And God Said...

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Xulon Press, 2007 - Всего страниц: 332
How do you tell someone that God is real and of all the gods, which One is He? This book seeks to reveal to you, the God of the Christian Bible. It first establishes the undeniable credibility of the original Bible text through archaeological and scientific evidence and fulfilled Bible prophecy. Having done that it then proceeds to reveal the marvelous plan of God for man in what He said and did. Along the way, discover amazing Bible truths. Science has determined that all matter consists of light. How does this agree with God being light, literally? Was the world really created in six 24-hour days? To save us Jesus had to be born with untainted blood. Is there medical proof that He was born without Mary's blood? Consider this. There is in the Godhead today a man, the man Jesus. Where do you think you are? Over 23 years ago during a crisis, A B Lever had a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus. Then followed six months in hiding, a time he describes as the happiest in his life, one of daily intimate communication with his Saviour and being taught by Him. By divine guidance they escaped their birth country to begin life in a foreign land where soon the economic circumstances left them almost penniless. Then began another journey that required yet greater faith. It led to life in a tiny bed-sit in another country. His favorite food was cold baked beans, which was cheap and filling. 23 years on and his testimony is God is good. Not just because he drives a sport car and live in a nice country home but because God has picked him up from a life without God to one of daily communion with Him, which is far better.

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Know God
In The Beginning When Time Began
What Happened That Fateful Day In That
Creation The Bible Account
Creation The Scientific Account
Creation The Scientific Account
Darwins Theory Of Evolution
Was the Earth Created in
Prophecy Beyond The Impossible
And God Said
The Consequence Of Adams Sin
What Must God Do Now?
God Loves You
The Redemption Plan
A Word World

The Case For Intelligent Design

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