How to Communicate in Business: A Handbook for Engineers

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IET, 1995 - Всего страниц: 162
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This is a practical handbook. Its aim is to help engineers and others with a technical background to communicate effectively with non-technical people. Effective communication is essential for both individual and corporate success in business.

The book gives a framework for planning a business communication: deciding its purpose, aim, scope and structure. It deals with spoken and written communication, with presentations and meetings, and with the use of modern IT systems. There are questions to help you use the book effectively and to construct an action plan for further reading.

Effective communication is a skill: we can all do better if we try. This book will help you to improve, thus bridging some of the common barriers in business.

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Communication and management
Saying it
Writing it
Presenting it
Business meetings
Using information technology
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David Silk graduated from Cambridge University and went on to become a research fellow at Queen's College, studying the control of communication networks. As an engineering officer in the RAF he specialised in telecommunications, and became a deputy director in the Ministry of Defence. In 1984 he joined Henley Management College, becoming the lead tutor in information management, a director of studies and a faculty group leader. In 1991 he left Henley to become an independent management consultant and tutor.Dr Silk is an associate faculty member of Henley, and of Lancaster University. He has written widely about telecommunications, information management and general management: this is his fourth published book. He is a Fellow of the IEE.

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