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On taking up the work as Chairman of the Committee on Religious Schools of the National Council of Jewish Women, the compiler found that there was room for a collection of the sort here presented. The object is to provide material for home reading. and for recitations in Jewish Religious Schools, Junior Sections of the Council of Jewish Women, and other Jewish organizations. It includes a number of short, simple verses for the younger children, and also some material familiar to the past generation, which will well bear repetition.

The youthful verses of Mrs. Hemans, Ruskin, and the Davidson sisters have been included, not for any intrinsic literary value, but to show children the trend of thought of others of their age.

Not only poems on Biblical subjects have been included, but also selections that inculcate some moral truth, and tend to rouse healthful thought in the child mind. When more than one selection on the same subject is given, it is to provide a number from which to choose, to allow the teacher to arrange a symposium on the subject, or show how different authors treat the same theme. It is for the latter reason that three versions of Psalm cxlviii are given.

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