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lations to his human family, 321 – Fraternity of churches in Boston, 218,
analogous to the influence human

minds exert over each other, 323 -

necessary to the growth of devo.
tional sentiments, 324 — argument Goodwin, Rev. E. S., his Sermons,
from Scripture, 326.

noticed, 404.
Dutch settlers at the Cape of Good Green, Dr., his Review of Dr. Miller's
Hope, character of, 393.

93 et seq.

Letters to Presbyterians, reviewed,

137 et seq. - his authority in mat-

ters touching Presbyterianism, 138

extracts from his Review, 140,
Education, errors and faults in, point- 145, 149.
ed out, 302– new method of teach-

ing the languages, 304 - geog.
raphy, 306 — formation of a good Harvard College, article on,
style, 308

local situation of, 94 — studies pur-
Episcopal pretensions examined, 179. sued at, 96 compared with other
Essenes, some account of the, 353. American colleges, 97 — religious
Essentials of Christianity, review of, prejudices against it unfounded,

43 - list of essential articles, 45 – 100- - expenses of education there,
nothing to be so regarded except what, 102 this accounted for, 104
on the authority of Christ or his - the vicinity of Boston, a great
Apostles, 48 – peculiar doctrines of advantage, 107 - a contribution to
orthodoxy not of this character, 49 the funds of College by its alumni
- objections to the making and proposed, 111 — diminution of the
imposing of human creeds as a expenses generally considered, 113
test of character, 53.

- the plan of a beneficiary fund,
Eusebius, use made of his testimony 114 — need of a new building for

by Taylor, 354 — how he is to be the library, 117 — recent difficulties
understood, 355.

in the College, alluded to, 120 —
Evidences of Christianity, Lecture combination among the students,

on, 1- Earl of Rosse on, reviewed, 121.
155 — his remarks on the miracle Hedge, Rev. Mr., his Artillery Elec-
of the blind man restored to sight, tion Sermon, noticed, 169.
158 — evidence from prophecy, 159 Hengstenberg, review of, in last vol-
- summary of them, 370.

ume, note on, 127.

Herder's work on Hebrew Poetry,

noticed, 92.

Howard, Life of, by Mrs. Farrar, no-
Faith, foundations of, 1 - revealed ticed, 276.

by consciousness, 3 - conscience, Human brotherhood, extracts from
veneration, and the idea of the infi. Fox's Sermon on, 18.
nite, 5 — subjective faith a reality,
8- evidence of the existence of

the spiritual world, 11.
Farrar, Mrs., her Life of Howard, 274 Infidelity, modern characteristics of,
- her Youth's Letter-Writer, no-

its origin and progress
ticed, 277.

traced, 24 — some of its sophistries
“For Substance of Doctrine,” review exposed, 26 — mixed up with poli-

of this phrase. See Substance of tics, 28 -- its present mode of as-

sailing Christianity, 30 Miss
Furness, Rev. Mr., his Sermon on the Wright's connexion with it, 33 -
Spirit of Jesus, noticed, 402.

Abner Kneeland, 35 -- prevalence
Foundations of Faith, article on. See of, 39 — demoralizing and disor-

ganizing tendencies of, 41 -- pro-
Fox's Sermons on Christian Morality,

priety of

wering infidel works,
reviewed, 15 — and again, 283. 333.

23 et seq:

Infidels, to be let alone, 14 - Miss Müller's Universal History, noticed,

Wright, 33 -- their general charac- 278.
ter, 36 — how they have met death, Mystery, remarks on, 202 et seq.-
38 – character of infidel writers, mysterious doctrines, 205 — mys-
388 - Robert Taylor, 340.

terious experiences, 209 — myste-

rious preaching, 212 – injurious

general tendencies of, 215.


Jones, Sir William, misrepresented

by Taylor, 348.

New Haven method of subscribing ar-

ter, 35.

ticles of faith, commented on, 382.

Novels, some account of, 372.
Kay's Travels, reviewed, 388.
Kneeland, Abner, arguments at the

trial of, reviewed, 23 -- his charac-

Ordinances, Christian, ordination not

indispensable to right of adminis-

tering them, 194.

Ordination. See Congregational.
Lamson, Rev. Alvan, his Dudleian Outrage, the late, at Charlestown,

Lecture on Congregational ordina- 131.
tion, 177.

Life of the Saviour, Prof. Ware's,
noticed, 274.

Palfrey, Professor, his Sermon on the

Claims of Harvard College, review-

ed, 93.

Phrenology, pretensions of, examin-
May, S.J., his Letters to the Editors, ed, 249- - a branch of the sensual

school, 252— makes the brain the
Meditations for the Afflicted, Sick, sole organ of the mind, 254 - this
and Dying, noticed, 277.

position controverted, 256 - argu-
Miller, Dr., Review of his Letters to ments of Spurzheim weighed, 255

Presbyterians, reviewed, 137 et seq. brain of insects, 261 no evidence
Ministers, Christian, the nature of of the independent action of the

their office, 186, 201 —- preaching, phrenological organs of the brain,
their principal work, 403.

263 — testimony of eminent phy-
Ministry at Large, Dr. Tuckerman's sicians against phrenology: 265

Letters on, 218 et seq. --- some ac- reasons of its popularity, 267.
count of this ministry in Boston, Planck, Dr. G. J., his Introduction to
219 — whence the name, 222 Sacred Philology, noticed, 130,
specially designed for the spiritual Poor, the, ininistry at large establish-
improvement of the poor, 225 - ed for their spiritual improvement,
fraternity of churches established 225 — their claims on our compas-
to support it, 230 — how this fra- sion, 237 — to be encouraged in the
ternity may best coöperate with the means of an honorable sell-support,
ministers at large, 2331.

240 their most pressing necessi-
Morality, Fox's Sermons on the Prin- ties, 242 — duty of preaching the
ciples of, reviewed, 15 — and again, gospel to, 297.

the utilitarian scheme Presbyterian Church, present state of,
of morals unsatisfactory, 254 article on the, 137 et seq. — origin
ground of obligation to obey the of the difficulties in, 138 — apostacy
right, 291 — difference between the in doctrinal points, 145'—- new
morality of the cultivated and the school differ essentially from the
uncultivated man, 292— service of old, 150 — this reform cannot be
Christianity in this respect, 293 arrested, 153.

Christian ideal of excellence, Prophecy, how to be interpreted, 161)

- predictions of our Saviour, 162

283 et seq:


- vindicated against objections, Sunday Library for Young Persons,
163 — the truth of Christianity noticed, 274.
does not depend on it, 167.


Taylor, Rev. Robert, his Diegesis, re-
Reason and Revelation, 56.

viewed, 332 et seq.

-author's quali-
Religion, Benjamin Constant on, 63 fications, 340 — his pretended re.

- man is determined to it by a fun- semblances between the Christian
damental law of his nature, 64 and Pagan theology, 343 — misrep-
the form of, variable, 65 each resents Sir William Jones, 348 -
successive form of it has three

perverts the testimony of Eusebi.
epochs, 66.

us, 354 — his absurd misinterpre-
Rosse, Earl of, his Argument to prove tations of Scripture, 360 — grossly

the Truth of Christianity, review- misrepresents Scripture, 363
ed, 155 et seq. — notices of him, 156. garbles and falsifies other writers,
See Evidences of Christianity. 365 — general character of the

work, 369.

Thacher, B. B., his Memoirs of S. O.

Wright, reviewed, 269.
Self-denial, remarks on, 74.

Trinity, disproved, 49.
Sentiments, the, considered as a dis- Tuckerman, Dr., his Letter on the

tinct class of faculties, 70 — as Ministry at Large, inserted, 218 et
worthy of reliance as the under- seq. See Ministry at Large.
standing, 71 — the most essential Turner, Professor, his Translation of
part of our nature, 73 -- the disin- Dr. Planck's Introduction, noticed,
terested and self-denying senti-

ments, 74.
Skepticism, its origin, 13 — how men

become skeptics, 25.
Spirit of the Hebrew Scriptures, No. Utilitarianism controverted, 284 et
III., 78 et seq:-

Cain and Abel, 79, seg.
-other antedeluvian traditions, 85
- the deluge, 86 curses in the

writings of Moses, how to be un-
derstood, 89 — Babel, 90.

Veneration, sentiment of, peculiar to
Spiritual faculties and capacities


really possessed by man, 2 et seq.-
manifestation and developement of,
constitute religion, 8—and a per-
fect man, 9.

Ware, Professor H., Jr., his Sunday
Spiritual philosophy, needed, 14. Library for Young Persons, and
Spiritual world, evidence of its ex- his Life of the Saviour, noticed,
istence, 11.

Spurzheim, Dr., his Phrenology re- War, thoughts on, 175.

viewed, 249 et seq. See Phrenology. Worship, origin and nature of, 78.
Substance of Doctrine, on believing Wright, s. 0., missionary to Liberia,

in public confessions with this Memoirs of, reviewed, 269 — brief
qualification, 381 - disadvantages notice of his life and labors, ib.
of this course, 382 — advantages of Wright, Miss Frances, her character
it pointed out, ib.



and projects, 33.

CORRECTION. - Page 30, line 21, for burning of the Quakers read hanging of the Quakers.

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