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W. L. Alexander, D.D., Edinburgh.

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J. Bennett, D.D., London.

T. Binney, London.

J. Bulmer, near Ross.

H. F. Burder, D.D., Hackney.

J. Burder, M.A., Bristol.

J. Clayton, A.M., Worthing.

G. Clayton, Walworth.

T. Craig, Bocking.

S. Curwen, Reading.

T. East, Glasgow.

W. Ellis, Hoddesdon.

R. Fletcher, Australia.

J. N. Goulty, Brighton.

R. Halley, D.D., Manchester.
J. Harris, D.D., New College.

E. Henderson, D.D., Highbury.
J. Hunt, Brix:on.

J. A. James, Birmingham.
W. Jay, Bath.

J. Jefferson, Stoke Newington.

T. W. Jenkyn, D.D., Chatham.
R. Knill, Chester.

W. Legge, B.A., Reading.

J. Leifchild, D.D., London.

Rev. E. Mannering, London.



J. Morison, D.D., LL.D., Brompton.

C. Morris, London.

J. Parsons, York.

J. Paterson, D.D., Edinburgh.

T. Raffles, D.D., LL.D., Liverpool.

G. Redford, LL.D., Worcester.

A. Reed, D.D., London.

J. Reynolds, Halstead.

H. J. Roper, Bristol.

J. Sherman, Surrey Chapel.

J. Smart, M.A., Leith.

G. Smith, Poplar.

C. F. Steinkopff, D.D., London.

J. Stoughton, Kensington.

W. II. Stowell, D. D., Cheshunt College.

J. Stratten, Paddington.

T. Stratten, Hull.

S. Thodey, Rodborough.

P. Thomson, M.A., Chatham.

A. Tidman, D.D., London.

H. Townley, London.

W. Urwick, D.D., Dublin.

R. Vaughan, D.D., Lancashire College.

R. Wardlaw, D.D., Glasgow.

M. Wilks, Cheltenham.

J. Young, A.M., London.








WHEN an Editor sits down to write his thirtieth Preface to the same Periodical, he may well be forgiven if he finds some difficulty in determining what it will be proper for him to communicate to the public.

Should his mind be in a healthy state, religiously, he will acknowledge with gratitude that merciful Providence by which he has been upheld and strengthened for so many years of active service;-and if he has reason to believe that his labours have been kindly and generously accepted by the Christian Church, he may comfort himself with the thought, that his Editorial life has not been spent in vain.

It is a fact somewhat peculiar, perhaps, in the history of the present Editor of the EVANGELICAL MAGAZINE, that he has never had occasion, during all the years of his official connection with the work, to devolve his responsibilities, for a single month, on any second party. Were he to be insensible of this special mark of Divine favour, he would be the most ungrateful of human beings.

Nor has he, at any time, addressed himself to his constantly-recurring duties as if they had been an irksome task. On the contrary, they have proved the delight of his daily life; and some of his happiest moments have been spent in endeavouring to provide wholesome nutriment for the public mind, in an age when every religious Editor should be wide awake to the spirit of the times upon which we have fallen.

The revolution of another year has placed the EVANGELICAL MAGAZINE in the list of sexagenarians. We believe there are only two others in that list, the Wesleyan Magazine, and the Gentleman's. But may we not, while we point to the issues of the year, congratulate ourselves on the fact, so generally testified to by our most intelligent correspondents, that there are no signs of advancing age upon the pages of the work? The Editor feels assured that the talent he has been enabled to call to his

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