The Despatches, Minutes, and Correspondence, of the Marquess Wellesley, K. G.: During His Administration in India, Том 2

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J. Murray, 1836
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Стр. 152 - I demand of your lordship, the justice of believing me to be with the greatest respect, My Lord, Your lordship's most obedient, and most obliged humble servant, JON.
Стр. 719 - Nizam engages neither to commence nor to pursue, in future, any negotiations with any other power whatever, without giving previous notice, and entering into mutual consultation with the honourable East India Company's Government...
Стр. 420 - Holding to the wisdom of Lord Wellesley's maxim, that an insult offered to the British flag at the mouth of the Ganges should be resented as promptly and as fully as an insult offered at the mouth of the Thames...
Стр. 475 - Patent, and every clause, article and thing therein contained, and further know you that We, reposing especial Trust and confidence in the Prudence, Courage and Loyalty of you the said Henry Ellis, Esq.
Стр. 22 - Commissioners to be, nevertheless, subject to such orders and instructions as they shall, from time to time, receive from me, and regularly to report their proceedings to me, keeping an exact diary, or daily record thereof, under the signature of one of their Secretaries.
Стр. 327 - Commercial or mercantile knowledge, is not only unnecessary throughout every branch of the judicial department, but those civil servants who are invested with the powers of magistracy, or attached to the judicial department in any ministerial capacity, although bearing the denomination of merchants, factors or writers, are bound by law, and by the solemn obligation of an oath, to abstain from every commercial and mercantile pursuit ; the mercantile title which they bear, not only affords no description...
Стр. 717 - ... or allies, and, after due representation, shall refuse to enter into amicable explanation, or shall deny the just satisfaction or indemnity which the contracting parties shall have required, then the contracting parties will proceed to concert and prosecute such further measures as the case shall appear to demand.
Стр. 326 - Europe ; to maintain civil order in one of the most populous and litigious regions of the world ; these are now the duties of the larger proportion of the civil servants of the Company. The senior merchants composing the five courts of circuit and appeal under the presidency of Bengal exercise in each of those courts a jurisdiction of greater local extent, applicable to a larger population, and occupied in the determination of causes infinitely more intricate and numerous than that of any regularly...
Стр. 47 - Government shall occasionally judge it necessary to offer to him, with a view to the economy of his finances, the better collection of his revenues, the administration of justice...
Стр. 20 - The details of this painful, but indispensable measure, cannot be entrusted to any person more likely to combine every office of humanity with the prudential precautions required by the occasion, than Colonel Wellesley ; and I therefore commit to his discretion, activity, and humanity, the whole arrangement, subject always to such suggestions as may be offered by the other members of the Commission.

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