The Blount Conspiracy

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University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1927
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Стр. 74 - I have given instructions to those officers, to whom it belongs, to cause prosecutions to be instituted against all persons who shall, within the cognizance of the courts of the United States, violate the law of nations, with respect to the powers at war, or any of them.
Стр. 74 - And I do hereby also make known, that whosoever of the citizens of the United States shall render himself liable to punishment or forfeiture under the law of nations, by committing, aiding, or abetting hostilities against any of the said powers, or by carrying to any of them those articles, which are deemed contraband by the modern usage of nations...
Стр. 13 - I wished to have seen you before I returned to Philadelphia, but I am obliged to return to the session of Congress, which commences on the 15th of May. Among other things that I wished to have seen you about was the business Captain Chesholm mentioned to the British minister last winter at Philadelphia.
Стр. 15 - ... the proper talks, to keep up my consequence with the Creeks and Cherokees. Can't Rogers contrive to get the Creeks to desire the President to take Hawkins out of the nation ? for, if he stays in the Creek nation and gets the good will of the nation, he can and will do great injury to our plan. When you have read this letter over three times, then burn it. I shall be at Knoxville in July or August, when I will send for Watts, and give him the whiskey I promised him.
Стр. 14 - ... talked of will be attempted this fall ; and if it is attempted, it will be in a much larger way than then talked of; and if the Indians act their part, I have no doubt but it will succeed. A man of consequence has gone to England about the business, and if he makes arrangements as he expects, I shall myself have a hand in the business, and probably shall be at the head of the business on the part of the British.
Стр. 65 - It is wonderful, sir, that you should attempt to make it be believed that Mr. Blount's letter and the late detected conspiracy had any connection with the expedition which you suggested was preparing on the lakes of Canada, against Upper Louisiana. All that is yet discovered of Mr. Blount's project or conspiracy, proves that it was to have been formed in one of the States South of the River Ohio, and that it was destined against the Floridas, and perhaps Lower Louisiana. I therefore feel myself,...
Стр. 14 - Indian friends with me; but you are now in good business, I hope, and you are not to risk the loss of it by saying anything that will hurt you until you again hear from me. Where Captain...
Стр. 15 - ... the Indians may be taught to blame me for making the treaty. To such complaints against me, if such there are, it may be said by my friends, at proper times and places, that Doublehead confirmed the treaty with the President, at Philadelphia, and receives as much as 5000 dollars a year, to be paid to the nation over and above the first price.
Стр. 55 - ... fort against the Indians . . . Cold does not terrify him, and when a family wearies of one place, it moves to another and settles there with the same ease. If such men come to occupy the banks of the Mississippi and Missouri, or secure their navigation, doubtless nothing will prevent them from crossing and...
Стр. 14 - Rogers, and if you think it best to send it to him, put a wafer in it, and forward it to him by a safe hand, or perhaps you had best send for him to come to you, and speak to him yourself, respecting the state and prospect of things. I have advised you. in whatever you do to take care of yourself. I have now to tell you to take care of me, too, for a discovery of the plan would prevent the success, and much injure all parties concerned.

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