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" invisibility." True, this is a great draw. little value there is set upon it. But before back; but we greatly increase the evil by going further I will tell you how our meet.

not being uniform in name ; for instance, in ing is conducted. As is usual, our minister | South Shields we are the English Presby- opens the meeting by praise and prayer ; he | terian Church; in North Shields, Scotch then gives out another psalm or hymn, and

Church; in Sunderland, English ; and on calls upon some one individual who has a the other side the river, Monkwearmouth, good flow of speech, and that speaks corScotch. As an individual, I care not whe- rectly, to engage in prayer; after this our ther we call ourselves Scotch or English ; ; minister gives us an address, to which we only I am convinced that if we are to take pay attention, and then a Psalm or Doxology root and grow on English soil, we must be and the Benediction concludes the meeting. English in name, and that uniformly. We Now, my dear sir, I give you an idea of a have our English College ; our Supreme prayer-meeting conducted differently from Court is the Synod of the English Presby- the one above. We established a prayerterian Church; therefore I maintain that meeting to be held in a cottage one night a that court should see to it that every week, in addition to our congregational congregation within its bounds bears the meeting. The plan on which we conducted same name. I have no doubt our north it was this: one of us took the presidency country friends will see that we gain nothing " for a few weeks until we prevailed upon by retaining the term, but, on the con- our minister to come” and give out a psalm trary, are great losers, not only among or hymn, according to the state of our the English, but also among Scotch resi- minds, and made a short prayer, then called dents ; I am sure they will willingly lay aside upon another to do the same, which was any little prejudices, so long as they give continued from member to member until the up no Presbyterian principles. As this hour was spent. And, dear sir, if you view may not have occurred to the members could have been there, you would have ex. of Synod, I crave the insertion of these few pressed yourself like one of our young men remarks in the “Messenger."

did " who is now in glory.” One evening, I am, Sir, yours faithfully,

on our way home, he said to me, “I like

those prayer-meetings because we let our AN ENGLISH ELDER,

hearts speak.” "Ah! said he to me, “ Do South Shields, Oct. 4, 1860.

you think our hearts could send up those aspirations, and wait wliile our tongues adorned them with those round-about words? Oh! no; the poor woman that

came to Christ did not liager in order to CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER. place her words; her heart said, 'Lord help MEETINGS.

“I often think,” said he, “if I were

to place my words, as they call it, grammaTo the Elilor of the English Presbytcrian tically, I should either have to stop the emoBlessenger.

tions of my heart or I should be choked.” My Dear Sir,-After having read what And I can assure you that these meetings you said about our weekly prayer-meetings were not a little valued ; for if one of us in September's Messenger, I waited anxi. were in darkness, or in distress of mind, or ously for October, expecting that some of in any of the many trials through which a our warm-hearted Christian brethren would Christian has to pass, we were not all so; have said something to our advantage about some of us were enjoying God's smiles, and our meetings; however, I found nothing on could pray forvently for our weaker brethren. the subjeci neither in October's nor No. And what I have said is not all, but I fear vember's.

I shall have trespassed too much upon you ; I, therefore, with your permission, will but if this should be the means of bringing attempt to give you my own experience and something from an abler pen than mine for observation.

the opening of a healthiness in our congreYou may suppose from the manner of my gational prayer-meetings, I shall rejoice, writing that I do not reside in nor near any

and cry with the church at large:of our large towns where daily prayer-meet- “Oh for a heart to praise my God, ings are common, but in a country village A heart from sin set free; where we have the advantage of a weekly

A heart that's sprinkled with the blood prayer meeting only. Notwithstanding this

So freely shed for me.” being the only one, we liave to grieve at the



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Hatices of Books.

The Leisure Hour. 1860.

they have done, and are still doing, a great

and important work. The Sunday at Home : a Family Magazine

for Sabbath Reading. 1860. RELIGIOUS TRACT Society.

Among the excellent little twopenny These noble volumes form the ninth and books published by Mr. Henry J. Tresidder seventh respectively of the Leisure Hour of Ave Maria Lane, there is a good new and Sunday at Tome. They are too well year's story for the young, entitled "All known over the length and breadth of the Things New;" the evils of forgetfulness, as country to require any description or com- seen in the affairs of this world and the next, mendation from us. In their establishment are admirably pointed out by the Rev. the Committee of the Religious Tract Society Samuel Martin in a tractate called " I Forundertook a great and important work got!” and there is an abridgment of the in thus attempting to stem the flood of author's sermon preached at the anniversary pernicious, fascinating literature, which was of the British Society for the Jews, got up threatening to deluge the land; and they in the same form, under the title of “Dead have sustained the enterprise with an amount and Alive Again;" they will well repay both of energy and faithfulness worthy of their purchase and perusal. In another our reputation. It is well known that, in ad-friend Mr. Alexander, of Chelsea, ably and dition to the direct benefits conferred upon earnestly enforces the important truth that the community by the dissemination of these we cannot serve two masters, under the healthy, attractive publications by hundreds appropriate title of "Single Service; or, of thousands every year, an important check One Master only Possible.” From the has been given to the proprietors of immoral prolific pen of the Rev. James Smith, of publications, who are ever ready, if un- Cheltenham, we have a valuable little volume opposed, to pander the corrupt tastes of cailed “Watchwords for Christians," which the multitude.

we cordially recommend to the attention of We shall be happy if this brief notice our readers. The leading subjects dwelt should induce any of our readers to assist in upon are “ Watch and Pray,” “ Fear Not," extending the circulation of these excellent “Only Believe," "Son, go Work," " Wait periodicals, which may be considered as the on the Lord,” and “Behold, I Come pioneers of the Christian missionary, and the Quickly.” Every chapter is full of precious property of the Christian Church, for whom saving truth and practical instruction.

Presbyterian Churcy ir England.

THE “MESSENGERS.” these periodicals beyond the reach of

uncertainty and difficulty ? We may The present

number concludes have more to say on this subject next another volume of each of the “ Mes- month; meanwhile we beg to press sengers," and as it is the proper time upon the attention of ministers the for obtaining new subscribers to fill up important help they can render us the blanks which changes and deaths by a word of recommendation from the have made in our lists during the year, pulpit before the close of the year. In we anxiously solicit the good offices of doing so, we hope they will not forget all our friends. And we see no reason the "Juvenile Messenger," which is why we should be satisfied with merely very helpful to the young, in stimufilling up the blanks. Why should lating them to missionary exertion, a not the friends of the Church make, fact abundantly proved by the financial for once, an earnest effort to place results of this and the preceding year.


Mrs. M'Crie

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£0 60 0 5 0


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1 12 0 1 18

6 9 7 6 1 17 6 11 0 0 1 15 0


Presbyteries' Proceedings.

8 1 3 4 2 0 1 0 5 5 0 0 2 17 7 1 10 0 2 3 6 5 0 0 3 10 0 1 6 0

LO 11


1 0
1 16 0




Association, Regent Square Church,

Collections :
London, for Quarter ending Sep-

Michael Church, Exley, Hereford-
tember 30th

.£17 12 9 shire, per Rev. R. Steel, Chelten. Collection, Michael Church, Exley,


£0 15 0 Herefordshire

0 16 0 Douglas, Isle of Man for 1859 €3 10 0 Sabbath Schools, John Knor's Church,


Do. 1860 2 10 0
0 15 0

6 0 0 Marylebone, London.


Subscription :Lorick

A Friend, per H. M. Matheson, Esq. . £100 Falstone

Trinity Church, Newcastle-on-Tyne, St. George's, Liverpool :

per Mrs. Archer

2 0 0 Berwick Canning Street, Liverpool


77, Lombard Street, E.C., Joint Treasurer. River Terrace, London-'

London, 26th Nov., 1860.

£7 10 9
Association to ist of Ång. 0 10 6
Robert Barbour, Esq., Subscription
John Knox, Stepney
North Shields

John Knox, Newcastle-on-Tyne

Tus Presbytery met at Manchester on the Warrenford

i ; 6 7th of November, the Rev. Dr. McLean, Harbottle

1 14 o moderator pro tem. Present-Dr. Munro, Trinity Church, Newcastle-on-Tyne 4 0 0

Messrs. McCaw, Johnstone, J. C. Paterson, Risley, Collection

LO 17 0

Lundie, Blyth, John Clelland, Blelloch,

8 7 Cromar, James Paterson, Brown, Davidson, Ancroft Moor.

0 Robinson, Henderson, Breakey, and Inglis, Norbam zouthampton :

3 0 0 ministers; and Messrs. Parlane, Clare, Regent Square, London, Association to

Brown, and Robb, elders. Michaelmas | Greenwich

The call of Chalmers' Church, Ancoats, Salford

3 10 0 Manchester, to the Rev. John Miller Ross, Bavington and Ryal

2 10 10 which had been moderated in at a meeting Chester St. Andrews', Ålanchester

112 of the Presbytery on the 25th of September,

was laid on the table, signed by seventy| Grosvenor Square, Manchester

seven members and fifty-nine adherents; CORFU MISSION.

and also a guarantee of stipend to the The Treasurer of the Ladies' Branch of the

extent of £200 per annum. The call was Corfu Mission begs to acknowledge the receipt sustained and put into the hands of Mr. of the following sums :

Ross, who accepted the same. Mr. Ross Miss Webster

£1 0 o was examined with a riev to ordination, Miss E. Webster

0 10 0 and his trials having been approved, the Psalm crij. 6 Mrs. S. Fotheringham, by Miss Webster

Presbytery agreed to meet in Chalmers' Carlton Hill Missionary Association, per

Church for his ordination on the 22nd inst. Carstairs Dunlop, Esq.

5 1 2

Dr. Munro reported that he had visited St. George's Sabbath Schooi, sunder:

the congregation at Bradford according to

1 2 6 Ladies' Auxiliary, Sunderland, per Miss appointment. After many trials the con. Ladies Association, Grosvenor Square

0o gregation seemed to be rallying, and might

give a call to a minister if, for a year or Church, Manchester, per Mrs. C. Stewart

7 0 0

two, liberally supported by the Home Ladies' Auxilliary, Liverpool, per Mrs. Mission Committee. The Presbytery reCrooks

23 3 0 solsed to recommend the case for a liberal Juvenile Missionary Association, Gros: venor Square, Manchester

2 0 o grant from the Committee, and gave thanks W. Ferguson, Esq.

o to Dr. Munro for his diligence the Mrs. Ferguson

0 matter. J. Ferguson, Esq., of Kinmundy R.C. Williamson, Esq., per Mrs. Fer.

The Clerk read a letter from the Pro. gusou.

1 0

fessors of the Presbyterian College, London, Mrs. J. Williams

0 10 o in answer to the representations made to Miss Williams Miss E. Williams

o them regarding the examination of students,

according to the resolution of last meeting. 0 10 0 On the motion of Dr. Munro it was agreed

4 19 0
4 11


16 0 0 12 9 2

0 10 0
1 0 0


1 0
0 5
0 10 0



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that the Clerk be instructed to reply to the a certificate of his license as a preacher by Professors, to state to them that the Pres- the Free Presbytery of Edinburgh, and he bytery had received their letter, and re- was admitted a preacher within the bounds. turned them thanks for their explanations; The Presbytery received two reports as to that as regards Messrs. Blake and Edwards openings for the formation of new congrethey had applied for subjects of examina- gations in the country. tion to the Committee of Presbytery, so Dr. Lorimer intimated on the part of himthat the Presbytery had a right to expect self and Dr. McCrie, that they were willing their attendance; and that in the case of to put their services at the disposal of the Mr. Dickinson the Convener of the Com- Presbytery with a view to the establishment mittee had given to him notice of the sub- of additional congregations in the metropolis. jects of examination, but that in the circum- The intimation was gratefully received, and, stances of the case of the last-named student, after a lengthened discussion, a committee the Presbytery agree to waive their right to was appointed for the purpose of making examine him at ihis time agreeably to the inquiry respecting localities in which preachrequest of the Professors, considering that ing stations may be opened, with power to they have sufficiently vindicated the cause confer with the London Committec of the of order in this matter.

United Presbyterian Church in Scotland, At the request of Mr. Lundie, it was with a view to the prevention of mistakes resolved that John Morgan, Ph.D., residing and collision in the selection of districts and at Birkenhead, be taken on trial, with a procurement of sites for churches. view to be licensed to preach the Gospel, and the Clerk was instructed to request him to appear before the Presbytery at its next meeting

Alnwick, Oct. 30th, 1860. Mr. Lundie called the attention of the

A pro re nata meeting of Presbytery was Presbytery to the fact that the interest held at Alnwick on the 30th October, and accruing to the endowment referred to in duly constituted. Sederunt the Moderator, the minute of the 7th of March last, instead Mr. Douglas, Rev. Dr. Anderson, Mr. Daof buing divided between Trinity Presbs- vison, and the clerk ministers. The modeterian Church, Princess Park, and Toxteth rator stated that he had authorised the clerk Independent Chapel, had been handed over to call said meeting, to receive a call and for this year wholly to the latter. The relative documents from the Dalston congreSession of Trinity Church was instructed gation, and dispose of the same. The Pres. to watch over this matter with a view to an bytery approved of the moderator's conduct. equitable division of the said fund. The À call, duly attested, was then laid on the Presbytery adjourned to meet at Liverpool table, from the congregation at Dalston, the 2nd of January next.

signed by sixty-two members and sisty-six

| adherents, in favour of the Rer. Matthew PRESBYTERY OF LONDON.

Davison, minister of Birdhope Craig, accom

panied with extract minute from the PresbyTus Tresbytery met at 29, Queen Squares tery of London, to the effect that they had on the 13th of November at three p.m. sustained said call, and directed the ordiThe following members were present --Dr. nary course of procedure to take place McCrie (moderator), Drs. Hamilton, Weir, thereanent. The same being read, and the and Lorimer; liessrs. Chalmers, Fisher, moderator having put the call into Mr. Kimmitt, Duncan, Keedly, Burns, Ballan- Davison's hands, he declared ihat in all tyne, Fraser, Walker, and Scott, ministers ; probability he would close with the same, Messrs. Ritchie, Bell, Scadlock, Anderson, and state his reasons for so doing at next and Gillespie, elders.

meeting. The clerk reported that no reaThe forinula was signed by Mr. Walker, sons for the translation had been forwarded, lately inducted to the pastoral charge of the whereupon the Presbytery ordered the whole congregation at Rochester, by Mr. Fraser, papers to lie on the table till vext meeting, i lately ordained over the congregation at and having resolved to take the usual steps Maidstone, and by Mr. Scott, ordained to towards the translation, the Presbytery apthe pastoral charge of the congregation at pointed the minister officiating at Birdhope Harrow Road, l'addington, on the 25th of Craig on Sabbath first to serve the edict, October.

communi forma, summoning the minister, Mr. Ballantyne reported that Mr. Amick, members of the Kirk session, and commua student from the University of Edinburgh, nicants to appear at next meeting of Presbyhad passed the examination preliminary to tery, and state their reasons, if they have admission to the Divinity Hall with great any, why the translation of Mr. Davison credit; and he was authorised by the Pres. may not be proceeded with. bytery to enter as a student in divinity. The Presbytery adjourned to meet ad

The Rev. Gavin Carlile laid on the table hunc effectum, at Framlington, on Tuesday,


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13th November, in the Church there, at with Messrs. Hardy, Heddle, Falconer, twelve o'clock. Closed with prayer. Brewis, Freeman, and Burnop, elders.

In the absence of the clerk, Mr. Blake Framlington, Nov. 13th, 1860. was appointed clerk pro tem. The minute

of last meeting was read and sustained. Which day an adjourned meeting of Pres. Reasons of absence from the clerk and bytery, ad hunc effectum, was held here and Mr. Dods, elder, were read and sustained. duly constituted. Sederunt, the Moderator, Session records and communion rolls, Jr. Douglas; Rev. Mr. Hoy, Dr. Ander- from Gateshead and St. George's, Sunderson, Messrs. Cathcart, Fergus, Forsyth, Da- land, were laid on the table, examined,

vison, Benvie, Fotheringham, and the clerk found correctly kept, and ordered to be i ministers, Messrs. Bell and Waddell, elders. attested. The session record from Falstone

The minutes of last meeting were read was also laid on the table, and attested as and sustained. The Presbytery then pro- . regularly kept from November, 1859, to ceeded to take up the call from the Dalston, October, 1860. And Mr. Anderson siated Church in the Presbytery of London. The that he was in communication with the edict was returned, duly endorsed, and the former Moderator of the Falstone session, relative documents were read. Parties being with a view to filling up the blank that

called, there was no appearance for the exists in the record. | Presbytery of London. The Rev. John A committee was appointed to examine

Reid, of Blyth, appeared, and produced his the records and rolls of North Shields, St. commission for the congregation at Dalston. John's, South Shields, and Trinity, NewMessrs. James Waddell, George Waddell, castle, and report. and Anthony Robson, elders, appeared for The overture sent down by the Synod, the session at Birdhope Craig. Mr. Davi. relative to the formula, having been read, son appeared for himself. Parties having it was moved and seconded that the Presbeen heard, and removed from the bar, and bytery approve. It was also moved and Mr. Hoy, at the request of the Presbytery, seconded that the Presbytery disapprove of having implored Divine light and guidance the overture. On a division, the latter moin the matter, the moderator called upon tion was carried by seven to three, two the members present to state their views members declining to vote. upon the subject, when the Presbytery una- The treasurer of the Preshytery fund gave nimously expressed their opinion in favour in an interim report, which was approved. of Mr. Davison's translation. Whereupon There was then laid upon the table, and the Presbytery did and hereby do loose Mr. read, a communication to the Presbytery, Davison from his present charge, but en- through the Moderator, from Dr. Hamilton, join him meanwhile to discharge the pasto- convener of the Foreign Mission Committee, ral duties at Birdhope Craig, and to wait relative to the case of the Rev. John Kelly, for the commands of the Presbytery of Lon- recently ordained by this Presbytery as a don as to his induction. Parties being missionary to India. Mr. Kelly being precalled in, the moderator intimated to them sent, was requested to state the reasons of the decision of the Presbytery, in which all his resignation. It was then resolved that parties concerned acquisced. Mr. Reid, on Dr. Hamilton's letter be kept in retentis, behalf of his constituents, took instruments and further consideration of this matter de.

and craved extracts, which were allowed. layed till next meeting. 1 The Presbytery then appointed Mr. Blythe' In connection with the appointinent of

to moderate in the session at Birdhope Craig synod for the observance of the tercentenary during the vacancy, and on receiving inti- of the Scottish Reformation, in December mation from the clerk of the London Pres- ensuing, a committee was appointed to arbytery of Mr. Davison's induction, to preach range for a week-day meeting in each of the at Birdhope Craig on the Sabbath thereafter, congregations within the bounds, to be adand declare the Church vacant in the usual dressed by several of the members of Presway. Closed with prayer.

bytery on the principles of the Reformation. The committee to consist of Messrs. Thomas Duncan, P. L. Miller, C. A. Mackenzie, and J. Jeffrey, ministers; with Messrs.

Freeman, Falconer, and Hinton, elders ; PRESBYTERY OF NEWCASTLE.

Mr. Mackenzie, convener.

The next meeting of Presbytery was apThis Presbytery met in the John Knox pointed to be held in this place, on Tuesday, Church, Newcastle, on the 13th November, the 8th day of January, 1861, at 11, a.m. and was duly constituted. Present the Rev.

The meeting was closed with prayer. John Jeffrey, Moderator; Messrs. Miller, Mackenzie, Brown, Dinwiddie, Black, Farquharson, Anderson, and Blake, ministers;

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