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had been guilty of violence to the Parliament, " and whilft one of their Officers of the Council "of State, at which Bradshaw prefided, was en

deavouring to juftify the proceedings of the army, "and was undertaking to prove that they were "neceffitated to make ufe of this laft remedy, by

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party increased daily, and that of the sword loft ground.

"Soon after Cromwell's death, when the army


a particular call of the Divine Providence; Lord "Prefident Bradshaw," fays Ludlow, "who was then prefent, tho' by long fickness very weak, and much extenuated, yet animated by his "ardent zeal and conftant affection to the com"mon cause, upon hearing those words stood up, " and interrupted him, declaring his abhorrence "of that deteftable action, and telling the Coun


cil, that being now going to his God, he had not "patience to fit there, and hear his great name fo "openly blafphemed; and thereupon departed to "his lodgings, and withdrew himself from public employment."

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Bradshaw did not pronounce sentence of death against the unfortunate Charles the First. The fentence was read by the Clerk (the President of the High Court of Juftice, and the rest of the Members, standing up while it was reading, in testimony of their approbation of it). The King objected to the legality of the Court. The Prefident replied,

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"C Sir, instead of answering the Court, you interro

gate their power, which becomes not one in your condition,"-" Thefe words," fays Lilly, who was present and relates them, "pierced my "heart and foul, to hear a subject thus audaciously to reprehend his Sovereign, who ever "and anon replied with great magnanimity and "prudence."

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The following original fupplicatory letter from Lord Keeper Williams to President Bradshaw, when he was Chief Juftice of Chester, fhews but too forcibly the viciffitude of earthly things, and the uncertainty of the poffeffion of human power and dignity:




"Gwyder, 24 March 1647.

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"I live here under the favour & protection of "both the most honourable Houfes of Parlt: to "whom I am much bound in that kynde, & in "the House of Sir Richard Wynne my nere Kinfman & a conftant Member of the Houfe of "Commons.



"Where upon my return from Ruthyn (where "I hadd the opportunitye to falute you) I finde "that Sir Rd Wynne is a Patentee for the Poft Fynes, &c. of the Countyes of Chefhyre and Flintfhyre, & hath affigned his brother Owen Wynne for the executinge of that place, who by "these late diftractions & difcontinuance of the "Affizes is threatened by the Attorneys & fome "other Officers now in place in thofe Countyes to "be putt off from the employment & receivinge "of the profitts of that Office, the rest account"able unto the pfent Eftate, for the rent referved upon the Patent, & (at this inftant) cal'd upon "for the arrears of 4 years rents, wherein, for "want of Circuits and peaceable times, there "hath been little profit, & yeat forced to give "fatisfaction to the Committee for the Revenue, " & all this under a ptext that this fhold be a grievance in those two Countyes wch both you (and myself too upon fome remembrance of the "courfe heretofore) doe know to be no grievance "but a conftant & fettled Revenue to the Crowne " in all England, in the Dutchye of Lancaster & "the feveral Countyes of North Wales & South "Wales.


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"My humble fuyte therefore to you on the be"halfe of my Landlord Sir Rd Wynne & his Af

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fignee is this, that he maye, by your favoure, proceede peaceably in the execution of his Of

"fice (wch he hath under both the Great Seale " of England & the Seale of the Chamberlayne "of that Countye Palatyne) until fuch time as by "any complaynt before the most honorable House "or the Committee of the Revenue this fhal be proved to be any fuch pretended grievance "either in point of right or of execution. And " for this just favoure not onelye Sir Richd Wynne, "the Patentee, & his Brother the Affignee, fhal "be readie in all thankfull acknowledgement to "take notice thereof, but myfelfe, though a "ftranger & of late acquaintance yeat much your "Servant, for your great care of the Justice & "quietnes of these partes, in order to theyr obe"dience to the pfent Government, fhall be obliged "to remayne to the utmoft of my poore Abilitie << your

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Bradshaw died before the Reftoration, and some of his defcendants in the female line were a few years ago in poffeffion of an eftate at Chapel in the Frith near Buxton which had belonged to him.


DR. JOHNSON divined with his ufual acumen when he fuppofed that Milton had undergone fome

bodily difcipline while he was at College. Mr. Aubrey was told by Christopher Milton, that his brother John was whipped for fome " unkindneffe" by his first Tutor in the University of Cambridge, Mr. Chapel; and that he was afterwards (though it seemed against the rules of the College) transferred to the tuition of one Mr. Tovell, who died Parfon of Lutterworth.

"Ut pictura poefis erit," has been often faid, and pictor ut poeta perhaps occafionally thought. Mr. Garrick ufed to call Salvator Rofa the Shakespeare of Painting, and might not the name of the MILTON of Painting be transferred to our Mr. FUSELI, a man whofe ardent imagination, like that of Milton, unites the terribiles vifu forme, as well as the molle atque facetum? Mr. Fufeli has nearly finished a series of pictures from the principal fcenes of the Paradise Loft and of the Paradise Regained of that divine Poet, which he intends to exhibit in a gallery to be called " the Gallery of Milton." Who appears fo fit to tranfmit and convey the ideas of Milton, as the Painter that feems poffeffed with the fame fublimity and force of imagination which infpired the Poet? Who but Michael Angelo could have pourtrayed the gigantic ideas of Dante?

The following lines were addreffed to Mr. Fufeli on the subject of his " Gallery of Milton." They were fent to him foon after he had finished his celebrated picture of " the Confpiracy of " Catiline,"

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