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Thee, Lord, to work ; for they have made and on the rising ministry at large; the void thy law.” Arise, O Lord, and conversion of the young, and a large blessplead thine own cause ! ”

ing upon Sunday and other schools. Brethren, beloved, we affectionately and FRIDAY, Jan. 10.- The Word of God: earnestly ask you to unite with us in that it may be received with increased repeating and perpetuating the observance faith, reverence, and love ; that its assailof the Week of Prayer. Nor shall we ask ants may be enlightened and brought into in. vain. The hallowed influence of our the way of truth; that the power of the former new-year's services, still lingering Divine Spirit may attend its private in the hearts of thousands, will obtain to study and its circulation throughout the this request a quick and devout response. world. Let not our earnestness cease until, in SATURDAY, JAN. 11.-The Lord's Day:

to believing, wrestling, impor- that its divine institution may be recog; tunate supplication, the windows of hea- nised, and its desecration at home and ven are opened, and far richer and more abroad may cease. copious blessings descend upon the Church SUNDAY, JAN. 12. - Sermons on the and the world.

Signs, Dangers, and Duties of the Present The following are suggested as topics Times : motives to personal holiness and suited for a prominent place in our exhor Christiau activity. tations and prayers on the successive days. “Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it," If adopted, they will serve to give unity to is both the Divine warrant and encourageour services. "If two of you shall agree ment with which we are emboldened to on earth as touching anything that they make known these requests unto God. Let shall ask, it shall be done for them of my us, in unity of spirit and prayer, obey the Father which is in heaven."

precept, and God, even our own God, will SUNDAY, JAN. 5.-Sermons on the Holy fulfil his gracious promise.

“ God shall Spirit: his divinity and personality; his bless us, and all the ends of the earth shall offices and operations. Prayer for the fear him." Lord's blessing upon the services of the Persons into whose hands this paper week.

may come, are earnestly requested to proMONDAY, Jax. 6.— Humiliation and mote the holding of prayer-meetings during Confession of Sin : as individuals ; as the week in their own neighbourhood. families ; as churches, and as a nation. Thanksgiving and praise for recent religious awakenings.

TUESDAY, JAN. 7.— Home Objects for Prayer : the conversion of the ungodly; THE REV. BEHARI LAL SINGH. the cessation of intemperance and all immorality; and the spread of vital The following interesting address religion in our families and households, was delivered by our brother, to the among our rulers, the rich and the poor, congregation of New John-street, Birour soldiers and sailors, the authors of our literature, secular and religious.

mingham, prior to his departure for WEDNESDAY, JAN. 8.- Foreign Objects India. The statement of his own perfor Prayer : the Revival of pure Chris- sonal history will interest many readers. tianity, and the extension of religious The touching narrative of his wife was liberty in Europe and the lands of the East; the overthrow of every form of anti- published by us some months ago in Christian error; the conversion of the the Juvenile Messenger ; but for the house of Israel; the prevalence of peace sake of those who do not see that pub. among all nations, especially in America ; lication, we give it also here. and a yet more abundant blessing upon our brethren and sisters engaged in the It is expected that I should say work of missions, Christian education, and word or two about my own personal literature in foreign lands. THURSDAY, Jan. 9:— The Church of they shall be very general.

history. They shall be very brief and God and the Christian Ministry: the

I do not assume it as a matter of increased spirituality of the Church, and its more decided separation from the course that I am a converted man; world: brotherly love, sympathy, and the Lord alone knows my many imperunion of labour among the Lord's people ; fections and deficiencies. I feel rather a higher standard of piety and power diffident in speaking of the inward among, Christian ministers and all their working of my soul-its growth in fellow-labourers; the outpouring of the grace, its many grievous falls-but I

universities and colleges, shall let you know a few leading inci

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dents connected with my external of the Bible was too sublime for man history.

to follow. I am a native of the north-west pro- We all made up our minds to emvinces in India, the seat of the late brace Christianity, and I ain glad to fearful outbreak, and the present fa- say that we did not suffer as much permine. In the year 1830 my father came secution as many of my brethren in down to Calcutta, in order to give my- India have suffered. My father and self and brother the advantages of an brother fell into the company of two English education-for there were no devoted Missionaries of the Church missions, no schools in the north Missionary Society, by whom they west provinces. In that year the Rev. were admitted into the Christian Dr. Duff, the first Missionary of the Church by the sacred ordinance of bapChurch of Scotland, opened his school tism. in Calcutta, and there I and


brother As I had received the first impreswent to study the English language. sions of the truth from Dr. Duff's InFor several years we struggled on with stitution, I felt it my duty to associate the elements of education, but at last myself with bim. In all my trials and a copy of the Word of God was put difficulties, which are inseparable from into our hands. It was the reading of the ministerial work, I have been the Bible, as well as tlie private minis- strengthened and encouraged by the trations of that good and great man, example of another Christian officer Dr. Duff, and his excellent colleagues, and his lady-Brigadier Colin MacDrs. Mackay and Ewart, that made us kenzie--whose testimony for the Lord almost persuaded to be Christians. Jesus has been so remarkable, so sim

I had bright prospects before me. ple-minded, and so consistent, as to The late General Sir Duncan Macleod lead my blinded countrymen to confess took a deep interest in my welfare. I that he is, after all, their best and most went from Dr. Duff's celebrated Insti- disinterested friend. Them that tution to the Government Medical honour me I will honour." College, and learned the higher branches I laboured in connection with Dr. of natural philosophy and botany ; Duff's Mission for seventeen years, then I passed an examination before first as a teacher in his Institution, the Government Council of Education, then as a teacher among the Jews, and got an appointment, and got in contact last of all, as a teacher among the with a civil officer--Sir Duncan Mac- Hindus and Mahomedans. leod—who had defrayed the expense of At last my health gave way, and I my education in Dr. Duff's Institution was recommended by medical friends as well as in the Government Medical to take a sea voyage to England, which College. It was the Christian example I was enabled to do through the muof this gentleman, his integrity, his nificence of Brigadier Mackenzie, who honesty, his disinterestedness, his active also supports my dear wife and benevolence, that made me think that children during my absence from CalChristianity was something living, cutta. I have sojourned in England moving, and loving. Most men go out for eighteen months, and attended the to India to make their fortunes, but lectures of the great and good men this gentleman sacrificed all his fortune who preside over the Free Church Colfor the benefit of my countrymen. lege in Glasgow, and the English Here I saw a practical embodiment of Presbyterian College in London. I Christian truth. It made an impres- beg your earnest and united prayer sion on my mind.

that when I return to my fatherland I About this time my brother, who may become a more humble, useful, was also in the government service, and better man than I have ever been had prepared his mind to embrace before. Christianity. He came to me and I have also been requested to say a said, “I want to become a Christian few words about one who is very dear teacher; I must give up all, and you to me, on account of the lessons which must support me.” My father got a her history is considered to teach. copy of the Persian Bible from Dr. Supposing any one of those whom Mackay; he read and pondered over it, I am now addressing was to take a and the only objection he had to em- voyage to Calcutta, and suppose they brace Christianity was, that the morality reached the Bay of Bengal, the first prominent object which would attract and that, in that sad eleventh hour, she their attention is what the British sea- looked to the Lamb of God to take men call the black pagoda. What away her sins. Jerusalem was to the ancient Jews, What was then to become of the Mecca to the Mahomedans, the Temple little one ? It was a girl, too; and girls of Juggernaut is to the Hindus. Thou are always unwelcome additions to a sands and tens of thousands of pilgrims heathen household. Could a heathen annually resort to this Sebastopol of mother be found to tend it? Ah, no! idolatry.

The “ dark places of the earth are full In the year 1829, a Brahmin family of the habitations of cruelty,” not of in North India set out on a pilgrimage love. A native doctor, who had been to the temple of Juggernaut. No called to prescribe for the poor woman, tidings of the Prince of Peace had ever was standing by, and the missionary reached their ears; and to atone by a asked what could be done for the infant. wearisome and perilous journey for the He shrugged his shoulders—" Let it sins which even they, as heathens, die too. What else!" was his reply. knew and felt they had committed, But this was not to be. The ser they left their home. The family con- vant of Christ remembered how bis sisted of the Pundit, his wife, and their Master took the young children in his infant of a few months old, and two or arms, and resolved to remove the forlorn

a three servants. They had proceeded little one to his own home, while the as far as Balasore, 150 miles distant native doctor took possession of the from the temple to which they were gold and silver ornaments the woman going, when cholera, the scourge of had worn, and the money that was India, attacked the mother. From found upon her. Dr. and Mrs. Sutton that time the father disappeared ; had no children, and they soon adopted whether the strong man also was at the Hindu baby as their daughter. tacked and fell, or whether he was self- The starving condition of the child immolated under the wheels of the was shown soon after its reception ponderous car of his god, we know not. under that kind sheltering roof. Some

With great difficulty the suffering food was put on a plate on the floor, mother dragged herself and her babe to and while a spoon was being sent for

, the door of a house where she expected with all the energy of hunger, the little to find the succour she needed; but thing crawled to it, and began feeding her hope was in vain; and some little herself with both her hands. time after this, a missionary—Dr. Sut- Years rolled on, and the babe beton of the General Baptist Mission-came a young woman. She accompassing by, on his way to preach to the panied Dr. and Mrs. Sutton on a visit pilgrims, found her lying on the ground, to America, where she was placed in a under the shade of a large tree, un- boarding-school, and afer her return aided, uncared for, with her starving with them to her native country, she infant clinging to her. He administered became assistant teacher in the schools some medicine, but the distance from of the mission, which had been her a Christian station rendered it difficult happy home. Her kind friends preto obtain help, and he had to walk served her from the evils and mischief some miles before he could procure a of early marriage, such as prevails in cup of milk for her. That fearful that land of darkness ; and, unlike that scene long dwelt upon the missionary's which her own father and mother could mind. Above him the sky was obscured have done, they arranged for her no by thick clouds that threatened every marriage of convenience or of indiffer moment to burst upon their heads in a ence, but left her free to give her heart fearful storm; and at his feet lay that with her hand, “only in the Lord.". expiring mother and the helpless babe The narrative is continued in the soon to be left an orphan in a heathen Female Missionary Intelligencer as land.

follows:-“ In the course of time : After three days the woman died. young Rajput visited the station at Who can tell whether the “story of which she resided. He, too, was e grace" which, for the first time in her Christian ; and, being himself a highlylife, she had heard from the friend who educated man, he could appreciate the had so tenderly cared for her perishing well-cultivated mind of this young body, found an entrance into her heart; 'woman. Above all he recognised in


her the image of the Master, to whose even supposing the tremendous penalty had work he had consecrated himself. been incurred when no other native was Upon further acquaintance esteem near, the alarm of the wretched man soon ripened into affection; the gentle orphan betrayed itself, and discovered his secret to girl was wooed and won, and, with glad those around him. Fully convinced now

that his doom was sealed, he would lie consent of her foster-parents, the marriage took place. The union of this

down to die, refusing nourishment of every Christian pair was consecrated by a in the agonies of starvation, the cruel fable

| kind and eventually confirming by a death Christian service ; no heathen rights or which he so thoroughly believed. This Hindu revellings were practised on that superstition was prevalent among the native joyful occasion, but the blessing of the tribes when I came to New Zealand. I Lord Jesus was sought upon the heard a missionary give an account of an marriage feast.

instance that occurred about twelve months “The orphan of Juggernaut still after my arrival. A fine young man had lives to praise God for her creation, accidentally, and in complete ignorance of preservation, and all the blessings of the fact, trodden on the grave of a chief. this life' which have been her portion, A native had witnessed the alarming sacriand she resides close to the spot where lege, and at once made the matter known. she was so mercifully preserved. Her To the general surprise, the offender first husband, the Rev. Behari Lal Singh, retained possession of his usual health. of Calcutta, is now on a visit to this As soon, however, as he learned what he country, and from his lips, when speak- lieve the spell was already at work. Ho

had done, he became so alarmed as to being recently at a public meeting in wrapped himself up in blankets and lay London, on behalf of the Society for down to die. The circumstance was conPromoting Female Education in the cealed from the missionary for some time, East, the writer heard this narrative. and the poor fellow's friends grew very unHe concluded by asking his hearers to easy at the prolongation of his life. At pray for his beloved partner, that she last the missionary heard of it, and was may be a burning and a shining light greatly surprised to find that the victim among her benighted sisters, and may was one belonging to his own district. He have wisdom and grace to train up her immediately went to the wharra, and found children in the nurture and admonition him absolutely sinking through sheer exof the Lord.'"

haustion, as was plainly shown by his sunken cheek and ghastly countenance. At first the young man refused to listen

to him, and, in concert with his friends, is Extracts from New Publications. death was inevitable. The missionary en

quired for the spot on which the young

man had intruded. The place was shown SUPERSTITIONS OF THE

him, and he immediately walked over the MAORIES OF NEW ZEALAND.

grave. The spectators, of course, expected

to see his countenance change ; but, after On my arrival here I was greatly disap- gazing for some time (like those islanders pointed at finding those with whom I came of old who saw the viper fasten upon the in contact, of the native race of New Zea, hand of St. Paul) without observing any land, so completely sunk in ignorance and evil consequences result from the daring superstition. It was only too evident that act, they arrived at the satisfactory conif they had been instructed in the princi- clusion that from the penalty which would ples of Christianity, they had by this time unquestionably have overtaken the Maori, either forgotten them or set them utterly the Pakabaka was mysteriously exempt. at defiance. As examples, I need only The missionary again endeavoured to perrefer to their recent wars, and to an outra- suade the young man to take something, geous delusion, which I shall proceed to put his friends emphatically protested. At describe.

It has always been believed last he felt the pangs of hunger so sharply among the Maories, that to tread on the that he was induced to eat, and in a few grave of a chief is certain death. Should days he entirely recovered. Now, as all anyone have been so unfortunate as to com- this occurred among natives who had emmit the offence, it was announced as a braced Christianity, the question arises, positive certainty, that his crime would how can it be accounted for? Alas! in a cost him his life. The statement, which lamentable way. The very people who was implicitly credited, worked so power- ought to have set them an upright example fully upon the fears of the people, that, I have been a stumbling-block in their path.

The white man has daily degraded himself Few can have beheld a gorgeous as a drunkard in their presence; they have sunset without the same suggestire been constantly cheated in the most ont. association. Incomparably the grand. rageous and barefaced manner. Any ear. est scene the writer ever witnessed in nest longings they might once have che nature was a sunset on Mont Blanc, as rished to exchange a heathen for a Chris. tian life, have been utterly put to flight by mountain" had appeared during the

seen from the Flegere. The “monarch the disgraceful spectacle presented in the lives of those who professed the faith the shades of light and shadow-at one

day under varied, shifting, capricious were invited to adopt. If we are to credit the statements of missionaries, it is certain time fleecy vapours, at another darker that the candle of the Lord shone brightly masses obscuring his giant form. As at one time among this benighted people, eveuing, however, approached, all these and many have been pointed out to me as were dispelled; not a cloud floated in able once to give a good reason for the hope the still air, when the glowing orb lasthat was in them, but now living in open tened to his setting. The vast irregular rebellion against God. Once the Lord's: pyramid of snow became a mass of deday was by them esteemed as sacred, and licately flushed crimson. Anon, the nothing could induce them to desecrate it. shadows of night crept up the valley, Now the calm of Sabbath rest appears to until nothing but the summit of the have for ever forsaken this lovely island, mountain retained the hectic glow of while the Christian pen can only write a

expiring life

a coronal of evanescent sorrowing “Ichabod over the records of her deserted faith.

It must not

glory: This, too, in its turn, slowly be inferred, however, from all that has been and impressively passed away. The said, that religious services are entirely flaming sun of that long afternoon abandoned by the natives; on the contrary, sank behind the opposite range of they are generally well attended. Nor are Alps; and the colossal mass in front. louder responses to the prayer ever heard which, in a few minutes before, had from the two silent congregations of Chris- been gleaming with ruby splendour, tian England. A remnant there is that now lapsed into a hue of cold grey, as shall be saved-their knees unbent to Baal. if it had assumed robes of sackcloth A few, we may rest assured, are quietly and ashes, in exchange for the glow, waiting with all the Church militant on and warmth, and brightness of life. earth for the promised consolation of Israel. The fellow-spectators at the moment - From Memorials of Serjeant William Harjouram, just published by Nisbet and gave expression to the same irresistible

suggestion- What a sublime symbol ! what an awful and impressive photh. graph of Death ?

Nor was this all. When that last SUNSET AND DEATH. lurid glow was lingering on the sum

mits, lighting up the jewels in this ies If we regard the world of nature as diadem, the sun itself had in reality a typical volume, full of suggestive already set-he had sunk behind the analogies, an exponent and interpreter line of the horizon. The valley beof the world of spirit, no symbol neath had long been sleeping in surely is more striking and appropriate shadow, and lights were twinkling in than “ Sunsetis of Death. Every the chalets. This, too, had its irreevening, as the sun goes down, we have pressible meaning and lesson-that the a permanent type and enduring parable radiance of the moral sunset lingers of the close of life, as well as a pledge after our earthly course has run. A and prophecy of the rising again in the man's influence survives death! These eternal morning. The God of nature, glorious orbs of the olden time Lare in his own hieroglyphic, countersigns set for thousands of years, but their the beautiful utterance of his word- mellowed lustre still irradiates the “ Mark the perfect man, and behold world's mountain-tops. the upright: for the end of that man they yet “speak."— Macduff's Sereeds is peace” (Psa. xxxvii.).

on the Hebrer Mountains.


Though dead.

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