Erythea: A Journal of Botany, West American and General

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Willis Linn Jepson
University of California, 1895

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Стр. 164 - Beagle,' as naturalist, I was much struck with certain facts in the distribution of the organic beings inhabiting South America, and in the geological relations of the present to the past inhabitants of that continent. These facts, as will be seen in the latter chapters of this volume, seemed to throw some light on the origin of species — that mystery of mysteries, as it has been called by one of our greatest philosophers.
Стр. 173 - ... when we regard every production of nature as one which has had a long history; when we contemplate every complex structure and instinct as the summing up of many contrivances...
Стр. 86 - Punctuation. Except the comma following the author's name, and the colon following the volume number all the items are to be separated by periods. If another citation follows in the same line it is to be separated from the first by an en dash. Specific, generic and varietal names are to be written and punctuated in the method used in the "List of Pteridophyta and Spermatophyta" issued under the direction of the Botanical Club, AA AS j. If it is considered desirable to give other data than series...
Стр. 173 - I never feel convinced by deduction, even in the case of H. Spencer's writings. If Dr. Bastian's book had been turned upside down, and he had begun with the various cases of Heterogenesis, and then gone on to organic, and afterwards to saline solutions, and had then given his general arguments, I should have been, I believe, much more influenced. I suspect, however, that my chief...
Стр. 165 - I did not study botany' (i. 48). Yet we must not take this too seriously. Darwin, 1 * when at the Galapagos, 'indiscriminately collected everything in flower on the different islands, and fortunately kept my collections separate.
Стр. 164 - Voyage,' it is simply amazing to see how much could be achieved with a previous training which we now should think ludicrously inadequate. Before Henslow's time the state of the natural sciences at Cambridge was incredible. In fact, Leonard Jenyns, 10 his biographer, speaks of the 'utter disregard paid to Natural History in the University previous to his taking up his residence there.
Стр. 172 - All the Year Round,' but not worth consulting ; chiefly a welldone hash of my own words. Your last note was very interesting and consolatory to me. I have expressly stated that I believe physical conditions have a more direct effect on plants than on animals. But the more I study, the more I am led to think that natural selection regulates, in a state of nature, most trifling differences. As squared stone, or bricks, or timber, are the indispensable materials for a building, and influence its character,...
Стр. 70 - B. speciosum. 8. R. WILSONIANUM, Greene.* "Rigid and low shrub, with smooth branchlets and 1-3 spines at each node; growing parts and leaves more or less villous with a short pubescence; leaves small, rounded, 5-lobed, the lobes and teeth acute; peduncles rather slender, mostly 3-flowered; bracts persistent, broadly ovate, acuminate-cuspidate, villous; ovary short-prickly, scarcely villous; calyx dark red, the cylindric or slightly funnel-form tube 3 lines (6 mm.) long; segments acute, about as long;...
Стр. 169 - No more important discovery," says Sachs (History, 142), "was ever made in the domain of comparative morphology and systematic botany. The first steps toward this result, which was clearly brought out by Hofmeister twenty-five years later, were secured by Robert Brown's researches, and he was incidentally led to these researches by some difficulties in the construction of the seed of an Australian genus.
Стр. 165 - I had overlooked the importance of isolation, seeing that it was such cases as that of the Galapagos Archipelago, which chiefly led me to study the origin of species.

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