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2 ABEL (C. F.), Six Overtures adapted for the Harpsichord, or Piano Forte. Op. I. R. Bremner [1775 ?].— Six Sonatas for the Harpsichord. With Accompaniments for a Violin or German Flute. Op. II. Ib. [1775 ?].-Six Sonatas pour le Clavecin avec l'accompagnement d'un Violon ou Flute Traversiere. Op. 5. Printed for the Author, [1780 ?]. In 1 vol. folio, the music engraved, contemporary calf gilt, £1 18. 3 ALARD (Delphin), Ecole du Violon. Méthode complète et progressive à l'usage du Conservatoire de Paris. [s.d. vers 1850.] Folio, with music, etc., cloth, 3s. 6d.

4 ALCOCK (John), Six Concertos in seven Parts, for Four Violins, a Tenor, a Violoncello and a Thorough Bass for the Harpsicord. Printed for the Author, 1750. The 7 parts, folio, printed list of subscribers, the music engraved, £1 18. The Composer was Organist of Reading, and of Lichfield Cathedral.

5 ALDAY (Paul), Three Quartettos for two Violins, Tenor and Violoncello dedicated to the Stewards of the Music Room at Oxford. To be purchased at all the Music Shops in London & Oxford [1795 ?]. The 4 parts, folio, a pretty aquatint engraving on the title-pages (that on 1st violin part cut out), the music engraved, unbound, £1 1s.

The Composer, a Frenchman, came and settled in England in 1791. His autograph is on the title-page of the 1st Violin part.

6 ALGAROTTI (Count Francesco), An Essay on the Opera. Glasgow, 1768. Sm. 8vo, old calf, 38.

7 ALLEGRI (Gregorio), Il Miserere con i mode Cantabile come si canta nella Cappella Pontifacia. MANUSCRIPT, (about 1770) upon 6 pp. 4to, 10s.

The famous Miserere for nine voices in two choirs, the copying of which was held to be a crime worthy of excommunication. The present transcript was probably derived from the copy secured by Dr. Burney when in Italy.

8 ALLON (Rev. Henry), Church Song, in its Relations to Church Life. [1861.]-The Psalmody of the Reformation. [1863.] In 1 vol. sm. 8vo, with musical illustrations, limp leather, 3s. 6d.

9 ARIETTS.-Six Italian Arietts, with an Accompaniment for the Harp or Piano Forte. Composed by an Eminent Author. Rt. Birchall, [abt. 1820 ?]. Folio, the words and music engraved, 68.

10 ARNE (Michael), The Flow'ret. A New Collection of
English Songs sung at the Publick Gardens. Compos'd by
Master Arne. Walsh, [about 1755.] Folio, words and music
engraved, 128.

One of these popular songs “The Highland Laddie" was
afterwards adapted by Linley in his setting of Sheridan's

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11 ARNE. The Favourite new Songs and Duet in the
Fairy Tale, with the Favourite Airs and Duets of the late
Occasional Interlude call'd Hymen; Perform'd at the Theatre
Royal in Drury Lane. Printed for the Author, [1764.] Obl.
folio, words and music engraved, 12s.

12 ARNE (Dr. T. A.), [The Songs in the Merchant of
Venice, &c.] Walsh, [1750 ?]. Folio, words and music
engraved, sewed, £1 58.

The above title is in old MS. in the blank centre of an
engraved title-page by J. Collins. The Collection actually
contains 7 numbers from "The Blind Beggar of Bethnal
Green," two from "The Merchant of Venice," "The Owl'
from Shakespeare's "Love's Labour Lost," and 7 Songs
written by Waller and others.


13 ARNE.—The Agreeable Musical Choice: a Pastoral
Collection of Songs Sung at the Publick Gardens. No. VII.
Walsh, [1755]. Folio, words and music engraved, sewed, 7s. 6d.
14 ARNE.-A favourite Collection of English Songs sung
by Mr. Beard, Miss Young, etc., at Ranelagh Gardens. No. I.
Walsh, 1757. Folio, words and music engraved, sewed, 7s. 6d.

15 ARNE.-Thomas and Sally, or the Sailor's Return,
with the Overture in Score, Songs, Dialogues, Duettos, and
Dance-tunes, as perform'd at the Theatre Royal in Covent
Garden. London, Printed for and sold by the Author, in the
Piazza, next the Church, Covent Garden, 1761. Folio, FIRST
EDITION, FULL SCORE, words and music engraved, half bound,
£1 1s.

At the end a new Song by Dr. Arne, sung by Mrs. Cibber
(Arne's sister) in "The Way to Keep him," by Murphy, is

16 ARNE.-Six Favourite Concertos, for the Organ,
Harpsichord, or Piano Forte: with Instrumental Parts, for
Public and Private Concerts. Harrison & Co, [1793]. Folio,
pretty frontispiece containing a medallion portrait of Dr. Arne,
engraved by Heath after E. F. Burney, printed Advertise-
ment," the music engraved, (Organ part only), 18s.


17 ARNOLD (John), The Leicestershire Harmony, con-
taining a Set of Excellent Psalm-Tunes and Anthems, entirely
new: also Two New Chanting-Tunes for Te Deum and
Magnificat. London, for the Author, 1759. 8vo, with music,
old sheep, 188.

18 ARNOLD (Dr. Samuel), Peeping Tom of Coventry; a
Comic Opera, now performing, at the Theatre Royal in the
Haymarket. For the Voice, Harpsichord, and Violin. Op.
XXV. Published for the Author, [abt. 1785]. Obl. folio,
words and music engraved, sewed, 58.

19 ASIOLI (Bonifazio), Tre Ariette e Quattro Canoni.
Op. 5. Rt. Birchall, [1795 ?]. Folio, words and music
engraved, 58.

20 ASTORGAS (Emanuel D'), Tre Cantate. MANU-
SCRIPT Transcript neatly written upon 23 pages, 4to,
sewed, 128.


21 AULD ROBIN GRAY.-Moon (A. M.), In Memoriam.
The Rev. W. Leeves, author of the air of Auld Robin Gray."
Printed for Private Circulation, 1873. 8vo, FIRST EDITION,
portrait, plate, music, etc., morocco, gilt edges, 10s. 6d.

Presentation copy to Madame Antoinette Sterling, with
the author's inscription.

22 AURATUS (Jo :), Ad Divam Caeciliam Musicorum
Patronam, Hymnus. Lutetiae, 1575. Sm. 4to, with
Sonnet in French by J. Dorat on last leaf, half bound, £2 58.


In the same volume are several other Latin poems by
Turnebus, Marcilius, etc., printed at Paris in the XVIth

23 AVISON (Charles, Organist in Newcastle), An Essay on
Musical Expression. With a Letter to the Author, concern-
ing the Music of the Ancients, and a Reply to the Author of


Remarks on the Essay." London, 1775. Sm. 8vo, with 4
plates of music, old calf, 58.

24 AYLWARD (Theodore), Six Lessons for the Harp-
sichord, Organ or Piano Forte.
Printed for the Author [1785 ?].
engraved, 68.

Opera prima. London,
Obl. folio, the music

25 BABELL (William), Suits of the most Celebrated Lessons, Collected and Fitted to the Harpsichord or Spinnet. With Variety of Passages by the Author. J. Walsh, and J. Hare [abt. 1715]. Folio, the music engraved, large and fine copy, half calf, scarce, £1 15s.

The Lessons are arranged from the airs in different Italian Operas, chiefly Handel's Rinaldo.

26 BACH (J. Sebastian), Sonata a due Violini e Violoncello. MANUSCRIPT in Score neatly transcribed upon 19 pages. 4to, wrappers, £1 10s.

27 BACH (C. P. E.), Concerto; Cembalo Concertato, Violino Primo, Violino Secondo, Viola, e Basso. MANUSCRIPT (5 separate parts). 47 pp. Folio. £2 2s. 28 BACH (J. Christian), Sei Canzonette a Due. Op. IV. Londra [1765 ?]. Oblong 4to, pretty engraved title-page, the words and music engraved with wide margins, on thick paper, sewed, 12s. 6d.

29 BACH. A Collection of Favourite Songs Sung at Vaux Hall by Mrs. Weichsell. Welcker [1765 ?]. Folio, FULL SCORE, words and music engraved, sewed, 7s. 6d.

30 BACH. A Second Collection of Favourite Songs sung at Vaux Hall by Mrs. Pinto and Mrs. Weichsell. Welcker [1767 ?]. Folio, FULL SCORE, words and music engraved, sewed, 7s. 6d.

31 BACH. A Third Collection of Favourite Songs sung at Vaux Hall by Miss Cowper. Welcker [1775 ?]. Folio, FULL SCORE, words and music engraved, sewed, 8s.

32 BAILDON (Joseph), The Laurel. Book II. A New Collection of English Songs and Cantatas sung by Mr. Lowe and Miss Falkner at Vaux-Hall and Marybon-Gardens. Walsh (abt. 1753]. Folio, words and music engraved, sewed,

78. 6d.

Contains a Song in the Merchant of Venice, "Haste, Lorenzo, hither fly."

33 BAILDON. A Collection of Glees and Catches for Randall and Abell [abt. 1768]. Obl.

three and Four Voices.

folio, words and music engraved, 15s.

Dedicated to the Noblemen and Gentlemen of the Catch Club at the Thatch'd House Tavern, St. James's Street." The Volume includes the humorous Catch "Mr. Speaker, tho' tis late," which has been termed one of the most amusing conceptions that can well be imagined.

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34 BARTHELEMON (F. H.), The Maid of the Oaks, as Perform'd at Drury Lane Theatre, and Lord Stanley's Fete Champetre. [The words by J. Burgoyne. P. F. Score.] Longman, Lukey and Co., [1774.] Obl. folio, engraved titlepage, words and music engraved, 128.

Contains music adapted from Rousseau, Philidor, and La Borde.

35 BATH CATCH CLUB.-Bennett (W. M.), "How softly steal the trembling beams." A Glee, composed and presented to the Gentlemen of the Bath Catch Club. 1810. MANUSCRIPT of 8 pp.-Webbe (Samuel), Belinda's Sparkling Wit." A Glee. MANUSCRIPT Copy of 6 pp.-Corfe (Joseph), Nine Vocal Trios, arranged from the most Favorite Airs and Duetts of Purcell, Wise, Travers, Hayden and Harington. Broderip & Wilkinson [abt. 1800]. Presentation copy to Dr. Harington.-Hayes (Dr. William), Catches, Glees, and Canons, for Three, Four, and Five Voices. Printed for the Author, 1757.-A Supplement to the Catches, Glees, and Canons. Oxford, 1765.-Abingdon (Earl of), Twelve Sentimental Catches and Glees, for three Voices. Monzani [abt. 1795]. Also 4 other Glees, by Stevens, Crotch and Horsley. Together 10 pieces in 1 vol. obl. folio, half morocco, with the leather label "Bath Catch Club" on side, £1 14s.



On the margin of Dr. Hayes' Glee, "Right Shrewsbury Cakes," p. 32, is a MS. note: This was written in a boat on the water in 1749, witness H. H. on a pleasant musical party up the River to Godstowe, by Dr. Hayes."

36 BEALE (William), A First Book of Madrigals, Glees,

etc., for 3, 4, and 5 Voices. Op. 6. Printed for the Author, 1815. Folio, words and music engraved, composer's autograph on title, 4s. 6d.

37 BEALE. Madrigal for Four Voices. [This pleasaunt Monthe of Maie]. Printed for the Author [abt. 1815]. Folio, words and music engraved, 3s. 6d.

38 BEETHOVEN (L. van), Air [La Danse Russe] with Variations for the Piano Forte. Edinburgh, Rob'. Purdie, [abt. 1820]. Folio, the music engraved, 6s.

39 BENNETT (Alfred), and Wm. Marshall, Cathedral Chants. Mori & Lavenu [1829]. Folio, the music engraved, (one leaf of subscribers' names missing), half calf, 5s.

One of the best collections of its kind, compiled by two Oxford organists.

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