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It was moved and seconded that Professor Black be thanked for his very able address.


THE PRESIDENT: The nomination of officers is the first item on the programme, but it will be necessary to change that if you are going to adopt the twelve districts and elect officers within those. Mr. Lockie Wilson will now explain the proposition he outlined yesterday.

J. LOCKIE WILSON: There seems to be a misunderstanding about the change in the districts. Some have contended that it could not be done on account of the constitution, but the proper notice was given by Mr. C. L. Stephens, of Orillia, two months ago that he intended proposing this change. I looked into the matter very carefully, and any change that you will make to-day will be quite within your jurisdiction. The idea was to have the number of societies in the different locali

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ties about the same. So, with your permission, I think it might be better for Mr. Stephens to move, as the one who gave the notice, that the proposition as brought down by the Secretary be now considered or adopted; and then it is open for discussion. I suggest that we take the districts in order, and if you wish any changes made they can be discussed.

C. L. STEPHENS: After the election of the committee last year, I thought that it was not evenly distributed over the Province. All the representatives seemed to come from the West and South of the Grand Trunk Railway, and a great part of the Province was not represented, so I thought it well to have the constitution amended, and gave notice to the Secretary. I therefore move accordingly that these directors be elected from the twelve districts as arranged by Mr. Wilson. This is the resolution as moved by myself and seconded by Mr. Raith.

J. T. MURPHY: At our executive committee's meeting, held in September,

this scheme was brought forward. It was recommended and thought that a notice of motion would be given at this meeting to carry it out, and by next year it would be put into operation. I was not aware that a notice had been given since that time. I do not know whether the constitution provides a certain time or not.


J. W. SHEPPARD: The delegates did not know of this notice of motion. cannot see that there would be any benefits by adopting this new system. It is practically in force at the present time. The nominees are printed on the ballot, with their places of residence. Surely the men here are the best judges of those best fitted to serve on our Board It seems to me only complicating the organization of the executive body. I move, in amendment, that it be allowed to wait until proper notice of motion is given.

J. LOCKIE WILSON: I shall read the clause of the constitution. Constitution, clause No. 11, "The constitution and by-laws may be amended, revised or repealed by a majority of the members present at any regular annual meeting, provided a notice of motion of such change has been given at the previous annual meeting or in the notices calling the annual meeting. All notices of motion not made at the previous annual meeting shall be forwarded to the Secretary not later than November 30th of each year." I may state in my reading of the constitution, notice of motion was made previous to November 30th, given in writing to the Secretary. It was never intended that the programmes should contain these notices of motion. As long as they were properly made to the proper officer, my contention is that the whole thing is regular, and if it is the wish of this Convention to divide the Province into Districts and elect an officer from each, my view is that it is legal.

A. C. GRAHAM: It appears to me that this meeting should have something to say with regard to the contemplated change. I do not see how this new system is going to be an improvement on the present one. I am very much in sympathy with Mr. Sheppard's views, and I take great pleasure in seconding his amendment that the Directors be appointed as formerly.

D. K. Ross: I have been in favor of the suggested change ever since I started coming here. We have never been represented on this Board except by an auditor. It would be great encouragement to the local exhibitions out through the country who send delegates here each and every year, to have a director whom they can call their own. I am fully in sympathy with the motion made by Mr. Stephens, and so are all the Societies in the district I represent. We want representation which we have never had.

J. WHEATON: Are the President and Vice-President to be elected by this Board?

J. LOCKIE WILSON: The President and First and Second Vice-Presidents are to be elected by this Convention, and the directors to be nominated and elected by the delegates from the twelve districts, if the proposed change is made.

N. MCDOUGALL: There is no man here who has studied this proposition as the Secretary has, and I do not believe that there is a Society in the Province of Ontario, which would object to a proper division of the Province. It is the proper thing to do, and the motion should be supported.

J. BRODIE: I am in favor of the motion. I think that the directors should be spread over the Province as much as possible. I have had quite a few questions asked me by the different delegates here that I have been unable to answer. One of them is if the Province is divided into districts how shall we elect the director? Coming from the West as I do, I have no idea who should represent the East. The delegates seem to be in favor of having each district elect its own man.

J. LOCKIE WILSON: This meeting will elect the President, first and second Vice-Presidents, and each district will elect its own director.

J. BRODIE: I am heartily in favor of appointing the directors from each district as proposed.

A. D. ADAMS: I would like the mover and seconder to explain why it would be better than the plan heretofore adopted. If the plan is not satisfactory, it would be well to make a change, and I presume that this is the place to have it threshed out.

J. LOCKIE WILSON: This being a Provincial Organization, it would be made. more representative by having directors from all parts of the Province.

A. D. ADAMS: They could not get together so readily.

WM. SCARF: The motion is one worthy of support. Taking, for instance, the northern part of Ontario, it would be better to have a man to look after the work up there. I have much pleasure in supporting the motion.

J. C. DICKSON: I am in sympathy with the motion that the directors should be representative of every part of the Province.

REV. T. J. CROWLEY: As the representative of New Ontario, the silver and gold country, I will support the motion of Mr. Stephens for several reasons. The first is this, that if we wish our organizations to be a success, the important factor is a feeling of harmony and satisfaction. If each district is represented by a director, it will feel that it has got what is coming to it, and there will be a greater feeling of satisfaction amongst the members of the different Agricultural Societies in the different districts. The north is not represented at present on the board. There are quite a number of societies in the north at the present time. Only a few send delegates to the Convention. If there was a director he would be able to get them to send delegates to this Convention each year.

The second reason is this, it appeals and seems to appeal very strongly to our Superintendent; and I am prepared to stand and fall by what he says, because he is in a position to know what is best for us. He has studied the question, and I support it for that reason alone.

C. W. NEVILLE: I wish to support this motion for the reasons given. I am from the East, and Societies east of Belleville have been boycotted in the past.

W. J. JOHNSTON: I am from the extreme East, and am in sympathy with the motion. We should have a representative down there, even though they may not. all be wise men who come from the East.

J. W. SHEPPARD: I am in favor of distributing the representation, but I object to this matter being rushed upon the Convention. I submit that notice of this important motion was not given to us. I am perfectly satisfied that the representation should be distributed, but it should be deferred another twelve months in order that it might be considered how these divisions should elect the directors. The business of this Association would be administered with more despatch if there were a smaller number here. We should continue the Constitution as it is until the next annual meeting. Nothing could suffer. Notice of this change in the Constitution should have been printed in the programme.

J. LOCKIE WILSON: The programme is arranged by the Directors in Sepfercher. The notice of motion was given in November. There has been no springing of this matter upon you. It is for you to say whether the proposition. is in the best interests of the Association or not. If you consider it a move in the wrong direction vote it down.

MR. LAIDLAW: If the notice of motion is not properly given, we can amend the Constitution by a three-fifths vote of the delegates. If three-fifths are satisfied it will become law, as it were. We can go ahead and carry out Mr. Stephens' motion; but the point that rests with us is whether the directors should be elected by us or not.

J. W. SHEPPARD: I have no desire to force the amendment on this meeting and therefore, beg leave, with the consent of my seconder, to withdraw it. It is the interests of this Association that I have at heart.

The amendment having been withdrawn, the main motion was put and carried unanimously.

J. B. GOULD: I move that the delegates from the Societies in each district elect their own director.

DR. SIMMONS: I second that motion.

THE PRESIDENT: You have heard the motion moved and seconded that each district elect its own director. Carried.

C. W. NEVILLE: I think that each district is thoroughly represented here, and the men will know whom to nominate and elect, and that will save us the trouble of gathering ourselves together and doing this. The men here will know who are good men and who will be an addition to the executive, and let us elect them now.

WM. LAIDLAW: We had better accept the divisions which Mr. Wilson read to us yesterday. It would save considerable time.

J. LOCKIE WILSON: It would be a good idea to pass these districts for this year, and then give notice of motion before the 30th of November if you wish a change.

J. B. GOULD: Let us do the work right while we are doing it. It a great deal easier to change anything before it is done than afterwards. I move that the Superintendent read the districts out, and if any society wishes it changed it can be done. There is no particular hurry, and I move that each district be discussed by this Convention.

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J. LOCKIE WILSON then read the districts as follows:-District No. 1-Glengarry, Prescott, Russell, Stormont, Dundas, Carleton, and Grenville. Carried. District No. 2-Leeds, Lanark, Renfrew, and Frontenac. Carried. District No. 3-Lennox, Addington, Prince Edward, Hastings, and Northumberland. Carried.

District No. 4-Peterborough, Durham, Victoria, and Ontario. Carried. District No. 5-York, Simcoe, Peel, Dufferin, and Halton. Carried. District No. 6-Wellington, Wentworth, Lincoln, and Welland. Moved by J. W. SHEPPARD, and seconded by A. W. Cо1оE, that Haldimand be added to No. 6.

J. LOCKIE WILSON: If you move Haldimand up that alters the totals of the number of Societies which have been arranged so as to even them up as much as possible. However, if it is the desire of this Convention, we can move Haldimand up and put Wellington in its place, that would make District No. 6 as follows:Haldimand, Wentworth, Lincoln, and Welland. District No. 7 then would be:Wellington, Brant, Norfolk, Waterloo and Oxford. Both carried.

District No. 8-Perth, Middlesex, Elgin, and Kent.

A. D. ADAMS: Kent should be interchanged with Huron.

J. LOCKIE WILSON: Then District No. 8 would contain Perth, Middlesex, Elgin, and Huron. Carried.

District No. 9-Essex, Lambton, and Kent. Carried.

District No. 10-Bruce and Grey. Carried.

District No. 11-Haliburton, Muskoka, and Parry Sound. Carried.

District No. 12-Nipissing, Sudbury, Algoma, Manitoulin, Thunder Bay, Rainy River, and Kenora. Carried.

Moved by J. B. GOULD, and seconded by J. COLLINS, that these districts be adopted as amended. Carried.

List of Directors elected for twelve Districts:

No. 1, W. K. Farlinger, Morrisburg; No. 2, R. J. Bushell, Kingston; No. 3, C. W. Neville, Newburgh; No. 4, Dr. A. Galloway, Woodville; No. 5, J. D. Orr, Meadowvale; No. 6, W. A. Fry, Dunnville; No. 7, J. T. Murphy, Simcoe; No. 8, Jno. Brodie, Mt. Brydges; No. 9, R. A. Harrington, Chatham; No. 10, Wm. Scarf, Durham; No. 11, W. H. Johnston, Sundridge; No. 12, Rev. T. J. Crowley, Warren. The election of officers resulted as follows:-President, H. J. Gould; 1st VicePresident, Dr. J. U. Simmons; for 2nd Vice-President, there were nominated Jno. Farrell, Forest; Geo. E. Lee, Highgate, and C. W. Neville, Newburgh. Messrs. Lec and Neville withdrew and John Farrell was elected 2nd Vice-President.

Moved by J. O'REILLY, seconded by J. W. SHEPPARD, that J. Lockie Wilson be elected Secretary and Editor. Carried.

Moved by WM. HICKSON, seconded by J. W. HEWER, that A. McFarlane, Otterville, be elected treasurer.


Moved by J. A. MCKEE, seconded by J. W. MCARTHUR, that R. Agnew, Meaford, and Wm. Collins, Peterborough, be elected auditors. Carried.

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