The Works of Ben Jonson: With Notes Critical and Explanatory, and a Biographical Memoir, Том 7

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Bickers and Son, 1875
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Стр. 441 - Revenge, revenge, Timotheus cries, See the furies arise ! See the snakes that they rear How they hiss in their hair, And the sparkles that flash from their eyes!
Стр. 449 - To Mr. Lawrence LAWRENCE, of virtuous father virtuous son, Now that the fields are dank, and ways are mire, Where shall we sometimes meet, and by the fire Help waste a sullen day, what may be won From the hard season gaining? Time will run On smoother, till Favonius reinspire The frozen earth, and clothe in fresh attire The lily and rose, that neither sowed nor spun.
Стр. 45 - It is a noble and just advantage that the things subjected to understanding have of those which are objected to sense that the one sort are but momentary and merely taking, the other impressing and lasting. Else the glory of all these solemnities had perished like a blaze and gone out in the beholders
Стр. 45 - This it is hath made the most royal princes, and greatest persons (who are commonly the personaters of these actions) not only studious of riches, and magnificence in the outward celebration or shew, which rightly becomes them ; but curious after the most high and hearty inventions, to furnish the inward parts; and those grounded upon antiquity, and solid learning: which though their voice be taught to sound to present occasions, their sense or doth or should always lay hold on more removed mysteries.
Стр. 112 - The ditch is made, and our nails the spade, With pictures full, of wax and of wool: Their livers I stick with needles quick ; There lacks but the blood to make up the flood. Quickly, dame, then bring your part in ! Spur, spur upon little Martin ! Merrily, merrily, make him sail, A worm in his mouth and a thorn...
Стр. 34 - So Beauty on the -waters stood, When Love had sever d earth from flood /' So when he parted air from fire, He did with concord all inspire ! And then a motion he them taught, That elder than himself was thought. Which thought was, yet, the child of earth^' For Love is elder than his birth.
Стр. 90 - Beauties, have ye seen this toy Called Love, a little boy, Almost naked, wanton, blind, Cruel now, and then as kind? If he be amongst ye, say; He is Venus
Стр. 341 - Because one of our greatest poets (I know not how good a one) went to Edinburgh on foot, and came back; marry, he has been restive, they say, ever since; for we have had nothing from him: he has set out nothing, I am sure.
Стр. 268 - ... without ropes, to draw him out. After repeated attempts, they find themselves unable to do it, and call for more assistance. The game continues till all the company take part in it, when Dun is extricated of course ; and the merriment arises from the awkward and affected efforts of the rustics to lift the log, and from sundry arch contrivances to let the ends of it fall on one another's toes.

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