Birds of Great Britain and Ireland: Parts 1-4, Том 3

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W. H. Lizars, 1866
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Стр. 150 - The great blue heron (Ardea herodias) is about four feet in length from the point of the bill to the end of the tail, and nearly six feet across the wings.
Стр. 106 - ... so successful and so absorbed were they in the issue of the contest, that they actually held the crow, till it was seized, and taken from them by the spectator of the scene. Upon search, the young birds (very lately hatched) were found concealed amongst the grass. It would appear, therefore, that the crow, a mortal enemy to all kinds of young game, in attempting to carry off one of these, had been attacked by the parent birds, and with the above singular success.
Стр. 91 - ... the partridges; the bill in both sexes is nearly black. This species does not seem so liable to variation as some of the other Tetraonidce. We possess a female or grey hen, shot by the late Sir Sidney Beckwith, entirely of a dull whitish grey, having the cross markings of a darker and browner shade. LAGOPUS. — Generic characters. — Bill very short, clothed at the base with feathers, which conceal the nostrils ; wings short, somewhat rounded, with the third and fourth quills longest ; tail...
Стр. 227 - Their actions in fighting are very similar to those of a game-cock; the head is lowered, and the beak held in a horizontal direction, the ruff, and indeed every feather more or less distended, the former sweeping the ground as a shield to defend the more tender parts, the auricles erected and the tail partly spread ; upon the whole assuming a most ferocious aspect. When either could obtain a firm hold with the bill, a leap succeeded, accompanied by a stroke of the wing, but they rarely injured each...
Стр. 108 - We have known of broods twice, and occasionally have shot a straggler apparently on its way to the south. They are extremely difficult to flush after the first time. The nest is made by the female, but, like the partridges, the eggs are deposited almost on the bare ground ; these, also, unlike the uniform tint which we find prevailing in those of the true partridges, are deeply blotched with oil-green, and, except in form, are somewhat similar to those of the snipe.
Стр. 106 - Upon search, young birds, very lately hatched, were found concealed amongst the grass. It would appear, therefore, that the Crow, a mortal enemy to all kinds of young game, in attempting to carry off one of these, had been attacked by the parent birds, and with this singular result Plumages.
Стр. 140 - Gould. parts are nearly black, with a tinge of green ; the toes and claws are of the same colour ; the middle claw pectinated." The above agrees nearly with the description given by Wagler of the young state, the brown colour prevailing with the advance of age. A detail of the habits and nidification of this Egret is still much wanted. THE SQUACCO HERON, E. RALLOIDES. — A. ralloides, Scopoli.
Стр. 89 - ... their tails, and displaying the beautifully contrasted while under tail-covers ; he is soon heard by the females, who crowd around their lord and master. This season of admiration does not continue long ; the females disperse to seek proper situations for depositing their eggs, while the males, losing their feeling for love and fighting, re-assemble in small parties, and seek the shelter of the brush and fern beds, to complete a new moult ; and are seldom seen except early in the morning or at...
Стр. 262 - was placed against a ledge of rock, and consisted of nothing more than the drooping leaves of the juniper-bush, under a creeping branch, by which the eggs, four in number, •were snugly concealed, and admirably sheltered from the many storms by which these "bleak and exposed rocks are visited, allowing just sufficient room for the bird to cover them. The several nests that we examined were placed in the same situation as the one described, with the exception of two, one of which was under a slanting...
Стр. 105 - A person engaged in a field, not far from my residence, had his attention arrested by some objects on the ground, which, upon approaching, he found to be two partridges, a male and female, engaged in battle with a...

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