The South-west, Том 2

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Harper & brothers, 1835

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Стр. 74 - For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts ; even one thing befalleth them : as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath ; so that a man hath no pre-eminence above a beast : for all is vanity. All go unto one place ; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.
Стр. 90 - Vice is a monster of so frightful mien, As, to be hated, needs but to be seen ; But, seen too oft, familiar with her face, We first endure, then pity, then embrace.
Стр. 124 - Rockabye Baby, on the tree top, When the wind blows the cradle will rock, When the bough breaks the cradle will fall, Down will come baby, cradle and all.
Стр. 96 - The grounds about this edifice were neglected ; horses were grazing around the piazzas, over which weie strewed saddles,whips, horse blankets, and the motley paraphernalia with which planters love to lumber their galleries. On nearly every piazza in Mississippi. may be found a wash-stand, bowl, pitcher, towel, and water-bucket, for general accommodation. But the southern gallery is not constructed, like those at the north, for ornament or ostentation, but for use. Here they wash, lounge, often sleep,...
Стр. 283 - Then begins another push, which continues until the whole crop is gathered and housed. During 'picking time' . . . the hands are regularly roused, by a large bell or horn, about the first dawn of day, or earlier so that they are ready to enter the field as soon as there is sufficient light to distinguish the bolls. As the dews are extremely heavy and cool, each hand is provided with a blanket coat or wrapper, which is kept close around him until the dew is partially evaporated by the sun.
Стр. 193 - Yes, master, I lef young wife in Richmond, but I got new wife here in de lot. I wishy you buy her, master, if you gwine to buy me." Then came a series of the usual questions from the intended purchaser. " Let me see your teeth — your tongue — open your hands — roll up your sleeves — have you a good appetite ? are you good tempered? "Me get mad sometime," replied George to the last query,
Стр. 192 - As we entered the mart, one of the slave merchants — for a " lot" of slaves is usually a 2 \ accompanied, if not owned, by two or three individuals—approached us, saying " Good morning, gentlemen ! Would you like to examine my lot of boys ?* I have as fine a lot as ever came into market." — We approached them, one of us as a curious spectator, the other as a purchaser ; and as my friend passed along the line, with a scrutinizing eye — giving that singular look, peculiar to the buyer of slaves...
Стр. 248 - Masters, however, who are sufficiently indulgent to allow them to " hire their time," are seldom rigorous in rating their labour very high. But whether the slave earn less or more than the specified sum, he must always pay that, and neither more nor less than that to his master at the close of each week, as the condition of this privilege. Few fail in making up the sum ; and generally they earn more, if industrious, which is expended in little luxuries, or laid by in an old rag among the rafters...
Стр. 95 - A huge colonnaded structure, crowning an abrupt eminence near the road, struck our eyes with an imposing effect. It was the abode of one of the wealthiest planters of this state ; who, like the majority of those whose families now roll in their splendid equipages, has been the maker of his fortune. The grounds about this edifice were neglected ; horses were grazing around i 2 the piazzas, over which were strewed saddles, whips, horse blankets, and the motley paraphernalia with which planters love...
Стр. 284 - No inconvenience arises to any one from such incidents, except that the crop is not gathered in as good time as it might otherwise have been, and a portion consequently is wasted. After the weighing is over, and the baskets are emptied, or turned bottom upward, upon the scaffolds, the overseer takes the slate, and examines the weights attached to each name. Those who are found to have brought in less than their usual quantity, unless for good reasons, are called in the order of their names : the...

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