Sessional Papers - Legislature of the Province of Ontario, Том 11

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Стр. 33 - THERE was a child went forth every day, And the first object he look'd upon, that object he became, And that object became part of him for the day or a certain part of the day, Or for many years or stretching cycles of years.
Стр. 78 - During the latter part of July, and the early part of August...
Стр. 33 - And the apple-trees cover'd with blossoms and the fruit afterward, and wood-berries, and the commonest weeds by the road, And the old drunkard staggering home from the outhouse of the tavern whence he had lately risen, And the schoolmistress that...
Стр. 33 - Third-month lambs and the sow's pink-faint litter, and the mare's foal and the cow's calf, And the noisy brood of the barnyard or by the mire of the pondside, And the fish suspending themselves so curiously below there, and the beautiful curious liquid, And the water-plants with their graceful flat heads, all became part of him.
Стр. 33 - ... astern, The hurrying tumbling waves, quick-broken crests, slapping, The strata of color'd clouds, the long bar of maroon-tint away solitary by itself, the spread of purity it lies motionless in, The horizon's edge, the flying sea-crow, the fragrance of salt marsh and shore mud, These became part of that child who went forth every day, and who now goes, and will always go forth every day.
Стр. 15 - When no neutral point or wire is accessible, one side of the secondary circuit may be grounded, provided the maximum difference of potential between the grounded point and any other point in the circuit does not exceed 250 volts.
Стр. 3 - GIBSON, Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, a Colonel in the Militia of Canada, etc., etc., etc., Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Ontario. MAY IT PLEASE YOCB HONOUR: 1 have the pleasure to present herewith for the consideration of Your Honour, the Beport of the Ontario Bee-keepers
Стр. 15 - Porcelain tube, used where wires enter buildings, showing drip loop in wire. also through all available underground water and gas pipe systems. 2. In underground systems the neutral wire should also be grounded at each distributing box through the box. 3. In overhead systems the neutral wire...
Стр. 16 - Stations, transformer sub-stations, and banks of transformers must be made through metal plates buried in coke below permanent moisture level, and connection should also be made to all available underground piping systems including the lead sheath of underground cables.
Стр. 124 - Generally speaking, the value of property on a business street is directly proportionate to the number of people who make use of the street as a thoroughfare. A corner lot on Broadway...

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