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Observer, Feb. 1, "72

Family Room.


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WHEN I visited you a few days ago, | reading all at once. I will therefore my dear Matrona, I was delighted mercifully give it to you in instalwith the motherly triumph and ments. affection painted on your face as you It is a singular fact in natural his. exhibited to me you brand-new and tory that there never was a baby which (as you very properly said) incom- was not immeasureably superior to parable little baby. After we had, every other baby that was ever born in seeking to do justice to the merits in the world! Now, I grant that, of the new-comer, exhausted the generally speaking, it is not distin. inadequate list of complimentary guished in all respects from the phrases found in the dictionary, I whole previous creation, but it never remember that you seemed all at fails to possess some special characonce to grow serious and anxious, teristic that gives it unquestionable and said, “Oh, if I only felt pre-eminence. It is the largest, or, competent to train him up in the let us say, the smallest; the longest, right way! I appreciated your or peradventure, the shortest; the feelings, and I pitied you. Like heaviest, or the lightest; of course, thousands of others, you had passed it is the prettiest and the sweetest; from the school-room into a rapid and then it has the dearest little round of dressing, and parties, and nose, and the fattest little feet, and love-making, and weddings and what the cunningest little hands, of any not, until presently you find yourself " little thing" upon the face of the a wife and mother, destitute alike of earth. Anon it notices sooner, and experience and instruction respecting cooes sweeter, and smiles in its sleep your new and most responsible with a more enchanting witchery duties. I do not wonder at your than was ever seen before. Now, anxiety. But let me beg of you to for my part, I am glad that this is be courageous and trustful. A so. I see in it something that is woman of your good sense can learn exquisitely beautiful and touching. what she does not know. Only keep And I rejoice to know that helpless your eyes open, and every family and speechless innocence can open that you visit will be a school of such fountains of love in a mother's instruction for you-some illus- tender heart. trating erroneous, and some correct, And yet I cannot disguise from principles of government. For my myself that this beautiful picture has self, I will very cheerfully comply its ugly side. I would not change with your request to give you in the picture; I would not, for the writing the result of such observa. world, extingiush or diminish that tions and reflections as I have made holiest of earthly flames, a mother's -premising that the subject is an love, but I would warn you that it extensive one, and that you must borders closely upon dangerous permit me to exemplify both the ground. Unless good sense and wrong and the right way of managing good principle predominate over and and training children. Of course, direct it, it may lead you—and it is with the matronly care and duties but a step-into foolish fondness which that wonderful baby imposes and ruinous indulgence. upon you, it is not to be expected I have seen, after this miraculous that you could attend to so much baby has become a prodigy of a boy,

Observer, Feb. 1, '72.

that the uncommon brilliancy of his at the same time to illustrate Domesintellect is such that every visitor tic Government a la mode Easyman, is entertained (I will not say disgust- permit me to narrate what I myself ed)—and in the boy's own presence had the pleasure of seeing of this -with a recital of his wonderful taking-in-hand. It will harrow your accomplishments and speeches, the tender feelings for a moment, but be surprising evidences of his precocious patient, and I pledge you my honour wisdom. Thus he learns—nor is he Thomas Jefferson shall come out slow in acquiring the information--triumphant in the end. that he is the most interesting and I had gone to dine with the consequential member of the whole Easymans—and a very good place to household ; that papa, and mama, dine it is--and was sitting at a and cook, and nurse, and waiting- window which looked out into the man, all are subservient to him. An courtyard. Betty, the coloured example in point is that hopeful son washerwoman, was dilligently purof our good friends, the Easymans. suing her calling, singing the while, This intolerable little rascal amuses as I suppose was her wont, when himself by indulging in all manner Master Thomas Jefferson, arrayed of outrageous behaviour. He worries in all the glory of best bib and tucker, the cat, he beats the dog, he stones approached her and forth with began the calf, he makes sundry explor- pulling at a small tub of suds in the ations into the mysteries of pots, effort to climb upon the bench. “Go ovens and skillets, without the fear 'way from dah, Mas' Tommy,” says of smut before his eyes, His weak Betty. "I sha'n't do it now," was and incompetent mother tells him, the reply ; “I will get up there if I five hundred times a day, to stop want to.” Whereupon Betty screams this, or come out of that, but seldom for “Miss,” to “come here quick to or never, insists upon being obeyed. Mas' Tommy." Mrs. Easyman, Afterwards, she narrates before him greatly excited, rushes out upon the his freaks of mischief and disobe- scene, just in time to see the boy, in dience as a capital joke. I have spite of Betty's struggles to prevent seen him at table, thrust his buttered it, pull over the suds upon himself. and be-syruped little hands into the Mercy on us, what an uproar! The gravy-bowl-(the little darling !)-enraged mother, forgetful for the scream for hot pudding; halloo at moment of maternal tenderness and the servants ; throw bis spoon across boyish privileges, seizes the halfthe table ; spill his tea in his lap; drowned and squalling offender, dash his saucer upon the floor ; makes such elevations and depresuntil once good" Mr. Easyman sions of his outer habiliments as the actually said to good Mrs. Easyman, case requires, places him in the “Really, my dear, I'm afraid you'll position foreordained for extemporary have to take this boy in hand ! punishment, and inflicts it roundly

You are ready to conclude that a and soundly! Tremendous excitefearful and angry cloud is about to ment! A hero in agony !! Thomas darken the hitherto sunny skies of Jefferson screams. Betty, feeling Master Thomas Jefferson Easyman. a little alarmed for herself, picks up But I beg that you will not be the tub. Thomas Jefferson still greatly alarmed for the dear little screams. Betty, more and more fellow. For when he is taken in alarmed, begins to wash with unhand, I warrant you it will be a wonted rapidity. Mrs. Easyman, tender hand, and that it will very still breathing out threatenings and soon relax its grasp. However, to slaughter, starts back into the your

fears perfectly at rest, and / kitchen, holding Thomas Jefferson


Observer, Feb. 1, °72.


I grant

well in hand, who screams louder | her own—little—darling—precious and louder. Presently she pauses ; -BABY?. And that is the way she reflects for a moment; turns round;" took him in hand.”

distressed; murmurs to This picture is not overdrawn. herself, “ What can make him cry You have yourself seen the counterso ? I'm afraid I've inflicted some part of it a hundred times. bodily injury upon the little fellow."you it is very ridiculous; but is it Being provoked with herself, she not also, my dear Matrona, very, very naturally seeks relief by turning very sad ?

When this boy grows upon Betty :

" What did you let him up to be a man, and goes out into do it for Madam?” “I'clar, Miss, the world for himself, what can we I didn't.” “You needn't tell me, you expect of him? If effects follow trifling, good-for-nothing thing; I'll causes ; if show you whether


did or not!” “Just as the twig is bent, the tree's inclined." and by the time she has finished he will make a man of outrageous boxing Betty's face, who, at every and of domineering disposition; one

self-will, of ungovernable passion, stroke, says, “Yes’m, yes’m, yes'm, I 'clar, Miss, I didn't,” Thomas who fears not God, nor regards man ; Jefferson, mollified by this tardy

whose own inclinations and desires exhibition of justice, hås reduced his will be the rule of his actions; who crying from sharp major to plaintive respects not authority, nor bows to minor; and so pathetic is the strain the majesty of the law. Such a man that his poor, afflicted mother can

will be shunned by the wise and hold out no longer; she turns to the tlie virtuous, and will be forced, by poor martyred boy, folds him in her the demands of his nature for society, fond embrace, kisses him over and to find it among the dissipated, the over again in token of maternal

lawless, and the abandoned. Surely sympathy and sorrow; soothes with it needs no prophet's ken to see the soft manipulation the honourable end of such a beginning

Let this suffice to illustrate one parts that had been wounded; while she says to him again and again, have others in store for you.

erroneous mode of governing. I Did Betty-make mother-hurt

J. S. L.


THERE is a legend of one of the last trial, after the first strain had ancient kings of England, that, died away, the second strain awoke returning from the Crusades, he from within the fortress, and rolled was taken captive by his enemies, responsive from the prison cells. and confined in a German fortress. The lost monarch was found. Languishing there in the darkness of Precisely such is the office which his solitary cell, he was lost to his temptation performs for us. It reveals people and dead to the world, and us. We mean by temptation, such fast perishing from the memory of surroundings as make us conscious mankind. But there was a minstrel of wrong desires and draw us veheof his court, by the name of Blondel, mently towards forbidden objects. who sought to find him. He wan. Anyone seeking in good faith to dered in disguise through Europe know himself, may find all the and played and sung under the shadings of his inmost being reflected windows of every prison, the airs back npon him, from the objects which he and his master had sung that lie along his path. For temptatogether in the days of old. At the tion puts nothing new into us. It

only brings out before the sun / out, and they call and answer to each something which existed there other. If there were no lurking already. We are enticed by the evil in our nature, there could be no lusts that are within, and it is the temptations. They are the Blondels, lust which gives to the object with whose songs and harpings are of the out all its meretricious and seducing same air and dialect of some corrupcharms. The corruption within tion within ; and so they respond to corresponds to the great object with each other, strain for strain.

Intelligence of Churches, &


NOTTINGHAM DISTRICT OF CHRISTIAN | Dec. 26, 1861. After tea, Bro. J. Tudor CHURCHE8.-On Christmas day about fifty presided, and addresses were delivered by brethren from this district assembled with Bros. R. Black, Vane, Builder and Ellis. the Nottingham brethren in Salem Chapel, Several have been immersed of late, and Barker Gate, Nottingham, for the purpose there are often large congregations on of holding the usual Annual District Meet- Lord's day evening. ing. Edward Evans, Evangelist, was also AUSTRALIA.—The good cause in Bunpresent. Reports were given concerning inyong is progressing. About thirty-five Brinsley, Bulwell, Carlton, Derby, Green have obeyed the Gospel since Bro. Hamill Hill Lane, Langley, Leicester, Lincoln, first visited Buninyong. The attendance Loughborough, Mansfield, Marehay, and at the meetings is on the increase, and we Nottingham. J. Dexter was called to pre- have every reason to look forward to a side. From some of the churches most revival of Primitive Christianity in this cheering accounts were received. The


F. GOODE. Green Hill Lane and Brinsley churches reported pressing need of larger meeting

GREEN HILL LANE, DERBYSHIRE.—Since rooms. A resolution was passed on behalf of the Annual Meeting five have been added the Green Hill Lane church-"That the to our number by immersion, and one from churches be recommended to give a contri

a sister church.

J. HEAPS. bution from their treasuries to the Green

BAPTIST CHURCHES.- We have been Hill brethren, to assist them in obtaining a favoured with an advance copy of the new meeting house." A collection was also

“ Baptist Handbook," and are glad to made, at once, in the meeting, for the observe that the editor has done bis Brinsley church, to aid in the same object. best to make this indispensable year-book Very favourable reports of progress were

complete. In bulk the present volume given of the Loughborough, Lincoln and exceeds all others, and is a marvel of cheapDerby churches. Mansfield, an infant

From the summary of statistics we cause

, starting this year with three members, gather that there are 1,940 churches in reported six immersions during the year. England, with 2,346 chapels, 178,183 memLangley, Bulwell and Nottinghant reported bers, and 556,074 Sunday-school scholars. improved state, with encouraging prospects. In Wales there are 519 churches, with 550 An unanimous impression prevailed that chapels, 54,903 members, 52,688 Sunday. Sunday schools should receive greater care school children. In Scotland 108 churches, than is generally bestowed ; and many 112 chapels, 8,873 church members, 5,283 spoke of the blessed results which have children in Sunday-schools. In Ireland, 37 arisen from them. The morning and after- churches, 38 chapels, 1,434 members, 1,035 noon meetings were devoted to the business Sunday scholars, there being twenty-two of the co-operation, and the evening to counties in which there is no Baptist church. public addresses. Dinner and tea were provided in the school room.

This gives a total in Great Britain and

The next Ireland of 2,602 churches, 3,014 chapels, Annual Meeting of the district is (D.V.) to 243,395 members, 315,080 Sunday-school be held in Salem Chapel, Barker Gate, scholars; and an increase of membership Nottingham, on Christmas day, 1872.

of 9,720. Ministers, England and Wales, CARISTIAN CHAPEL, ROTHERHITHE.—A 2,021; Scotland 60; Ireland 27 ; total, social meeting was held in this chapel, on 2,108, of whom 418 are without a charge.


Observer, Feb. 1, '72.

London reports 34,976 persons as members Henry Green, D.D.; Prof. George Emlin of Baptist churches ; Glamorganshire, Hare, D.D. ; Prof. Charles P. Krauth, D.D.; 20,823 ; Yorkshire, 14,012; and Lancashire, Prof. J. Packard, D.D.; Prof. Calvin Stowe, 12,564. Pembrokeshire being next, 10,264. D.D. ; Prof. James Strong, D.D.; Rev. C. Westmoreland has only two churches, and A. Van Dyck, D.D. (not heard from); Prof. four chapels, with a total of eighty-nine Tayler Lewis, LL.D. members—this being the lowest on the list. On the New Testament—Ezra Abbott,

Thirty-nine new Baptist churches have been LL.D.; Prof. H. B. Hackett, D.D. ; Prof. formed in Great Britain and Ireland during James Hadley, LL.D. Prof. Charles Hodge, the year, of which Middlesex claims six, D.D.; Prof. Matthew B. Riddle, D.D.; Surrey five and Lancashire four. Fifty-one Prof. Phillip Schaff, D.D.; Prof. Charles new chapels have been erected, forty-three Short, LL.D.; Prof. J. Henry Thayer, D.D.; chapels enlarged or improved by addition of Rev. Edward A. Washburn, D.D.; Rev. schoolroom or otherwise, and twenty-six Theodore D. Woolsey, D.D., LL.D. chapels have had their debts either liqui

Freeman. dated or diminished. On the whole, says

Obituary. the editor, there is a very considerable increase in the active labours of the LOUISA PALMER, departed this life, at several associations, and it is delightful Leicester, December 2nd, 1871, aged thirtyto notice the earnest spirit in which nine years. She was for several years & nearly all of them are addressing them- member of the church, and in April last selves to the work which the Master has went to America with her husband, leaving devolved upon his followers of “preaching two children in Leicester, and taking two the gospel to every creature.” At most with them. Circumstanoes, however, led to of the annual meetings resolutions were her return to Leicester, her husband readopted (1), commending Mr. Miall's maining in America. In November she motion in the house of Commons for the gave birth to a son, and for some days bid separation of Church and State ; (2) dep- fair for recovery, but a change for the worse recating the working of the Elementary took place, and now she is released from Education Act, especially the 25th clause her sufferings. Her husband is still in of it; and (3) calling for prohibitory legis- America, and the four children in Leicester. lation against the present license for the

SARAH ANN HAND, united with the sale of intoxicating liquors. The statistics church in September, 1870, in company of the Welsh Associations are not fully with her widowed mother (Mrs. Talbott) enough recorded to allow of fair estimates and three sisters, the household being thus being made of the work done. But the immersed into the death of Christ. In Baptist Union of Scotland is already in September last Mrs. Talbott, with three of successful operation, aiming at (1) Church her daughters, left for Australia, and the Extension ; (2) Ministerial Education; and trial of separating from so many loved ones (3) Beneficiary support of Aged Ministers, seems to have been heavier than the frail for which latter purpose the sum of £253 frame could bear. During her affliction she was appropriated last year. Freeman.

suffered greatly, often desiring to depart BIBLE REVISION.-We learn that a de- and to be at rest. She departed this life finite arrangement has been made for the January 3rd, 1872, aged thirty-five years. co-operation of American scholars in the MARY GREY, formerly a member of the work of Bible revision now going on in this church in Nottingham, and since then country. An invitation was extended to (and nearly from its formation) of the our American brethren through a letter to church in Leicester, fell asleep in Jesus, Dr. Phillip Schaff from Bishop Ellicott, January 4th, 1872. In her were aptly written at the direction of the British Com- blended the qualities of the Mary and mittee. A meeting was held at Dr. Schaff's, Martha whom Jesus loved. She was constudy, Dec. 7, the action of which has just fined to her rooni for some six weeks before been made public in authorised form. Dr. her death, and realized that peace which Howson, the Dean of Chester, was present can only be found in Christ. by invitation, and took part in the delibera- JOHN BARRETT fell asleep in Jesus, at tions. After organising, and ar. address by Ballarat, September 9th, 1871, aged thirty Dr. Schaff-who had conferred personally eight. The Dawson Street Church has lost, with Bishop Ellicott, Dean Stanley, and by his removal, its senior deacon, and the others of the British revisersthe following Lord's day school its superintendent.

He list was read of those who have accepted displayed the ornament of a meok and quiet invitations to engage in the work :

spirit; he was one whom the tongue of On the Old Testament—Rev. Thomas J. malice and en vy dare not defame. A widow Conant, D.D. ; Prof. George E. Day, D.D.; and four children mourn their loss. His Prof. John De Witt, D.D.; Prof. Wm. lend was full of peace.

C. M.

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