe

Capt. Lloyd, arrived at Woolwich on ford to one of her guardians, Mr Thursday lait from South Carolina. W------t, at whose house the thought

The Lord Mansfield and Kent East herself secure. But soon after her reIndiamen, got fafe into the Downs yes- moval, Mr J-----.n at noon, and on the terday where they will wait for eafter. market day, accompanied by seventeen ly winds in order to proceed on their other men armed, entered suddenly into yoyages.

Mr W------r's house, bound him fast, Within these few days 80,000l. has seized on the young lady, and forced been remitted to Holland from a capi- her on horseback, crying in vain for tal house in the city, being one half help in the midst of fonie hundred specyear's interest of Dutch stock in our tators. When the accomplices of J----n funds.

thought the lady secured, one of them On the 17 init. being the anniver- unbound Mr W------t, who taking infary of the inftitution of the Royal A- ftantly a brace of piftols,pursued them, cademy, a general assembly of the Aca- and iveing J------n at the end of the demicians was held at Somerfer house, ftreet, fired at him and killed him on when the following premiums were the spot. One of J------n's companigiven :

ons then presented a piece at Mr A gold medal to Mr John Keys W------, whose fon comicg up at that Sherwin, for the best composition in oil period with a blunderbuss, fired it in colours, the subject of which was Cori- his father's defence, and with the same olanus taking leave of his family. A fatal effect. The rest, feeing their lezgold medal was likewise given for the ders fall, abandoned the young lady, best model of a bas relief, representing who was under the most dreadfulalarm, Ulyffes addrelling himself to Nauticaa, and Mr W-...--I and his fon are now to Mr Thomas Engleheart. Three fil. under prosecution by Mr J------n's ver medals were given for the best friends, and are to take their tryals at drawings of Academy figures to Mesirs the next allizes.” Charles Sherriff, William Griffin, and John How&s. A silver medal was given Extract of a Letter from Guernsey, to Mr John Lochee, for the beit model of an Academy figure. Two filver me. “ The 5th of September last a redals for the best drawings of architec- markable phænomenon was observed ture, being drawings of the banquetting here by leveral persons, of which house at Whitehall, done from accurate

one of the number. About measurments, were given to Meff. John 5 in the afternoon the wind being Rudd and John Soan.

high, the water much disordered, and a

very great swell in our road and pier, Extract of a Letter from Longford, in the sea flowed between 50 and 60 feet Ireland, Dec. 1.

in length (which were measured by “ Miss Ng, a lady of large for- fome gentlemen present) in five or fix tune near the county town of Longford minutes, and then ebbed the same difin Ireland, whose ancestors had repre- tance in about the same time, continusented that county in parliament, was ing in that manner, rising and falling addressed by several gentlemen, and a- for several times successively. Many mong others by one Mr J------n, who conje&tures were then made concerning had just left the university, who not fo unusual a thing, and it was generalmeeting with such a return as he hoped ly thought that nothing less than an for, took the rafh resolution to carry earthquake or hurricane could be the off the young lady by force. An alarm- occasion; which unhappily we now look ing attempt or two of that sort obliged upon as confirmed by the melancholy ker, by way of safety, to go to Long- news of that terrible' hurricane which

H h h 2


Nov. 7.

I was

has caused so much havock in the West will only break up for a fortnight, and Indies, (which I make no doubt you meet again on Tuesday the 5th of Janare acquainted with) as it happened be- uary. tween the 31st of August, and the ist The bill to prevent the fatal pracof September; and allowing 5 days for tice of gambling in the funds, is expectthe travelling (if I may be allowed the ed to be brought into the House by • expression) from the West Indies to Lord North soon after the Christmas this place, nothing can be more probaholidays. ble. The wind blew. W. S. W.” On the 17 inft. the pleadings, RanThe inhabitants of the town of dall against Russell

, came on again in Maidiłone, considering the diftress of the house of Peers, when the case aptheir puor, have with the generous en. pearing of a delicate and important nacouragement of the Right Hon. Lord iure with respect to Wills in general, Romney, and other gentlemen in their and to the parties in particular, the furneighbourhood, establithed a fund to ther confideration of it was put off till fupply their poor weckly with the beft Tuesday next. wheat meal, at, or under 55 per bushel, It is faid that the Marquisates lately of 114 pounds, next lady-day,or longer, talked of so much, will soon take place. in hopes that other corporations will Several ships of the line, are, we follow their example.

hear, shortly to be sent out on a cruize St Edmund's, Bury, Dec. 6. The bill in the Mediterranean sea for the purfor allowing the free importation of pose of exercising the officers and corp into this kingdom is likely to pro- men. duce very happy effects to the poor in A frigate os 36 guns is ordered to this part of the country; the farmers be got ready immediately at Portsbegin to bring out their old stocks. mouth, to carry an express to Sir G.B. Corn, in our markets, is considerably Rodoey in the West-Indies. fallen in price.

Private letters from Lisbon say, that We are informed a scheme is under Sir Peter Dennis, Rear Admiral of the consideration of some capital merchants red, having settled fome matters with at Bristol and Liverpool, to efta- the Portuguese ministry with regard to blish immense corn magazines in the trade, was failed from thence in his Ille of Man.

Majesty's ship the Trident. A remedy has been discovered at We hear, that a High Court of AdMecklenburgh for the distemper inci. miralty will soon be held, to consider dent to the horned cattle. It is no of some recent appeals from the French more than feeding the diseased beasts merchants, on account of prizes taken with crab-apples; the same fruit put by our cruizers, this summer, for illeinto the water given the catile to drink gal commerce on the coast of America has been found to prevent the dif- and Newfoundland. temper.

On the 13 inft. her Royal Highness Extract of a letter from Hamburgh, the Princess Amelia was at the court at

dated Dec. 8. St James's, and afterwards dined with “ The disputes between the courts their Majesties at the Queen's palace. of Copenhagen and Stockholm are en

On the 14 inst. the Right Hon. Lord tirely settled. Thus much is cerrtain, Townshend, the late Lord Lieutenant that the King of Denmark had done of Ireland, waited on his Majesty at St very much, and rather more than be James's, when he killed the Kings hand came a spirited monarch, in order to on being appointed master general of prevent a war. It is said that the court the ordnance.

of Copenhagen has received an express It is thought that the parliament from a certain British minister at Lon.


29. to

don. The dispatches were intitled a setting out on a journey for some months fecret history, which was the true rea- to Vienna; “ Tell the Empress Queen son of the notion in the Danish forces that she need not be uneasy with retowards Norway. The lareit letters fpect to the resistance of the Polandfrom Petersburgh advise, that the grand ers, regarding her part of that king. Duke is preparing for a journey to a dom for their are 100,000 men, with certain court incog. This journey is not myself at their head, at her service.” likely to be of any great consequences, We hear from Paris, that M. de as this prince is faid not to abound at Mandeville, a gentleman of Normandy, present in political knowledge." who was arrelted and carried to the

We hear from Lancaiter, that the Baitile, is accused of having excited markets there have fallen for some weeks several gentlemen of his province not pait, particularly meal and potatoes, to to pay the taxes. the great relief of the poor in that A Farmer-General, whom we can. neighbourhood.;

not name, has juít failed, but for what The prices of wheat, corn, and four, sum it is not known yet. have fallen, within this month, from is. 6d. per quarter, in all the

SCOTLAND. markets withio fitty miles of the capital, except in Mark-lane.

EDINBURGH, Dec. 18. A bill is ordered into parliament, to prevent the itealing or destroying of Extract of a Letter from London, turnips, potatoes, cabbages and car

December 14 rots.

“ This day the H. of C. received They write from Saxony, that re- a petition from the East-India compacruits are railing there to the amount ny, praying to be heard, by counset, aof 14,000 men, and that the regiments gainit the bill to reitrain the company already an foot having each received from appointing fupervisors, &c. which their tents, with orders to hold them- petition was read and ordered to lye on selves conitantly ready to march. It the table. is reported, that two certain powers “ Read a first time, the bill for the intend to send conliderahle fums to the better regulation of his Majesty's maa King of Sweden, to enable him to sup- rine forces while onhore.” port the balance of the North, and pre- Another letter from London, says, vent the further progress of a neigh- So That on the 18th inft. the H. of bouring power.

L. passed the malt bill, and read a first We hear from Hamburgh, it having time the land tax, and the rice imporbeen propagated in foreign countries tation bills. that an insurrection has happened in “ This day the H. of C. took into Norway, thc Court of Copenhagen has consideration the petition presented published a declaration, setting forth the from the East India company, which falsity of such reports; and at the same was read, and counsel heard at the bar time doing justice to that nation whose for, and against the bill depending, zeal and attachment to thepresent Roy- and several witnesses were called in al Family is inviolable.

and examined: the house is still litting, A Letter from Hamburgh, dated and like to sit late.” December 5th, says “ that the follow- The Court of Session will be ad. ing anecdute is in all our public papers. journed to-morrow for three weeks, afThe King of Prussia said to Baron Van ter Tuesday next, for the Christmas Swieten, the Royal Imperial Ambassa- holidays, as usual. dor at the Court of Berlin, when he Letters dated the 14th Oct. are retook his leave of his. Majefty before ceived from St. Vincent's, which men


tion that the troops were kept at hard teeth, was stranded at Castle Freke in duty in the woods, watching the moti the South of Ireland; the cargo is savons of the Caribbees; there had been ed, but the vessel cannot be got off. do general action, but only fome skir- The Generous Planter, from mithes, in which a few had been killed Newcastle to London, is totally lolt in on both sides.

the Humber. On Wednesday fe'ennight, a fellow who was suspected of being concerned Extract of a letter from Portree in in the late robberies, was apprehended Sky, to a Gentleman in Greenock, at Muffelburgh, and brought in here

dated Dsc.3 by a party of dragoons ; he was exa- " Thank God the fevers which ra. mined by the heritf; he had near 201. ged in the Lewis are greatly abated in money about him, which he said he since the cold weather commenced. A. found wrapped up in a letter, or paper, bout twelve days ago a large hip of Dear Dundee; he had also a pistol in 400 tons burthen, was wrecked on the his pocket. He is committed to prison coast of this island, and all on board for further examination.

perished. Two men and one woman Some evil disposed, or disorderly were found ou the shore, the woman persons on Monday night broke down had only a black flannel petticoat, and the covered sear in Hope-park, com- a black silk napkin upon her; oo writmonly called the Cage, which used to ing was found to discover what the is, afford shelter in time of rain, to the excepting a journal kept by one Wil. people who walked there; fome lamps liam Palton in the year 1771, which were broke the same night, and it is contains an account of the idland of Pasupposed by the same persons, after lina. The anchors and cables are very whom enquiry is making, and if they large, which, with the loading and timare found out, will likely be made to ber, a part of tbe Hull, and the maits, pay handsomely for what they may per- are brought to land and secured with cahaps term a frolic.

bles and ropes on the rocks.” We hear from different parts of the Friday fe'ennight as a gentlemen and country that several manufacturers are his lady were returning home from dismissed from their employments on Scotland to Newcastle, they fouud a account of the present stagnation of woman gagged, and bound hand and trade, owing to the scarcity of money. foot on Weldon-bridge, whom they It were to be wilhed that subscriptions instantly loosed; when she told theni, were opened by the opulent and hu. that she had been robbed and stripped mane for relieving the exigencies of a of her cloaths by a man and woman, number of their fellow-creatures, now and then left in that condition. in the grearest distress on account of the We can assure the public, that the high price of provisions and want of person who was committed to Morpeth employment.

jail last week, for robbing Mr Duon, Tuesday the 28th ult. was observed butcher in Morpeth, on the road beby appointment of the presbytery of twixt that place and Newcastle, proves Strathbogie, throughout the same as a to be one William Orr, born near day of folemn thanksgiving to Almigh- Glasgow. ty God for his undeserved goodness A correspondent observes, that the to them and that country in general, veal market here has of late been exin giving them a seasonable harvest, a travagantly dear; owing, he supposes, plentiful crop, and well gathered in. to the artful management of the deal.

About the beginning of this month ers in that article; they expose but vea Guineaman from Barbadoes to Lon- ry little in the market at a time, while don, laden with gold-duft and elephants they have many whole carcasses con


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