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Published Monthly by LUTHER LEAGUE REVIEW. 318 W. 39th Street, New York City. Entered as Second-Class Matter August 9, 1900, at Post Office, New York, N. Y., under Act of March 3, 1879.

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The Christ We Forget

I Would the world have been torn by
the hell hounds of war for four long years
if Christians had been true to Christ?
I Would Europe be in misery today, the
children starving, the grown folks in
despair, disease and famine stalking from
land to land, followed by revolution,
if Christians were true to Christ?
g Is it not time for us who bear the
name of Christ, to live the life
of Christ, or drop the name ?
g The Young People of the Church have
decided to get behind the appeal of their
church for aid of Lutherans in Europe with
their sympathy, with their interest, with their
organized cooperation, to prove that Christ
is not forgotten. They are pledged to this
cause and they count on every young man
and young woman to get in line and
stay there till the goal is reached.

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Of the Church - By the Church - For the Church

Luther League


The Easter Message

M down in the congregation that beau


(Courtesy of the Women's Missionary Society.) .

ing of awe when the strength of the blend

ed voices about her set the arches overhead tiful Easter morning for the first ringing with that thrilling: time in many years.

Since her girlhood Crown Him! Crown Him! she had occupied an important place in the Crown the Saviour, King of Kings !" choir of her church, and usually she was She was conscious of a distinct shock, too absorbed in the proper rendering of the however, when the clearly announced text musical part of the service to note, with brought her suddenly back from delight in more than a casual glance, the worshippers musical praises to the unwelcome thought in the pews.

of sacrifice and service. This year she had been impressed with Whoever heard such a text for Easter the Holy Week meditations more than ever Day? she mentally questioned as she rebefore, and in the practice of the jubilant peated it over to herself. Easter anthems she had experienced more "If we suffer we shall also reign with than usual delight.

Him.” Surely the good pastor had made a What disappointment it was to awake in mistake this time in his selection! That the golden light of an almost faultless Eas- subject would be suitable for Good Friday, ter day to the realization that she would she thought, but who wanted to dwell on have to make “melody in her heart” that the thought of suffering, when everything day, while her lips would be mute. A sud- seemed throbbing with notes of victory and den cold had stolen her voice away, leaving praise. As the sermon progressed she had only enough for well nigh inaudible whis- to admit to herself, however, that although pers.

unusual, it was in a way as triumphant as Since she could be of no service in her the anthems. In its unfoldment it told of accustomed place, why not try the novel victory for all; but of victory by way of experience of sitting down in the congre- the cross. It touched her heart to its gation?

depths, with the word-painting of Jesus This was the suggestion that well-nigh still bearing the cross alone, while His folreconciled her to the frustration of her lowers were seeking to reap the benefits of plans. She would drink in the Easter His life and death "on flowery beds of praises without any personal anxiety, lest ease.” a false note should sweep in to mar the har- When the last hymn was announced, she mony. She would see and hear the choir, was almost glad that she could not sing, on this special day, as others heard and saw for with the stirring impressions of the on all occasions.

sermon in her heart, she felt that she did As the glad hallelujahs of the opening not dare utter words that her life disproved. anthem rose and fell with majestic sweet- Sitting in silent conviction herself, she ness, the flowers about the altar seemed to could not help but note that all about her nod, and the palms to wave, with the thrill others were singing in apparent unconcern, of the jubilant melody, and Mrs. Preston's

"Jesus, I my cross have taken, heart swelled with the praises her lips

All to leave and follow Thee." could not utter, and breathed its own re- Just in front of her sat Mr. and Mrs. sponse to the song of adoration.

Rich, putting seeming earnestness into the She drank in, with increasing delight, the words, and she knew that, in their gilded hymn, “Look, Ye Saints, the Sight is existence, they had never borne a cross for Glorious !” and experienced a peculiar feel- Christ heavier than just occasional attend

Luther Co League

Of America

“Of the Church, By the Church, For the Church"

Official Call for the fourteenth National Convention

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

Fort Wayne, Indiana, July 13, 14, 15, 1920


HE Luther League of America has accepted the invitation of the Luther League of Indiana to hold the FOURTEENTH BIENNIAL CONVENTION in Fort Wayne, Indiana, July 13, 14, 15, 1920.

REPRESENTATION. . Any society of whatever name, connected with a Lutheran congregation or a Lutheran institution of learning, and District and State organizations whose admission shall have been recommended by the Committee on Credentials, are entitled to membership with representations as follows: Each society admitted to membership shall be entitled to one delegate, each District League to three delegates, and each State or Territorial organization to ten delegates. Delegates to the Convention are expected and required to present properly certified credentials. The credentials should be signed by the President and Secretary of each organization, whether State, District or Local League. Delegates will be asked to pay a REGISTRATION FEE of $1.00.

CREDENTIALS. Credential blanks for delegates should be secured at once by State, District and Local Officers from the General Secretary. All credentials should be filled out in duplicate, one part being sent to the General Secretary and the other part retained by the delegate for presentation to the Credential Committee at Fort Wayne. Uniform blank forms will be sent upon request. Credentials should be sent to the General Secretary not later than July 1st.

GENERAL INFORMATION. The arrangement of the program is in charge of a sub-committee of the Executive Committee, An announcement of same will be made in the near future in the REVIEW.

THE LUTHER LEAGUE REVIEW will furnish official information each month relative to the Convention and after the Convention will publish a CONVENTION NUMBER containing full reports of the proceedings.

Subscriptions should be made now to secure the pro-Convention Number of the REVIEW and also the CONVENTION NUMBER.

Particulars as to hotels and other local arrangements will be furnished in due season by the local Convention committee.

At this convention will be celebrated the TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of the Luther League of America. Arrange your vacation to include July 13, 14, 15, and spend it at Fort Wayne. By direction of the Executive Committee.


General Secretary, 846 Drexel Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.


ance on the Sunday service, when weather own selfish gratifications, and it had seemed
conditions were inviting.

an ornament rather than a badge of suffer-
Sadie Coleman's face was tranquil, as the ing and service. But in upon her reflec-
beautiful words rolled from her lips, but tions came rolling that volume of song,
the richness of her garments proved that "Soon shall close thy earthly mission,
she had not "left" much, in the way of Soon shall pass thy pilgrim days."
personal adornment, to walk the way of the Where would her triumph be? Conquest

must precede victory, and conquest means Hannah Fischer lifted her head in evi- battles and suffering. dent enjoyment of the sweet melody until Mrs. Preston faced the disquieting musthe willow plumes on her gorgeous hat ings in earnest concern, as, under the spell swept the shoulder of her velvet gown just of the sweet old hymn, her heart began to as she reached the line, “Perish every fond throb with new impulses. Then the blessed ambition.”

Easter light began to break through the Estelle Harper played idly with a mag- shadows, and she saw that her mission benificent cross of gold, studded with dia- gan at the Cross of Calvary. Hitherto she monds, that hung around her neck as she had followed just that far in thankful apsang, “Yet how rich is my condition." propriation of the Saviour's sufferings, and

Mrs. Preston knew full well that Estelle then year after year she had turned back simply ignored every call to service, and in calm security in His finished work. She spent her abundant means lavishly on her had all of her life rested in blissful enjoy"every fond ambition.”

ment of that finished redemption, with Mrs. Harper was singing with seeming scarcely a thought of the unfinished task ease of conscience, “Let the world despise given two thousand years ago to His disand leave me,” yet in her home life only ciples. Willing indeed had she been to the world held sway. She had ample time "reign with Him," but she had never to heed all the calls of her clubs and social thought of the necessity for the prelude to engagements, but absolutely "no time" for that eternal praise—“suffering with Him." church society duties.

Now her risen Lord seemed to say to her, Shocked at the sudden consciousness of as He did to Mary on the resurrection the shameful inconsistency of it all, Mrs. morn, “Go-tell.” She heard His call to a Preston bowed her head and turned the life of service. She understood as she had searchlight of her newly awakened thought never before that cross-bearing did not inward. The floral cross she had twined mean the mere acceptance of inevitable and lifted into place the day before was trials, but the voluntary, willing taking up the heaviest one she had ever, willingly, of the service difficult to do and the selfborne in all her life. She had been rather denial hard to be borne. faithful as a member of the choir, but that As she stood with bowed head, in silent was no cross; for she dearly loved to sing. prayer, at the close of the service, she She realized now, with shame, that she prayed, “Help me, O my suffering, triumphhad missed every missionary society meet- ant Lord, to take up my cross and to lift ing, but two or three through the whole Thy cross before those who have never year, because they happened to come in heard of Thy atoning death and Thy gloriconflict with some engagements, which she ous, life-giving resurrection. Amen." gladly used as an excuse for absence. She had refused to lead a single meeting; she

GOOD FRIDAY had declined to try to win one of her neigh

"Brother, for thee He died, bors to membership in the missionary so

This King that reigneth now, ciety because she disliked to be personally

Risen and glorified, annoying; she had flatly said "No" when

With hallowed brow. asked to join a mission study class; she

For thee He bore the cross, had objected to several voluntary offerings

For thee His eyes grow dim, some other women of the church suggested,

Brother, He died for thee,
because she did not feel inclined to increase

Live thou for Him!”
the pitiful little annual sum she regarded
as dues; she had flippantly refused to take

any part in the work of the Sunday school A song of sunshine through the rain
because she said to do so would rob her of Of spring across the snow,
her "beauty sleep."

A balm to heal the hurts of pain, Where was the cross she had borne since A peace surpassing woe. she had voluntarily pledged her life to the Lift up your heads, ye sorrowing ones, One who made this the emblem and sign And be ye glad of heart, of His service? Like Estelle Horton, hers For Calvary and Easter Day, was a cross of gold or else she had woven Earth's saddest day and gladdest day, one of flowers on the cross beams of her Were just one day apart.

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