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erjeau's (P. C.) Book of Dogs: the Varieties of Dogs as

they are found in Old Sculptures, Pictures, Engravings, and books. 1865. Half-morocco, the sides richly lettered with gold, 7s. 6d. * In this very interesting volume are 52 plates, facsimiled from rare old Enavings, Paintings, Sculptures, &c., in which may be traced over 100 varieties of gs known to the ancients.

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This day, elegantly printed, pp. 96, wrapper 1s., cloth 2s., post free. farlyle on the Choice of Books, The Inaugural Address

of THOMAS CARLYLE, with Memoir, anecdotes, Two Portraits, and View of his House in Chelsea. The " Address" is reprinted from The Times," carefully compared with twelve other reports, and is believed to be the most

accurate yet printed.
*** The leader in the Daily Telegraph, April 25th, largely quotes from the above

In Fcap. 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d. beautifully printed.
Gog and Magog; or, the History of the Guildhall Giants.

With some Account of the Giants which guard English and Continental Cities.
By F. W. FAIRHOLT, F.S.A. With Illustrations on Wood by the author,
coloured and plain.

* The critiques which have appeared upon this amusing little work have been uniformly favourable. The Art Journal says, in a long article, that it thoroughly explains who these old giants were, the position they occupied in popular mythology, the origin of their names, and a score of other matters, all of much interest in throwing a light upon fabulous portions of our history.

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Now ready, handsomely printed, price 1s. 6d.
Hints on Hats; adapted to the Heads of the People.

By HENRY MELTON, of Regent Street. With curious woodcuts of the
various style of hats worn at different periods.

Anecdotes of eininent and fashionable personages are given, and a fund of interesting information relative to the history of costume and change of tastes may be found scattered through its pages.






This day, handsomely bound, pp. 550, price 7s. 6d.
History of Playing Cards: with anecdotes of their use in

Ancient and Modern Games, Conjuring, Fortune-Telling, and Card-sharping.
With sixty curious illustrations on toned Caper. skill and Sleight-of-Hand;
Gambling and Calculation ; Cartomancy and Cheating; Old games and
gaming-Houses; Card Revels and Blind Hookey; Piquet and Vingt-et-un;

Whist and Cribbage; Old-fashioned tracks.
"A highly-interesting volume."—Morning Posf.

This day, in 2 vols., 8vo., very handsomely printed, price 16s.

Popular Romances of the West of England; or, the Drolls

of Old Cornwall. Collected and edited by ROBERT HUNT, F.R.S. For an analysis of this important work see printed description, which may be obtained gratis at the publisher's.

Many of the stories are remarkable for their wild poetic beauty; others surprise us by their quaintness; whilst others, again, show forth a tragic force which can only be associated with those rude ages which existed long before the period of authentic history.

Mr. George Cruikshank has supplied two wonderful pictures as illustrations to the work. One is a portrait of Giant Bolster, a personage twelve miles high.

John Camden Hotten, 74 $ 75, Piccadilly, London.

Pp. 336, handsomely printed, eloth extra, price 3s. 6d. Holidays with Hobgoblins; or, Talk of Strange Things.

By DUDLEY COSTELLO. With humorous engravings by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. Amongst the chapters may be enumerated : Shaving a ghost; Superstitions and Traditions ; Monsters ; the Ghost of Pit Pond ; the Watcher of the Dead; the haunted house near Hampstead ; Dragons, Griffins, and Salamanders; Alchemy and gunpowder; Mother Shipton; Bird History; Witchcraft and Old Boguey ; Crabs; Lobsters; the Apparition of Monsieur Bodry.


In preparation, thick 8vo., uniform with "Year-Book," pp. 8OO. Hone's Scrap Book. A Supplementary Volume to the

"Every-Day Book," the “ Year-Book," and the "Table-Book." From the MSS. of the late WILLIAM HONE, with upwards of One Hundred and fifty engravings of curious or eccentric objects.

BARNUM'S NEW BOOK. Humbugs of the World. By P. T. Barnum. Pp. 320.

crown Svo., eloth extra, 4s. M. ' A most vivacious book, and a very readable one."-Globe. “The history of Old Adams and his grisly bears is inimitable." -Athenæum.

"A History of Humbugs by the Prince of Humbugs! What book can be more promising ?"Saturday Review.

This day, 48mo., beautifully printed from silver-faced type, cloth, very neat,

gilt edges, price 2s. 6d. Smoker's Text Book, By J. Hamer, F.R.S.L. This

exquisite little volume comprises the most important passages from the works of eminent men written in favour of the much-abused weed. Its compilation

was suggested by a remark made by Sir Bulwer Lytton :A pipe is a great comforter, a pleasant soother. The man who smokes thinks like a sage and acts like a Samaritan."

A few copies have been choicely bound in calf antique and morocco, price 10s. 6d. each.

A NEW BOOK BY THE LATE MR. THACKERAY. The Student's Quarter; or, Paris Life Five-and-Twenty

Years Since. By the late WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY. With

numerous coloured illustrations after designs made at the time. ** For these interesting sketches of French literature and art, made immediately after the Revolution of 1830, the reading world is indebted to a gentleman in Paris, who has carefully preserved the original papers up to the present time. Thackeray: the Humorist and the Man of Letters. The

Story of his Life and Literary Labours. With some particulars of his early career never before made public. By THEODORE TAYLOE, Esq., Membre

de la Société des gens de Lettres. Price 7s. 6d. *** Illustrated with Photographic Portrait (one of the most characteristic

known to have been taken) by Ernest Edwards, B.A.; view of Mr. Thackeray's House, built after a favourite design of the great novelist's; facsimile of his Handwriting, Jong noted in London

literary circles for its exquisite neatness; and a curious life sketch of bis Coat of Arms, a pen and pencil

humorously introduced

as the crest, the motto, “Nobilitas est sola virtus" (Virtue is the sole nobility).

John Camden Hotten, 74 $ 75, Piccadilly, London.

This day, neatly printed, price 1s. 6d. ; by post 1s. 8d. Mental Exertion : its influence on health. By Dr.

BRIGHAM. Edited, with additional Notes, by Dr. ARTHUR LEARED, Physician to the Great Northern Hospital. This is a highly important little book, showing how far we may educate the mind without injuring the body.

The recent untimely deaths of Admiral Fitzroy and Mr. Prescott, whose minds gave way under excessive mental exertion, fully illustrate the importance of the subject.


Now ready, in cloth, price 2a. 6d.; by post 2s. 80. The Housekeeper's Assistant; a Collection of the most

valuable recipes, carefully written down for future use, by Mrs. B.

during her forty years' active service. As much as two guineas has been paid for a copy of this invaluable little work. How to See Scotland; or, a fortnight in the Highlands. for £6.

A plain and practical guide.-- Price 1s.

Now ready, 8vo., price 1s.. List of British Plants. Compiled and Arranged by Alex

More, F.L.S.

This comparative List of British Plants was drawn up for the use of the country botanist, to show the differences in opinion which exist between different authors as to the number of species which ought to be reckoned within the compass of the flora of Great Britain.

Now ready, price 2s. 6d. ; by post 2s. 10d. Dictionary of the Oldest Words in the English Language,

from the Semi-Saxon Period of A.d. 1250 to 1300; consisting of an Alphabetical Inventory of Every Word found in the Printed English Literature of the 13th Century, by the late HERBERT COLERIDGE, Secretary to the Philological Society. 8vo., neat half morocco.

An invaluable work to historical students and those interested in linguistic pursuits. The School and College Slang of England; or, Glossaries

of the Words and Phrases peculiar to the Six great Educational Establishments of the country.-Preparing.

This day, in Crown 8vo., handsomely printed, price 7s. 6d. Glossary of all the Words, Phrases, and customs peculiar to Winchester College.

See "School Life at Winchester College," recently published. Robson; a sketch, by Augustus Sala. An Interesting

Biography, with sketches of his famous characters, “ Jem Baggs," " Boots at the Swan," "The Yellow Dwarf," " Daddy Hardacre," &c. Price 6d.

In preparation, Crown 8vo., handsomely printed. The Curiosities of Flagellation : an Anecdotal History

of the Birch in Ancient and Modern Times : its Use as a Religious stimulant, and as a Corrector of Morals in all Ages. With some quaint illustrations. B J. G. BERTRAND, Author of " The Harvest of the Sea," &c.

John Camden Totten, 74 $ 75, Piccadilly, London.

In 1 vol., with 300 Drawings from Nature, 2s. 6d. plain, 4s. 6d. coloured by hand.
The Young Botanist: a Popular Guide to Elementary

Botany. By T.S. RALPH, of the Linnean Society.

An excellent book for the young beginner. The objects selected as illustrations are either easy of access as specimens of wild plants, or are common in gardens. Common Prayer. Illustrated by Holbein and Albert Durer.

With Wood Engravings of the "Life of Christ," rich woodcut border on every page of Fruit and Flowers; also the Dance of Death, a singularly curious series after Holbein, with Scriptural Quotations and Proverbs in the Margin. Square 8vo., cloth neat, exquisitely printed on tinted paper, price 8a. 6d. ; in dark morocco, very plain and neat, with block in the Elizabethan style impressed on the sides, gilt edges, 16s. 6d.

Apply direct for this exquisite volume.

The attention of those who practise the beautiful art of Illuminating is

requested to the following sumptuous volume :-
The Presentation Book of Common Prayer, Illustrated

with Elegant Ornamental Borders in red and black, from "Books of Hours" and Illuminated Missals, by GEOFFREY TORY. One of the most tasteful and

beautiful books ever printed. May now be seen at all booksellers. Although the price is only a few shillings (rs. 6d. in plain cloth; 8s. 6d. antique

do.; 14s. ed. morocco extra), this edition is so prized by artists that, at the South Kensington and other important Art Schools, copies are kept for the use of students.

Now ready, in 8vo., on tinted paper, nearly 350 pages, very neat, price 5s. Family History of the English Counties: Descriptive

Account of Twenty Thousand most curious and Rare Books, Old Tracts,
Ancient Manuscripts, Engravings, and Privately-printed Family Papers,
relating to the history of almost every Landed Estate and Old English family
in the Country; interspersed with nearly Two Thousand Original Anecdotes,

Topographical and Antiquarian Notes. "By JOHN CAMDEN HOTTEN.
By far the largest collection of English and Welsh topography and Family
History ever formed. Each article has a small price affixed for the convenience of
those who may desire to possess any book or tract that interests them.


Now ready, 4to., half morocco, handsomely printed, price 7s. 6d.
Army Lists of the Roundheads and Cavaliers in the Civil

*** These most curious Lists show on which side the gentlemen of England were
to be found during the great conflict between the King and the Parliament. Only
a very few copies have been most carefully reprinted on paper that will gladden the
heart of the lover of choice books.
Folio, exquisitely printed on toned paper, with numerous Etchings, &c., price 28s.
Millais Family, the Lineage and Pedigree of, recording

its History from 1331 to 1805, by J. B. PAYNE, with Illustrations from designs by the Author.

Of this beautiful volume only sixty copies have been privately printed for presents to the several members of the family. The work is magnificently bound in blue and gold. These are believed to be the only etchings of an heraldic character ver designed and engraved by the distinguished artist of the name.

Apply direct for this work.

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John Camden Hotten, 74 $ 75, Piccadilly, London.

Now ready, 12mo., very choicely printed, price 6s. 6d. London Directory for 1677, the Earliest Known List of

the London Merchants. See review in the Times, Jan. 22.

* This curious little volume has been reprinted verbatim from one of the only two copies known to be in existence. It contains an Introduction pointing out some of the principal persons mentioned in the list. For historical and genea. logical purposes the little book is of the greatest value. Herein will be found the originators of many of the great firms and co-partnerships which have prospered through two pregnant centuries, and which exist some of them in nearly the same names at this day. Its most distinctive feature is the early severance which it marks of "goldsmiths that keep running cashes," precursors of the modern bankers, from the mass of the merchants of London.

Now ready, price 5s.; by post, on roller, 5s. 4d. Magna Charta. An exact facsimile of the Original

document preserved in the British Museum, very carefully drawn, and printed on fine plate paper, nearly 3 feet long by 2 feet wide, with the Arms and Seals of the Barons elaborately emblazoned in gold and colours. a.d. 1215.

Copied by express permission, and the only correct drawing of the Great Charter ever taken. Handsomely framed and glazed, in carved oak of an antique pattern, 228. 6d. It is uniform with the " Roll of Battle Abbey." A full translation, with Notes, has just been prepared, price 6d.


Exquisitely printed, 12mo., cloth, very neat, price 3s. 6d. Apollonius of Tyana: the Pagan or False Christ of the

Third Century. An Essay. By ALBERT REVILLE, Pastor of the Walloon
Church at Rotterdam. Authorized translation.

A most curious account of an attempt to revive Paganism in the third century by means of a false Christ. Strange to say, the principal events in the life of Apollonius are almost identical with the Gospel narrative. Apollonius was born in a mysterious way about the same time as Christ. After a period of preparation came a Passion, then a Resurrection, and an Ascension, In many other respects the parallel is equally extraordinary.

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In the press, 4to. Part I. The Celtic Tumuli of Dorsetshire: an Account of Personal

and other Researches on the sepulchral Mounds of the Durotiges; forming the First Part of a Description of the Primeval Antiquities of the County.

In small 4to, handsomely printed, 1s. 6d. Esholt in Airedale, Yorkshire: the Cistercian Priory of

St. Leonard, account of, with view of Eaholt Hall.


Now ready, in 4to., half morocco, choicely printed, price 7s. 6d.'' The mysteries of the Good Old Cause: Sarcastic Notices

of those Members of the Long Parliament that held places, both Civil and Military, contrary to the Self-denying Ordinance of April 3, 1615; with the sums of money and lands they divided among

themselves. ** Gives many curious particulars about the famous Assembly not mentioned by historians or biographers. The history of almost every county in England receives some illustration from it. Genealogists and antiquaries will find in it much in eres ing matter.

John Camden Hotten, 74 & 70, Piccadilly, London.

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