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"THE great match that was lately stolen be"twixt the Lady Arabella and young Beau"champt, provides them both of fafe lodgings: "the lady close prifoner at Sir Thomas Perry's "house at Lambeth, and her husband in the "Tower. Melvin, the poetical Minifter, wel"comed him thither with this distich:

"Communis tecum mihi caufâ eft carceris. Ara"-Bella tibi caufa eft, araque facra mihi. "WYNWODE's State Papers."

Lady Arabella efcaped from her confinement, and got on board a French veffel beyond Gravesend.

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In a letter of Mr. More to Sir Ralph Winwood, it is faid, "Now the Kyng and the Lords being "much disturbed with this unexpected accident,

my Lord Treasurer fent orders to a pinnace "that lay at the Downes to put presently to fea, "first to Calais Roade, and then to fcoure the "coaft

*Lady Arabella was the daughter of Charles Stuart, younger brother to James the First's father.

Sir William Beauchamp, fon of Edward Lord Beauchamp, and grandfon to the Earl of Hertford. He was made Governor to Charles the Second when Prince of Wales, and created Marquis of Hertford by Charles the


"coaft towards Dunkirke. This pinnace spying "the aforefaid French bark, which lay lingering "for Mr. Beauchamp, made to her, which thereupon offered to fly towards Calais, and endured "thirteen shot of the pinnace before she would ftryke. In this bark is the Lady taken, with "her followers, and brought back towards the "Tower; and not fo forrye for her own restraint, "as the fhould be glad if Mr. Seymour might escape, whose welfare fhe protefteth to affect "much more than her own."

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Lady Arabella became afterwards difordered in her mind, and died in confinement.



Or this extraordinary perfon, Dr. Donne used to say, that she knew every thing, from predeftination to flane-filk. The Portrait of her in the Castle of Skipton in Craven, represents her in the midft of her library, in which are Hickes on Providence and Cornelius Agrippa. She has been long known in the world for her fpirit and intrepidity.

The following Memoirs of the early part of her life have a claim to our curiofity, as having been


written by her, and as exhibiting a very striking picture of the fimplicity of the manners of the times in which she lived, and displaying the naiveté of her own character. They are now printed for the first time.

" 1603.

"In Christmas I vfed to goe much to the Court, " and sometymes did lye in my Aunt of War"wick's chamb' on a pallet, to whom I was "much bound for hir continuall care and loue of "me: in fo much as if Queene Elizabeth had liued, the intended to have prefered me to be " of y' priuie chamber; for at that tyme ther was as much hope and expectation of me both for "my person and my fortunes as of any other "yeonge lady what foever.


"A little after the Queene remoued to Ritch"mond fhe began to grow ficklie: my La: vfed to goe often thither "and caried me wth hir in the coach, and vfeinge to wait in the coffer chamber, and many tymes came "home verie late. About the 21th or 22th of March my Aunt of "Warwicke fent my mother word "about 9 of y' clock at night, fhe lieinge then at Clerkenwell, y' fhe


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I was Queene Eliz: death 13 yeeres old and 2 moneths and this day Mr. Richard Sackville was just 14 yeeres old, he beinge then at Dorfet House with his grandfather and that great familie. At y

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"fhould remove to Auften Friers "hir house for feare of fome com"otion, thoughe God in his mercie "did deliuer vs from it. Uppon "the 24th Mr. Hocknell, my Aunt " of Warwick's man, brought us "word from his La: that the

Queene died about of y clock in the "morneinge. This meffage was delivered to "my mother and me in the fame chamber "wher afterwards I was married. About 10 of "the clock Kinge James was proclaimed in Cheapfide by all y Counfell wth great joy and triumphe, which triumphe I went to see and "heare.

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death of this
Queene my

mother and I

laie at Austin

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"This peaceable comeinge in "of the Kinge was vnexpected of "all forts of people. Win 2 or "3 daies we returned to Clerken"well againe. A little after this Queene Elizabeth's corps came by night in a barge from Ritch"mond to Whithall, my mother " and a great companie of ladies attending it, wher it continued "a good whil ftandinge in the drawinge "chamber, wher it was watched all night by "feuerall Lo: and Ladies: my mother fittinge vp whit 2 or 3 nights: but my La: would


" not

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Friers in the

fame chamber
wher after-
wards I was

The first tyme the Kinge fent to the Lords in Eng: he

gatie comaurd that the Earles of Northumberland and Cumberland the Lo: Tho.

Howard and

y Le: Mount.

joy should be added to the


"not giue me leaue to watch by reafon I was "heald too yeonge. At this tyme we vsed "to goe verie mutch to Whithall, and walked "mutch in the garden, weh was much frequented "wth Lords and Ladies, being all full of feuerall hopes, euerie man expectinge mountaines and findinge mole hills, exceptinge S' Robert Cicill " and y' house of the Howards, who hated my "mother, and did not much loue my aunt of "Warwicke.

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funerall was the 28 of

"About this tyme my Lo: of Southampton "was enlarged of his emprisonment out of the Queene Eliz: "Tower.. When the When the corps of Queene Elizabeth had continued "at Whithall as longe as the Coun"fell had thought fit, it was caried " from thence wth great folemnitie at Westminfter, the Lords and Ladies goinge on foot to "attend it, my mother and my aunt of Warwick


being mourners, but I was not alowed to be "one because I was not high enoughe, we did "mutch trouble me then; but yet I ftood in the "church at Westminster to se the folemnitie per❤ " formed.

April beinge


"A little after this my Lady and a great deale "of other companie, as M" Elizab: Bridges, my "La: Newton and hir daughter, my La: Finch, "went downe wth my aunt of Warwick to North "hall, and from thence we all went to Tibbals

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