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since the beginning. Very large sums,

A THANKFUL SPIRIT. however, are continually arriving--as, one of £3,000,“ left entirely at my own dis. Some of our readers will peruse the followposal,” another of £2,700, another of £1,500, ing letter with interest and profit. It was several of £100 and £50. A Dutch baroness not written for publication, but the Lord sends £85 13s. ld., and a contributor is mentioned who gives an Australian deben- may make it useful for the edification of ture bond of £100 stock. Here is Mr. bis own people. The friend who kindly Muller's own

statement :_"Some indi- sent it to us says :viduals send donations week after week, “ The enclosed letter, from a deeply others put by for every order or every pay tried and experienced Christian in Scotment they receive in business, and send the land, was sent to me the other day, amount from time to time. One Christian along with two others, for my perusal. gentleman has now for about eight years If you think with me that it is valuable, though with an income of only about £400 | and can find space for it in "The Mes. 2-year, has, for about six years past, given senger," it may, perhaps, prove a blessme nearly one half of it. A baker, in Worces- ing to some souls. I have copied it, and tershire, sends me one penny for each sack I forward it to you almost entirely as of flour be bakes. Another donor, labouring I received it. You can do with it as you day by day, and month after month, and think proper." year after year, in prayer, for the benefit of the orphans, trusting himself in the Lord

I October 19th, 1860. for all he needs as a servant of Christ, sends My Dear BROTHER, — I was very me the fifth part of all he receives, which glad to receive your kind and interesting sometimes has amounted to £7, £9, yea, letter. I value exceedingly the Christian £14, or more, per month. Another individual has recently begun to send me, week friendship and brotherhood which the after week, the tenth part of his business Lord permits me to enjoy. I value exprofits

. And many persons in business, ceedingly your own; but I desire grace and professional persons, send me donations ever to refer it all to the fountain, and as the Lord is pleased to prosper them. to be Aung back more than ever on the There are a few who have helped me, with inestimable friendship of the Blessed out interruption, to a greater or less degree, One. for twenty-six years in this work; but by Dear brother, if it be sweet to have a far the greater number of donors have been friend-another poor, trembling heart raised up during the last ten years.". like our own, to whom we can unbosom

A faith like this, producing such grand sorrow, assured that all will be looked results, disarms all criticism. We yield at at through the medium of a loving eye, once to its influence, and join in the praise and where no help can be given, sympait has evoked. Mr. Muller says,.“ Without thy, at least, will be felt; if this be preapplying to any one, simply stating my tentions in the reports , and following up of the sympathizing love of Jesus, who

cious, who can tell the preciousness this by prayer-daily prayer–believing prayer – I received the whole amount ori. can feel as well as help, who can deal ginally considered needful for this enlarge- with us so gently and so wisely. No ment." He also tells us that £50 a day eye scans us with such gentle love as will be required this year, and still more as Jesus. Oh to have faith always as well the work proceeds. We know no more in the love of his heart as in the power touching spectacle than this truly apostolic of his hand. man at the head of such an enterprise There is a little matter I would like to without any of the noisy fame of the world bring before you, dear brother, as having dinning his ears and 'ministering to his been used of the Lord to be exceedingly vanity-without even a provision for his helpful to me; and although, perhaps, not personal wants—(he has no fixed salary or needing it so much as I was, it may of the sublime objects to which his life is possitly be useful to you. Its

benefit to devoted. The career of such a man, though

me is incalculable. It is simply this, it reads like a romance

, is more miraculous Remember to praise God quite as much

we know in modern times. as to pray. Now this is clearly scripWe cannot doubt that his future, remem- tural.“ You will find in Scripture far bering their source and dependence, will more exhortations to praise than to fully equal his past experiences, and render prayer. The Psalms abound with

them, his name still more memorable in the city line upon line, line upon line. God is

served by praise, Psalm 1. 23. It is


than anything

of bis adoption.

specially the Christian's great service. By the way, to and from home, give up Heb. xiii. 15; 1 Peter ii. 5–9. Now in your heart to praise alone.

At table looking at my own conduct in reference let your wife and yourself provoke each to this, I found it sadly neglected. My other to gratitude and praise, by conheart was little attuned to the blessed versing on the excellencies of Jesus, and service of thanksgiving. I had infinite of Jesus as all your own.

This does not cause for thankfulness, but, alas ! a interfere with your seasons of prayer. thankless heart. I have sought to have And, after the week, I am sure you will this altered, and with happy results. I see occasion to seek God's gift of the seek the spirit of praise quite as much spirit of praise, as well as of prayer. as of prayer, and desire to cherish the When I blow out my candle in the evenfeeling of happy thankfulness for mercies ing, and sit gazing into the red coals for enjoyed, as well as believing prayer for an hour, and letting the heart wander mercies needed. Ofttimes when my cold amid all the revelations of Divine love, heart cannot get into communion through back into a past eternity, forward into a the gates of prayer, I turn to the gate of coming eternity, to Calvary, to heaven; praise, and in a minute or two am in the taking everything only in connection glorious presence. In certain states of with Jesus, and with Jesus as God's soul, when the enemy rushes on me gift to me, my heart begins to burn like Behemoth, and threatens to swallow within me, selfish and temporal griefs me up, I fall down on my knees, and disappear, Jesus himself fills my heart; drawing near to God, through Jesus, and if any one were to offer me a kingbegin to thank God for his mercies. And dom for every sorrow I have, I could at as the heart goes over the boundless and such times scarcely manage honestly to glorious list, it begins to glow, and the muster a single one. enemy is driven off. Ofttimes five minutes'

Dear brother, try it. When Satan praise is blessed with a success that an casts us into prison, and puts our feet hour's praying fails to receive. Now, we fast in the stocks, let us sing praises to have always matter for thankfulness ; and God at midnight, and very soon God however low we are, let us begin there will send his angel, and there shall be and come to God in our reality, and an earthquake, and our chains shall fall praise Him heartily for whatever bless. off, and our souls be restored to liberty. ing we feel laid on our hearts, I mean "O that men would praise the Lord blessing in Christ Jesus.

And oh, as for his goodness!” Yes, that is our faith gazes on that face, brighter than crying want, the want of a heart ever the sun in his strength, and listens to attuned to this blessed work of heaven. that voice, soft as the murmur of many waters, telling out the tenderness of His

With heartiest love, . I am, grace, the soul becomes as the chariots of my dear brother, Amminadib, and is caught up into hea. Yours, humbly and affectionately, ven and brought very near. There is never between us and the joy of God's

J. D. presence any wall but the wall of unbelief. Alas, that we ever cherish and fondle it, and do our blessed Saviour, and the brethren, and ourselves this great

SOWING AND REAPING. wrong. For God is glorified, and others are helped, and our souls are blessed, Sow with a generous hand; precisely as we live in happy fellowship

Pause not for toil or pain ; with our heavenly Father.

Weary not through the heat of summer, Dear brother, you may know all about Weary not through the cold spring rain ; this far better than I do, yet I would But wait till autumn comes like to suggest your trying what benefit

For the sheaves of golden grain. you might find in seeking to abound in faith with thanksgiving. Say that for a Scatter the seed and fear not, week you give up your heart to praise

A table will be spread ; God for Jesus in all the relations in which

you feel you can lay hold on him. What, though you are too weary In business, let your heart glance up

To eat your hard-earned bread; every spare half-minute, just in a gleam Sow, while the earth is broken, of thankfulness, and one word of praise. For the weary must be fed.


Sow while the seeds are lying

met together ; righteousness and peace In the warm earth's bosom deep,

have kissed each other.”The Pilgrim And your warm tears fall upon it,

Psalms. Rev. Dr. M'Michael.
They will stir in their quiet sleep ;
And the green blades rise the quicker,
Perchance, for the tears you weep.

ILLUSTRATIONS OF SCRIPTURE. Then sow;—for the hours are fleeting,

And the seed must fall to-day;
And care not what hands shall reap it,

" And every one that heareth these sayings of

mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a Or if you shall have passed away

foolish man, which built his house upon the sand :

And the rain descended, and the floods came, and Before the waving corn fields

the winds blew, and beat upon that house ; and it Shall gladden the sunny day.

fell, and great was the fall of it.”—Matt. vii.

26, 27. Sow, and look onward, upward,

A SUDDEN but violent storm arose, and Where the starry light appears,

loud thunder echoed through the mounWhere, in spite of the coward's doubting,

tains. The brow of the hill whereon Or your own heart's trembling fears,

their city (the city of Nazareth) was You shall reap in joy the harvest

built, was every moment gleaming as the You have sowed to-day in tears.

lightning flashed. The rain fell in tor

rents; and in the course of an hour a ADELAIDE ANNE PROCTER. river flowed past the convent door, along

what lately was a dry and quiet street. In the darkness of the night we heard loud shrieks for help. The flood carried

away baskets, logs of wood, tables, and THE ARK OF THE COVENANT. fruit stands. At length, a general alarm

was given. Two houses, built on the "Abise, O Lord, into thy rest ; thou, sand, were undermined by the water, and the ark of thy strength.” The and both fell together, while the people strong ark, the symbol of thy majesty: in them escaped with difficulty. It was strong, when thou art with it; feeble, impossible not to pity these poor housewhen thy presence is withheld. The less creatures, and, at the same time, to prominent truth here is this : God is not thank God we were in a secure building." invited to occupy his own temple, except - A Sunday at Nazareth. in connection with this gracious symbol. What is this bond of union between

FAITH AND WORKS. God and the ark? Let me explain it. Within the ark were laid up the tables have works : show me thy faith without thy works,

“ Yea, a man may say, thou hast faith, and I of the law, which man has broken. If I and I will show thee my faith by my works. look, therefore, into the ark, I see God, as a God of justice, demanding obedience The Ferryman's ILLUSTRATION.—Two to his law; and I hear a voice sounding gentlemen were one day crossing the river forth, “Cursed is every one that con- in a ferry-boat. A dispute about faith tinueth not in all things which are and works arose ; one saying that good written in the book of the law to do works were of small importance, and them.” The covering of the ark was the that faith was everything; the other mercy-seat. If I look, therefore, on that asserting the contrary. Not being able lid, God is revealed to me as one who de- to convince each other, the ferryman, an lights in mercy. When God, seated on enlightened Christian, asked permission bis glorious throne, bends his eye on the to give his opinion. Consent being ark of the covenant, the law we had granted, he said, “I hold in my hand violated is concealed from his view by the two oars. That in my right hand I call mercy-seat sprinkled with atoning blood. ' faith,' the other, in my left, works.' The ark thus represents to us the great Now, gentlemen, please to observe, I pull mystery of redemption. It shows us the oar of faith, and pull that alone. how wonderfully the Divine attributes See! the boat goes round and round, harmonise in the Gospel scheme, and and the boat makes no progress. I do that this union is accomplished through the same with the oar of works, and sacrificial blood.

Mercy and truth are with a precisely similar result,-no ad


-JAMES ii. 18.

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vance. Mark! I pull both together, we were contaminated : a decision which we go on apace, and in a very few minutes never had occasion to revoke. The water we shall be at our landing-place. So, in in Albania is good, but the water of the my humble opinion,” he added, "faith Nile is the finest in the World. without works, or works without faith, Richardson's Travels along the Mediter. will not suffice. Let there be both, and ranean. the haven of eternal rest is sure to be reached.

As the flower is before the fruit, so is faith before good works.

CHIPS. Faith is the parent of works, and the children will bear a resemblance to the The saints are sometimes allowed to fall

into an affliction, to preserve them from parent.

falling in with a temptation. It is not enough that the inward works of a clock are well constructed, and also Jesus Christ deserves to be everything or the dial-plate and hands; the one must nothing : if he is all you say he is, how act on the other, the works must regulate is it you do not make more of him? If the movement of the hands.--Archbishop he is not, why do you talk so much about Whately.

him, or at all profess him?

Saving faith is conquering faith ; it con

quers self, sin, Satan, the world, and death : “And the Egyptians shall lothe to driok of the it goes on in its warfare, and increases its water of the river."-Exod. vii. 18.

conquest, until crowned with glory. This was a severe infliction, especially Never lay too great a stress upon your when we consider the great estimation in own usefuluess, or perhaps God may show which the water of the Nile was held, you that he can do without you. and the peculiar delight which the

What wonderful questions children often Egyptians expressed in partaking of it. ask, and what equally wonderful answers do of this circumstance the following is a they sometimes give! What can be more remarkable instance :—"The water is touching than the following anecdote :-A fresh, without any brackish intermixture ; mother, while dressing a very young child, but the overflowing stream being then at said, “You are such a lump of a shape, it is its height, was deeply impregnated with impossible to make anything to fit you." mud; that, however, did not deter the The lips of the child quivered, and looking thirsty mariners from drinking of it pro- up, it said, in a sorrowful tone, " GOD MADE fusely. I shall never forget the eagerness me!”. The mother was rebuked, and the with which they let down and pulled up

"little lump” was kissed a dozen times. the pitcher, and drank off its contents,

“God made me.” Had the wise men of the whistling and smacking their fingers, and world pondered on a fitting answer to such

a careless remark, for a century, they could calling out “Tayeep! tayeep! Good !

not have found a better than this, which good! as if bidding defiance to the whole Howed naturally and spontaneously from the world to produce such another draught. heart of this little child. “ God made me, Most of the party, induced by their ex. mother-it is not my fault that I am what ample, tasted also of their far-famed you seem not to like-such a little lump. waters, and pronounced them of the God made me.” Blessings on thy innocent finest relish, notwithstanding the pollu- heart, sweet child—of such is the kingdom tion of clay and mud with which they lof heaven.


EXTRACT of a letter from the Rev. George Church's mission in China.

now looked upon as part and parcel of the Smith, dated Swatow, September, 1860.

From the Chinese new year to the preI DULY received your kind note, and was sent time there has been great excitement glad to find from it and from the Report of among the native population of Swatow. the Synod's proceedings, that Swatow is The war in the north, the stoppage of

trade at Shanghai owing to the advance fact that it seems to be a language of idioms, of the insurgents, the increase in the custom and these not bearing the slightest redues exacted under the auspices and in semblance to ours, seems to consist the spectorship of foreigners, the arrival of the main difficulty of its acquisition. I doubt British Consul, have contributed to create not that you and many of the Lord's and foster popular excitement against people have been stirred up to pray for us, foreigners. Throughout the seaboard of especially regarding this matter of the this district, especially from Swatow north- language. And we may hope that you wards, there is very bitter feeling towards shall have an abundant answer. foreigners. Proclamations have been posted The missionary field, at least in its deup at various places, and latterly in Swatow tails, is a very different thing at home from itself, of the most inflammatory character. what it is here on the spot, and so in By the grace of God we still keep our hold proportion as one is led to view it there on Swatow without any serious molestation, may he be expected to be disappointed or although our operations are somewhat cir- encouraged on seeing it here. There are cumscribed. Still fruit is beginning to some truths regarding its phases which, appear. The Gospel is beginning to take a represented as clearly as they may, can hold on the people, and certainly our only be properly known here, and others, laboar will not be in vain in the Lord. which it seems almost impossible to convey Now that the imperial forces in the north to those at home at all. On our coming have been defeated, the moral effect will here we found the truth of these things, be so far in our favour; but we need not but the knowledge of them has only served wonder, although it takes years of trying to increase our love for the field and our labour to gain an entrance among this love for the work. If the field as it is people.

could only be transported to our dear The people here know little of submission friends at home, and a full view of it to imperial authority, and they are jealous enjoyed, how much more zeal might it not of foreigners intruding upon their territory. inspire, and to what increased efforts might We who are here for Christ's work must it not give the impulse. The hearty wel. Live out the prejudices that exist against come we got from our Chinese brethren, the foreign name. Our hands have been the warm love displayed by them, the zeal put to the plough, and we cannot draw they show for the glory of God, and the back. May the Lord grant us here, and efforts they make for the spread of his his people at home, more faith and more of Gospel, are most refreshing. No one in the spirit of prayer, that we may sow in presence of these can do anything else than hope and look up for showers of blessing feel that here the Spirit of the Lord is. to descend.

And besides, the full view of the work of Mr. Jones continues at Tat-Hau-Pow to our own dear brethren, the self-sacrificing teach and preach with the amplest oppor- energy of those that remain, with the graves tunities. With best wishes for your health, of those that have gone to rest, all tend, in bodily as well as spiritually,

the hand of the Lord, to make us feel that I am yours sincerely,

there is an intensely active life in missionary GEORGE SMITH.

work; that the work may be short, but the

rest beyond is sure and certain. Pray for From the Rev. W. 8. Swanson :

us that all these things may have their

abundant fruit in each of our cases. Amoy, 21st September, 1860.

I cannot omit telling of my visits to the country stations.

Some weeks ago, in MY DEAR MR. MATHESON, I am sure company with Dr. Carnegie and Mr. you will all have been happy to hear of our Grant, "I went to visit Peh-chui-a and safe arrival here, and of our uniformly Bay-pay. We left Amoy on Thursday pleasant and comfortable voyage. Our morning, and halted at Peh-chui-a that residence in Amoy has been most agreeable night. A number of patients were here to Mrs. Swanson and myself, and the ready for the doctor's treatment, and were addition to our numbers which the Lord treated accordingly. We saw all the old has given us, while increasing our responsi- and tried members of the Peh-chui-a bility, increases also our comfort and our Church, some of whom you all know almost home feelings to this place.

personally. Although I could hardly speak Since I wrote last we have been busily a word to be understood by them, yet we engaged with the study of the language, in did understand one another well. We all which I hope we have made satisfactory had worship together in "an upper room," progress. The acquiring of the colloquial and then the doctor and I went to sleep for seems to be very difficult, as it turns out to the night in the “Gospel Boat.” At daylight be as much a matter of time and memory next morning we all started for Bay-pay, As of hard study. In this, joined with the and enjoyed much our walk over the hills.

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