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Presbyterian Church in England.


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1 7 0 Stafford


St. Peter's, Liverpool

12 0 0 Birkenhead

15 0 0 Collections :


4 0 0 Crookham £3 1 6 Chelse&.

8 15 0 D. 1 5 6 Marylebone, London

. 21 8 6 8. 0 13 0 Crewe

2 15 0 5 0 0 Woolwich

6 10 0 Trinity, Manchester, Association 7 0 0

Sabbath School, Woolwich

1 0 0 St. George's, Liverpool,

6 12 2

1 1 0 St. Andrew's, Birkenhead

21 6 6

1 12 6 New John St. Birmingham, Collection 1 10 0

Sabbath School Felton

. 0 3 2 Hampstead, Association

41 10 6

1 0 0 Marylebone, Additionn] Subscriptions 10 20


3 0 0 Mr. Price, Oxford Terrace, Donation 1 0 0


0 10 0 St. George's, Liverpool

9 10 9 INDIA MISSION. Wharton

0 150 New John St., Birmingham, Sabbath

Donations :-

£1 10 0
Mr. A. Lamb, Southampton

5 0 0 77, Lombard Street, E.C., Joint Treasurer.

Marylebone, London,-
Mr. A. Anderson

£50 0 London, 22nd March, 1861.


0 2 6

J. E. Mathieson 5 0 0

A. Macnicoll

1 0 0 1860.

W. D. Anderson 2 0 0 Association, Trinity, De Beauvoir Town,

D. M. Laurin

1 0 0 London

£8 3 6
J. M. Fruser

1 0 0 Association, Birkenhead :

33 0
J. Lang

1 0 0 Juvenile Missionary Association, Trinity,

J. Alexander

1 1 0 Manchester

70 0

R. H. Hamilton 1 0 0 Subscription, Dr. Stewart, Chelsea : 3 00

R. Lyall

1 0 0 Association, Hampstead

. 18 15 6
Dr. Reid

1 0 0

20 3 6 1861.

Mr. D. Wright, Manchester,

1 0 0 Collections :St. Andrew's, Manchester

27 10 0 Subscriptions : Chalmer's, Ancoats

6 10 1
River Terrace, London.

4 3 4 Salford

4 10 0
Sabbath School, Salford

1 0 0 North Sunderland

1 5 0


1 0 0 North Shields

20 00

John Knor's, Newcastle 1 10 0 Blyth

2 10 0 Berwick

1 10 0 Manchester, March 20th, 1861. Southampton

4 11 0 Rockferry

11 19 2



Trinity Church :Brighton

19 0 0 River Terrace, London.

De Beauvoir Town, London-
9 15 0
per Association

£4 3 0 John Knox's, London 4 18 6 Birkenhead

. 15 00 Lowick

2 2 0

. 11 12 6 Trinity, De Beauvoir Town, London 9 09

Widdrington, Collection

1 0 0 Hampstead

6 18 4 Subscriptions : Sheffield

10 00
Dr. Stewart

3 0 0 Belford

1 18 0 A Member of Crown Court CongregaSt. Jobn's, South Shields

2 0 0 Etal

tion, London

1 0 0 2 14 0 St. George's, Liverpool 14 18 0

JOHN JOHNSTONE, New Jobn Street, Birmingham 3 0 0 67, New Bond Street, (W.)

Treasurer. Tweedmouth.

1 0 0 London, 23rd March, 1861. Ancroft Mcor

1 2 6 Laygate.

8 0 0 Falstone

2 1 0 Alnwick.

2 0 0 John Knox's, Newcastle

5 0 0 Canning

Street Church, Liverpool 26 0 6 Seaton Delaval

1 0 0 Workington : Harrow Road, London

3 0 0


17 15 0 Warrington

3 17 1 Bolton

The Presbytery of Newcastle met in the

4 0 0 Bradford

John Knox Church, Newcastle, on Tuesday Dudley

2 0 0

5 0 0 March 13th, and was duly constituted by

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Mr. Blake, who, in the absence of the Mo- in such a way as shall seem wisest to the derator, was called to the chair pro tem. Synod.”

Present, the Rev. G. B. Blake, Moderator. To this the Presbytery agreed unaniRevs. P. L. Miller, C. A. Mackenzie, A. mously, and appointed Messrs. Miller and Saphir, J. Brown, J. Black, G. Farquharson. Reid to support the overture before the A. Anderson, and J. Reid, Ministers, with Synod. Messrs. Brewis, Burnop, Hurdy, Heddle, The Presbytery then proceeded to conDod, and Hinton, Elders.

sider the state of religion within the bounds; The minute of last meeting was read and and on the call of the Moderator, Mr. sustained. A letter from Mr. Jeffrey assign- Saphir engaged in prayer. From stateing ill-health as the reason of his absence, ments made by the members, it appeared was produced and read.

that there are many hopeful symptoms of a Mr. Reid submitted reasons of dissent work of grace going on in various of the from the finding of the Court at last meeting congregations. in the case of Mr. Kelly, and requested that The next ordinary meeting was appointed they might be engrossed in the record. It to be held here on the second Tuesday of was moved and seconded that they be not May next, at 11 a.m. engrossed; also, as an amendment, that The above minute having been read, was they be. On a vote, the motion carried, by sustained and ordered to be attested. nine to three. The reasons were ordered to

The meeting closed with prayer. be kept in retentis. Mr. Mackenzie having stated that no

*** In the overture adopted at last meetSession Records nor Rolls had been sent to ing in the case of Mr. Kelly, and reported in the Committee of which he is convener, was the “Messenger," the following words were, instructed to correspond with those Sessions inadvertently omitted after “to accept his whose Rolls and Records have not been resignation :" " And Mr. Kelly having been submitted for examination, and report his requested to make a statement of the reasons diligence at next ordinary meeting.

of his resignation.There was no report from the other [In addition to the above "correction, Committee, owing to the absence of Mr. which we received from the Clerk of the Dinwiddie through indisposition.

Presbytery along with the report which The Schedules of the schools of the Falo precedes it, a letter was forwarded to us for stone district were laid on the table, exa- insertion in last number, by Mr. Thomas mined and ordered to be attested; and Dod, of Hexham,--who, it appears, was the Messrs. Anderson, Farquharson, and Brewis, mover of the overture,-in which he points elder, were appointed a Committee to exa- out the omission in language similar to the mine said schools. Mr. Anderson, Con- above; but his letter having reached us vener.

three days after time, and the month being Mr. Miller then moved, according to notice, three days shorter than usual, practically it that this Presbytery transmit the following was six days too late. On the 18th of overture to the Synod, viz.—"Whereas the March we received another letter from Mr. pleas of the Free Church of Scotland, in the Dod, in which he says he is " certainly not Cardross case, claiming for herself as a a little surprised at the whole proceedings Church of Christ a spiritual jurisdiction in of those connected with the Messenger,' in regard to all matters of discipline, wholly this matter; and he writes as if he were independent of the civil courts, and apart under the impression that we had left out from their control; whereas these pleas the omitted words to serve a purpose. Now, have been repelled by the Interlocutor of if such be Mr. Dod's opinion, we beg to inthe Lord Ordinary, in the Court of Session form him that he is grossly mistaken; that at Edinburgh: and whereas the spiritual the report was printed—as all our Presbyterial liberties of every non-established church reports invariably are—word for word, as throughout this land, may ultimately be sent by the clerk; and further, we defy him affected and threatened by the judgment in to point out a single instance—since the this case :- And whereas the Presbyterian " Messenger" came under our care, which Church in England is connected with the is now more than ten years—in which we Free Church of Scotland by the closest ties, garbled an official document, or published and has identified herself with the contend- an ex parte statement of any case when before ings of the Free Church of Scotland for those the Church Courts. Such is not our misfundamental truths which form the dis- sion, and we are sorry that an elder of the tinguishing principles of that church, it is Church should “harbour such suspicious hereby humbly overtured to the very Re- thoughts” of us.—ED. verend the Synod of the Presbyterian Church in England that it give expression to its warmest sympathy with the Free Tuis Presbytery met at Manchester on Church of Scotland in her present position the 4th day of Märch. Present: Rer. Wil





liam McCaw, Moderator ; Drs. McLean the Moderator on the Home Mission and Munro; Messrs. J. C. Paterson, Blyth, Scheme, Mr. Lundie on Foreign Missions Davidson, Lundie, John Clelland, Blelloch, chiefly in China, and by Dr. Munro on James Paterson, Johnstone, Ross, and Christian Usefulness. Devotional exercises Inglis, Ministers; and Messrs. Andrew were conducted by Messrs. J. C. Paterson, Brown, James McAlpine, William R. Cor. Davidson, and Ross. son, and William Parlane, Elders.

The Presbytery adjourned to meet in The overture on the Formula, sent down Liverpool on the 1st day of May next at by the Synod for the consideration of the eleven o'clock a.m. Presbyteries, was disapproved of.

Mr. J. C. Paterson, with the consent of those who joined him in his dissent and This Presbytery met at Berwick complaint in the case of the Mission near Tuesday, the 28th of February. Present, Ruabon, and with the leave of the Presby. Rev. Mr. Robinson, Moderator. Messrs. tery, withdrew his complaint to the Synod, Fraser, Terras, Cant, Thompson, Haig, and proposed that a Committee, consisting Valence, and McLean, Ministers. Messrs. of Messrs. Lundie, Convener; McCaw, J. Lilly and Towns, Elders. C. Paterson, and James Paterson, Minis- The Session Records, and Congrega. ters ; and Messrs. Coubrough and Wil. tional books of Belford, Etal, and N. Sunliams, Elders, be appointed to visit Ruabon, derland, were laid on the table, exa

examined, and to report on all the circumstances to and ordered to be attested. next meeting of Presbytery.

School Schedules from Horncliffe, TweedDr. John Morgan, of Birkenhead, was mouth, Berwick, Lowick, Norham, North duly licensed to preach the Gospel. Sunderland, and Acroft Moor, were pro

Messrs. Alexander Gailey, and John duced, read, and attested. Patterson, Members of the Canning Mr. Valence, agreeably to notice given at Street Church, Liverpool, Heath Street last meeting, introduced an overture to the Mission Committee, appeared as Com. Synod, to take immediate steps for the ese missioners, and handed in a Memorial, tablishment of a building and debt extinction signed by fifty-one communicants, out fund. Agreed that the overture be trans. of fifty-five on the Communion roll of mitted. the Heath Street Mission Station, pray. Collections for the Home Mission Fund ing the Presbytery to use the means to were reported as having been made by all have it constituted into a regular minis- the congregations within the bounds. terial charge. Mr. Welsh handed in an The Presbytery took into consideration extract minute of Canning Street Church the overture sent down from the Synod reSession on the same subject. After parties lative to the formula. It was moved by were heard, the Presbytery agreed to re- Mr. Fraser, seconded by Mr. Terras, and commend the case to the Synod, and ap- unanimously agreed to, that the overture be pointed a Committee, consisting of Messrs. approved of. Lundie, convener, J. C. Paterson, McCaw Mr. Andrew Lawson, preacher of the and Welsh, to bring the matter under Gospel, laid on the table a Presbyterial the consideration of the Synod, and to certificate, which was received. Agreed receive, preparatory to doing so, an amended that Mr. Lawson be recognised as a preacher minute from Canning Street Church within the bounds. Session regarding the financial position of The Presbytery appointed its next meeting the station.

to be held at Berwick on the first Tuesday An application from the united station of May, at twelve o'clock noon. of Wharton and Swinton to be recognised as a full ministerial charge was also recommended to the Synod, and the same committee was appointed to bring this

Intelligence. case also before the Synod.

Mr. J. C. Paterson moved an overture to the Synod to appoint a general secretary Leeds. The annual soirée in connection for the schemes of the Church, which was with the above church was held on Tuesday seconded by Mr. Lundie and agreed to by evening, the 5th ult., in the schoolroom of the Presbytery.

the Independent chapel, East Parade. It The proposed conference on the state of was the best and most productive ever held religion was deferred till the next ordinary since the formation of the congregation, meeting held in Manchester.

the attendance amounting to about five Th Presbytery met, after adjou:nment, hundred, and leaving a clear profit of nearly at seven o'clock p.m. in the Lecture Hall £13. of Grosvenor Square Church. Addresses After tea, the Rev. Nason Brown, minis. were delivered to the people assembled, by ter of the church, delivered an instructive lecture on the Scottish Reformation. The' gation was held in the schoolroom, on the meeting was afterwards addressed by the evening of Wednesday, the 27th February, Rev. G. W. Conder (Independent) and the the Rev. William Keedy in the chair ; on Rev. F. Edwards (Baptist). Several pieces which occasion the members and friends of music were sung at intervals by the choir of the congregation took tea together. of Queen Street Chapel, who kindly volun- The chairman having opened the meeting teered their services, for which they were with devotional exercises, proceeded with a warmly applauded by the audience. The very appropriate address on the past conmeeting broke up at ten o'clock, and all dition, present state, and future prospects of parties went away highly pleased with the the congregation, alluding to the several evening's entertainment. The congregation events of interest which had occurred during gradually increases, and gives promise of the past year. still more prosperous days.

He then called upon Mr. Dundas to read GUERNSEY.-A Commission of the Pres. the financial report, from which it appeared bytery of London met at Guernsey on the that the congregation is not only main5th of March, for the purpose of ordaining taining Gospel ordinances at home in an Mr. W. Jeffrey to the pastoral charge of efficient state, but also contributing liberally the Presbyterian congregation there. Five

to many schemes of Christian philanthropy ; ministers of the Presbyterian Church took and honourable mention was repeatedly part in the ceremony, viz., the Rev. W. made of the indefatigable exertions of the Chalmers, M.A., Marylebone; the Rev. T.

ladies of the congregation in connection

therewith. Alexander, M.A., Chelsea ; the Rev. J. G. Wright, Southampton; the Rev. A. J. Mur

The Report, upon the motion of Captain ray, M.A., Jersey, and the Rev. W. W. Peter, seconded by Captain Allsop, was Wright, Alderney. At two o'clock the place unanimously adopted. of worship in Clifton Street was completely

Thereafter the meeting was very suitably filled with a most respectable audience, and addressed on various subjects by Messrs. a large number of persons was obliged to Brown, from Milwall, Scotland Guild, leave, being unable to find admittance. The Morton, and Bright, and was brought to a Rev. T. Alexander conducted Divine service, close by the singing of a doxology, and the and preached a sermon from Micah vii. 18.'| pronouncing of the Benediction. After sermon, Mr. Wright put the ques

TRINITY CHURCA, NEWCASTLE-ONtions and ordained, and Mr. Chalmers ad- TYNE.—The anniversary soirée, in connecdressed the minister and people.

tion with this place of worship, was held on At six o'clock in the evening the congre- Tuesday evening, 5th March, in the Music gation and friends met in a social and friendly Hall, Nelson Street. At six o'clock 450 manner in Zion Chapel, the use of which ladies and gentlemen sat down to tea. At was most liberally granted to them by the the meeting afterwards held the chair was minister and committee of the New Con- occupied by the Rev. Thomas Duncan, the nection Methodists. The large schoolrooms respected pastor of the congregation. He under the chapel were quite unable to con- opered the proceedings in a lengthy adtain all the people, and tea had to be served dress on the religious aspects of the age, at twice. During the second service of tea the close of which he adverted to the presome hymns and anthems were sung in the sent position of the Trinity Presbyterian large chapel above, and afterwards the whole Church as one of continued prosperity.-company met there, and Mr. Jeffrey took The Rev. Dr. Anderson, of Morpeth, conthe chair. The meeting was addressed by gratulated Mr. Duncan on his returning the ministers of the Presbytery and others. health and vigour, and paid a high tribute The local paper from which we copy the of respect to the congregation for the stedabove particulars concludes a very friendly fast affection with which they rallied round report, as follows:

their pastor during a long period of afllic"With the whole of the day's proceedings tion. The Rev. Mr. Main, of Edinburgh, Mr. Jeffrey and his friends have abundant gave an elaborate and masterly exposition reason to be well satisfied. The large at of the now famous Cardross case.

Mr. tendance and the hearty good feeling of those R.B. Sanderson, the Rev. Mr. McNaughtan, present, as also the admirable manner in and other gentlemen, afterwards addressed which all the ministerial friends discharged the meeting, and the proceedings, which had their parts, are causes of great congratula- been enlivened throughout by the performtion. We hope that Mr. J. and his congre- ances of the congregational choir, were gation will progress in every good work, and brought to a close shortly after ten o'clock. that for them 'to-morrow may be as this day and much more abundant.'”


The annual social meeting in connection John Exox CAURCII, STEPNEY.—The with this congregation, was held in the annual general meeting of this congre- Lecture Hall of the church, February 13th,


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which was densely filled by a highly re- Church in London have been directing eare spectable audience. The chair was occupied nest attention to the question of finance inby the Rev. Dr. Munro, and the vice-chair volved in the undertaking. by the treasurer of the congregation, Mr. 1. They propose to raise a Church Building Thorburn. After tea, the proceedings of Fund for London, from which Grants may the evening were commenced by the chair. be made to new congregrations. man, who, in his opening address, reviewed 2. The Committee propose to raise a Perthe past history of the congregation, more manent Loan Fund, to be granted by the particularly during the past year, the pro- donors as absolute gifts, but to be laid out minent feature of which was that the whole by the committee in loans for the acquisiof the remaining portion of the debt on tion or construction of suitable places this noble pile of buildings, comprising of worship, and in such a way

as will church and schools, had been cleared off secure the repayment of the money lent, by the congregation, so that the worthy so that it may be applied in succession, minister was again placed in the happy to aid in the erection of as many churches position of ministering to the wants of his as possible. people in a temple more beautiful than the 3. The committee further propose to obprevious, and now a free-will offering to our tain a few subscriptions to a Guarantee Lord and his Church. Another promi- Fund (to be paid by Subscribers only nent feature of the rev. chairman's ad- 80 far as may be found necessary), to dress was the solemn fact that death bad secure for ministers accepting of charges been very busy in his flock during the past in London an adequate stipend for three year, carrying off many of its oldest mem- years. * bers; and taking a survey of the many The fund by which this scheme is to be preceding years of his ministry in Man- supported is entirely distinct from the other chester, he justly remarked, that we had, funds of the Synod, is separately raised, and as it were, a congregation on high and one separately admininistered. Besides a church below. The meeting was then addressed for the congregation of Islington, under the by the Rev. J. Paterson, of Liverpool, who, pastoral care of the Rev. John Edmond, a in an earnest and eloquent speech, intro- second church for the Westbourne station, duced " The active duties of persons con- under the care of the Rev. Dr. King, will nected with the Congregation ;” and from require immediately to be erected. In all the clear and forcible manner in which these localities it is confidently expected these duties were set forth, we hope to see that, in a very short time, we shall have the fruits appearing. The financial state- vigorous self - supporting congregations, ment for the year was read by the vice- ready to hold fellowship with the Synod as chairman, who found himself in a proud regards giving, not receiving, aid. position, inasmuch as not only was the debt cleared off, but likewise all the current expenses and a balance wherewith to commence the next year. Mr. Thorburn

1, Eldon Road, Kensington, London, closed his remarks by presenting to the

March 23, 1860. Rev. Dr. Munro, in the name of the to the Editor of the Bnglish Presbyterian Messenger Ladies' Society, a new pulpit gown and cassock, which was suitably acknowledged.

DEAR SIR,-I am most unwilling to The meeting was further addressed by the drag my name before the Church; but as I following gentlemen connected with the observe that the report in the Scottish church ; viz.: Messrs. A. Fitz Gerrald, Guardian of the meeting of office-bearers J. Lawson, G. B. Blair, T. Hall, c. in London is stigmatised in your last NumStewart, J. Gilmour, McKendrick, and ber as “most injudicious” (a judgment on Dr. Thorburn. The able choir, in con- which I give no opinion), and as that renection with the church, greatly added to port may be generally attributed to me, as the success of this, perhaps the most suc- late editor of the Guardian, I beg to state cessful meeting of the kind ever held in that I neither suggested the furnishing of connection with this congregation.

the report, nor saw it till published. Would you kindly insert this explanation, to re

move unpleasant impressions. UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH

I am yours, truly,

GAVIN CARLYLE. The January number of the United Pres.

* Here follow a list of subscriptions, the total byterian Missionary Record supplies us with

of which are, for the Grant Fund, £1490 ; Per. the following information :

manent Loan Fund, £1340; Guarantee Fund, £;

making a total of 4340. We may and, As already stated to our readers the Sy- that two gentlemen in the list gave a Thousand nod's Committee for the extension of our | Pounds each.-ED. E. P. M.

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