British Journal of Dental Science, Том 24,Выпуски 311-320

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Oxford House., 1881

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Стр. 318 - The great blue heron (Ardea herodias) is about four feet in length from the point of the bill to the end of the tail, and nearly six feet across the wings.
Стр. 160 - Act bona fide engaged in the practice of dentistry or dental surgery, either separately or in conjunction with the practice of medicine, surgery, or pharmacy, shall be entitled to be registered under this Act.
Стр. 540 - When writing an article for the press, Whether prose or verse, just try To utter your thoughts in the fewest words, And let it be crisp and dry ; And when it is finished, and you suppose It is done exactly brown, Just look it over again, and then — Boil it down.
Стр. 157 - Council shall cause to be erased from the dentists register any entry which has been incorrectly or fraudulently made. Where a person registered in the dentists register has, either before or after the passing of this Act, and either before or after he is so registered, been convicted either in Her Majesty's dominions or elsewhere of an offence which, if committed in...
Стр. 301 - ... practitioners, who can also treat most cases of fracture with rubber splints, if assisted by the neighboring dentist. But a severe fracture may occasionally be met with, which will require either a specialist or an accomplished dental surgeon. Fig. 1 represents the inner surface of a splint which incloses all the teeth and part of the gum of the lower jaw, and merely rests against the upper teeth when the jaws are closed. This splint is adapted to the treatment of all cases which have teeth on...
Стр. 540 - Whether witty, grave or gay, Condense as much as ever you can, And say it in the readiest way ; And, whether you write on rural affairs Or particular things in town, Just a word of friendly advice — Boil it down.
Стр. 477 - Register;" and a Copy of the Medical Register for the Time being, purporting to be so printed and published as aforesaid, shall be Evidence in all Courts and before all Justices of the Peace and others that the Persons therein specified are registered according to the Provisions of this Act...
Стр. 463 - The General Council may, if they think fit, from time to time make, and when made, revoke and vary, orders for the registration in (on payment of the fee fixed by the orders) and the removal from the dentists register of any additional diplomas, memberships, degrees, licences, or letters held by a person registered therein, which appear to the Council to be granted after examination by any of the medical authorities in respect of a higher degree of knowledge than is required to obtain a certificate...
Стр. 412 - The sulphides appear to me to possess the property of preventing and arresting suppuration. Thus in inflammation threatening to end in suppuration they reduce the inflammation and avert the formation of pus.
Стр. 49 - All works of quality must bear a price in proportion to the skill, time, expense and risk attending their invention and manufacture. Those things called dear are when justly estimated the cheapest. They are attended with much less profit to the artist than those things which everybody calls cheap. Beautiful forms and compositions are not made by chance nor can they ever in any material be made at small expense...

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