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Acceptance, Access, Body of Christ, The Ten Commandments are the sum
Church, Death of Christ, Exaltation, of the moral law, con. xix. 2. cat. 98.
Expiation, Humiliation, Imputation, They are a perfect rule of righteous.
Intercession, Judge, Merit, Messiah, ness, con. xix. 2. Rules for under.
Name of Christ, Personal Union, standing them, cat. 99. The pre-
Propitiation, Reconciliation, Re- face explained, cat. 101. The first
demption, Resurrection, Righteous- Commandment, cat. 103,-106.
ness, Sacrifice, Salvation, Satisfac- The second, cat. 107,-110.
tion, Surety.

The third, cat. 111,-114.
Christian liberty. See Liberty.

The fourth,

cat. 115,--121.
The Church is the object of God's 'The fifth, cat. 123,-133.
special providence, con. v.7. cat. 63. The sixth,

Christ the only head of it, con. viii.

The seventh, cat. 137,-139.
1. xxv. 6. The catholick church

The eighth, cat. 140-142.
invisible, what, con. xxv. 1. cat. 64. The ninth, cat.

143,- 145.
Given to Christ from all eternity, The tenth, cat. 146,-148.
can. viii. 1. The benefits which the The sum of the first four command.
members of it enjoy by Christ, cat. ments, which contain our duty to
65, 66, 69, 82, 83, 86, 90. The catho- God, cat. 102. The sum of the
lic church visible, what, con. xxv. 2. other six, which contain our duty to
cat. 62. Out of it no ordinary pos- man, cat. 122. No man is able to
sibility of salvation, con. xxv. 2. Its keep the commandments of God
privileges, con. xxv. 3. cat. 63. Par- perfectly, cat. 149.
ticular churches more or less pure, The Communion. See The Lord's
con. xxv.4. The purest subject to Supper.
mixture and error, con. xxv. 5. Communion of saints, wherein it con-
There shall always be a church on - sists; con. xxvi. 1, 2. The enjoy-
earth to worship God according to ment of it is one of the privileges of
his will, ib.

the visible church, cat. 63. In the
Church-censures. See Censures. Lord's supper communicants testify
Church-government appointed by the their mutual love and fellowship

Lord Jesus in the hand of church- each with other, cat. 168. That sa-
officers, distinct from the civil ma- crament being a bond and pledge
gistrate, con. xxx. 1. cat. 45, 108. of believers' communion with Christ,
But they are not exempted from and with each other, as members of
obedience to the magistrate, con. his mystical body, con. xxix. 1. The
xxiii. 4. They have the power of communion of saints doth nct in-
the keys committed to them, con. fringe a man's property in his goods
XXX. 2. What that power is, and and possessions, con. xxvi. 3.
its use, con. xxx. 2, 3, 4. They are . Communion which the elect bave with
not to be opposed in the lawful ex- with Christ, con. xxvi. 1. In this
ercise of their powers upon pretence life, cat. 69, 83. Immediately after
of Christian liberty, con. xx. 4. See death, cat. 86. At the resurrection
Counci?8. There are some circumi- and day of judgment, cat. 87, 90. It
stances concerning church-govern- is a consequence of their union with
ment, which are to be ordered by him, con. xxvi. 1. It doth not make
the light of nature and Christian them partakers of his Godhead, nor
prudence, according to the general equal with him, con. xxvi. 3. It is
rules of the word, con. i. 6.

confirmed in the Lord's supper, cat.
Circumcision, one of the ordinances by 168.

which the covenant of grace was ad. Unchaste Company not to be kept,
ministered under the law, con. vii. cat. 139. Nor corrupt communica.
5. cat. 34.

tions to be used or listened to, ib.
Civil magistrate, or civil powers. See Condition. Perfect, personal, and

perpetual obeciience, the conditon

7. 7. 2

of the covenant of works, con. vji. 2. dition of it, con. vii. 2. xix. 1. eat.
* xix. 1. cat. 20. God requires faith 20. It is called a law, and a com-
as the condition to interest sinners mand, con. iv. 2. and a law gives
in the Mediator of the covenant of as a covenant, con. xix. 1. and a cove.
grace, cut. 32.

nant of life, of which the tree of life
Confession of sin always to be made in was a piedge, cat. 20.

private to God, con. xv. 6. And is Covenant of grace, what, con. vi. 3.
to be joined with prayer, cat. 178. cat. 30. 32. It was made with Christ
When to be made to men, coti. XV. as the second Adam, and with all
6. Upon confession, the offending the elect in him as his seed, cat. 31

brother is to be received in love, ib. In it God requireth of sinners faith
Conscience. See Liberty of Con- in Christ, that they may be justified,

science. Peace of conscience a fruit and saved, con. vii. 3. cat. 71. Faith
of the sense of God's love, con. xviii. being required as the condition to
1,3, cat. 83. Believers may fall into interest them in Christ, cat. 32
sins which wound the conscience, Who is the Mediator of this cove-
son. xvii. 3. xviii. 4. The wicked nant, con. viii. 1. cat. 36. Why it is
are punished with horror of con- called a testament, con. vii. 4. I
science, cat. 28, 83.

was differently administered in the
Contentment. Submission to God is time of the law, and in the time d

our duty, cat. 104. Discontent at the gospel, con. vii. 5. cat. 33. How
his dispensations is sinful, cat. 105. it was adininistered under the law,
A full contentment with our condi- con. vii. 5. cat. 34. How under the
tion is our duty, cat. 147. Discon- gospel, con. vii. 6. cat. 35.
tentment with our own estate a sin, Counsels, or synods, ought to be, con
cat. 148.

xxxi. 1. They may be called by
Controversies. It belongs to synods the civil magistrate, con. sxüi. 3

and councils ministerially to deter- Xxxi. 2. When ministers may meet
mine controversies of faith, and ca- without the call of the civil magis-
ses of conscience, con. xxxi. 3. The trate, con. xxxxi. 2. What power
Spirit speaking in the scriptures is councils have, con. xxxi. 3. What
the supreme judge of all controver- submission due to their decrees, ib.
sies in religion, con. i. 10. The ori. Not infallible since the apostles'
ginal text of the scriptures is that to time, con. xxi. 4. But their deter.
which the church is finally to ap- minations are to be tried by the
peal, con. i. 3.

scriptures, con. i. 10. How far they
Our Conversation ought to be in holi- may meddle in civil affairs, con.

ness and righteousness, answerable xxxi. 5.

to an holy profession, cát. 112, 167. Creation of the world, con. iv. 1. cat.
Corruption of nature, what, con. vi. 2, 15. Of man, con. iy. 2. cat. 17. Of

4. cat. 25. A consequence of the angels, cat. 16.
Hall of man, ib. Actual sin a fruit of Creatures. Dominion over the crea-
it, con. vi. 4. cat. 25. How it is pro- tures given to man, con. iv. 2. cat. 17.
pagated, con. vi. 3. cat. 26. It doth They are cursed for our sakes since
remain during this life in the rege- the fall, cat. 28. Religious worship
nerate, and all its motions are truly to be given to no creature, cont. xx.
sin, cơm, vi. 5. xiii. 2. cat, 78. But it 2. cat, 105.
is pardoned and mortified through Curiosity. Bold and curious searching
Christ, con. vi. 5.

into God's secrets discharged, cat.
Covenant. No enjoying of God but by 105. Curious prying into God's de.
way of covenant, con. vii. 1.

crees forbidden, cat. 113. Curious
Covenant of works, what, and with or unprofitable questions are to be

whom made, con. iv. 2. vii. 2. xix. avoided, ib.
1. cat. 20, 22. Perfect, personal, The curse and wrath of God, man lia-
and perpetual obedience, the con. ble to it, both by original and actual

sin, con. vi. 6. cat. 27. How it may trate, is cause sufficient of dissolving

be escaped, con. vii. 3. cat. 153. the bond of marriage, con. xxiv. 6.
Cursing sinful, cat. 113.

Despair sinful, cut. 105. Believers al.

ways supported from utter despair,
DANCING. Lascivious dancing forbid. con. xviii. 4. cat. 81.
den, cat. 139.

Devil, all compacts and consulting
Dead, not to be prayed for, con. xxi. 4. with him, sinful, cat. 105.
cat. 183.

Diligence in our calling a duty, cat.
Death, being the wages of sin, con. vi. 141.

6. cat. 28, 84. It is appointed for all Dipping in baptism not necessary, com.
men, cat. 84. How it is an advan- xxviii. 3.
tage to the righteous, cat. 85. The Discontent at the dispensations of
state of believers immediately after God's providence sinful, cat. 105,
death, con. xxxi. 1. cat. 86. of the 113. Discontentment with our own
wicked, ib.

estate sinful, cat. 148.
The Death of Christ, coi vùi. 4. cat. Divorce, lawful in case of adultery af-

49. In it he saw no corruption, con. ter marriage, or of such wilfui de.
viii. 4. cat. 52. The divine nature sertion as cannot be remedied, con.
having sustained the human from xxiv. 5, 6. A publick and orderly
sinking under the power of death, course of proceeding is to be obser-
sat. 38. By his obedience and death, ved in it, con. xxiv. 6.
be made a proper, real, and full Dominion, See Sovereignty, Crea.
satisfaction to the justice of the Fa-

tures, Sin.
ther, con. xi. 3. cat. 71. Through Doubting of being in Christ may con-
the virtue of his death and resurrec- sist with a true interest in him, con.
tion, believers are sanctified, con. xvii. 3. xviii. 4. cat. 81, 172. And
xi. 1. Believers have fellowship therefore should not hinder from
with Christ in his death, con. xxvi. 1. partaking of the Lord's supper, caf.
And from his death and resurrec- 172.
tion they draw strength for the mor- Drunkenness forbidden, cat. 139.
tifying of sin, and quickening of Duty to God by the light of nature,
grace, cat. 167. The Lord's supper cón. xxi. 1. Duties required in the
is a memorial of his death, con. frst commandment, cat. 104. In the
Ixix. 1. cat. 168. And in that sacra- second, cat. 108. In the third, cat.
ment worthy communicants medi- 112. In the fourth, cat. 116. Du.
tate affectionately on his death and ties of inferiors to their superiors,
sufferings, 'cat. 174. And receive, con. xxiii. 4. cat. 127. What is re-
and feed upon all the benefits of his quired of superiors, con. xxiii. 2. cat.
death, con. xxix. 7.

129. Duties of equals, cat. 131.
The Decalogue. See Commandments. Duties of the sixth commandment,
The Decrees of God, the nature, end, cat. 135. Of the seventh, cat. 138.

extent, and properties of them, con. Of the eighth, cat. 141. Of the
iii. 1, 2. cat. 12. The decree of pre- ninth, cat. 144. Of the tenth, cat.
destination, con. iii. 3, 4. Of elec- 147.
tion and reprobation, con. iii. 5, 6, 7.

cat. 13. How God executeth his de- ECCLESIASTICAL powers not to be op-
crees, cat. 14. How the doctrine of

posed upon pretence of Christian li.
decrees is to be handled, and what berty,"con. xx. 4. Ecclesiastical per-
use to be made of them, con. iii. 8. sons not exempted from obedience
Curious prying into God's decrees to the civil magistrate, con. xxii. 4.
forbidden, cat. 113.

Effectual calling, what, con. x. 1. cat.
Desertion. Wilful desertion unlawful, 67. It is of God's free grace, not
cat. 139. Such as cannot be reme- from any thing foreseen in mar, con.
died by the church or civil magis. 7. 2. cat. 67. All the elect, and they

only, are effectually called, con. X. being the work of the spirit, cor.
1, 4. cat. 68. The elect united to siv. 1. cat. 59, 72. It is ordinarily
Christ in their effectual calling, cat. wrought by the ministry of the

word, con. xiv. 1. Increased and
Election out of God's mere free grace, strengthened by the word, sacra

con. iii. 5. cat. 13. From all eternity ments, and prayer, ib. Often weak.
in Christ, ib. Election not only to ened, but always gets the victory,
eternal life and glory, but also to con. xiv. 3. Growing up in many to
the means thereof, con. iü. 6. cat. 13. a full assurance, con. xiv. 3. cat. 80.
All the elect, and they only, are ef- Good works, the fruit and evidence
fectually called and saved, con. iii. of true faith, con. xvi. 2. cat. 52.
6. . 1, 4. cat. 68. Though others Which is never alone, but always
may be outwardly called by the accompanied with all other saving
word, and have some common ope- graces, and is no dead faith, but
rations of the Spirit, ib. Elect in. worketh by love, con. xi. 2. cat. 73.
fants, and other elect persons, who Fall of man, the nature and effects of
are incapable of being called by the it, con. vi. cat. 21, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29.
word, how saved, con. x. 3. What Why permitted, con. vi. 1. How all
use to be made of the doctrine of mankind concerned in it, con, vi. 3.
of election, con.iv. 8. And how men cat. 22.
may be assured of their eternal elec- Falling away. See Perseverance.
tion, ib. See Assurance.

Family worship daily, required of God,
Envy sinful, cat. 128, 136, 142, 145,

con. xxi. 6.

Fasting. Religious fasting, a duty,
Equals, their duties and sins, cat. 131, cat. 108. Solemn fasting a part of

religious worship, con. xxi. 5.
Equivocation. Speaking the truth in Fellowship: See Communion.

doubtful and equivocal expressions, Fore-knowledge. All things come to
to the prejudice of truth, or justice, pass infallibly according to the fore-
sinful, cat. 145.

knowledge of God, con. v. 2.
Eucharist. See Lord's supper. Forgiveness. See Pardon.
Exaltation of Christ, con. viii. 4. cat. Fornication, committed after contract

51. In his resurrection, cat. 52. In of marriage, a just ground of dis-
his ascension, cat. 53. In his sitting solving the contract, con. sxiv. 5.
at the right hand of God, cut. 54. Fortune. To ascribe any thing to kor-
In his coming to judge the rld, tune, is sinful, cat. 105.
cat. 56.

Free-will. See Will.
Self-examination, cat. 171.

Frugality, a duty, cat. 141.
Excommunication, con. XXX. 2, 3, 4.

G ,
Expiation. Sin cannot be expiated GAXING. Wasteful gaming forbidden,

but by the blood of Christ, cat. cat. 142.

Glory. The communion in glory with

Christ, which believers enjoy in this
Farth, what, con. xiv. 2. cat. 72. God life, con. xvii. 1, 2, 3. cat. 83. Im.

requireth nothing of Simers, that mediately after death, con. Exxü. 1.
they may be justified, but faith in cat. 86. At the resurrection and
Christ, con. xi. 1. cat. 71. Which day of judgment, con. xxxü. .
he requireth as the condition to in- Xxxüi. 2. cat. 87, 90.
1 rest them in the Mediator of the The Glory of God, the end of his de-
covenant of grace, cat. 32. It justi- crees, con. ü. 3. cat. 12. The glory
fies a sinner in the siglit of God on- of his grace the end of election, com
ly as it is an instrument by which üi. 5. cat. 13. The glory of his jus-
he receiveth Christ and his righte-

tice the end of the decree of repro
ousness, con. xi. 2. cat. 73. Faith is 'bation, con. ïi. 7. cat. 13. The gk-
the gift of God, col. xi. 1. ep.71. It ry of his eternal power, wisdom, and

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goodness, the end of the creation, der the law did ordinarily partake
con. iv. 1. The manifestation of the of, con. xx. 1.
glory of his wisdom, power, justice, Government. See Church, Magistrate.
g'oolness, and merey, is the end of The Grace of God. Election is of God's
all God's works of providence, con. mere free grace, con. iü. 5. cat. 13.
v. 1. cat. 18. The end of God's ap- How the grace of God is manifest-
pointing the last judgment is the ed in the second covenant, con.
manifestation of the glory of his vii. 3. cat. 32. Effectual calling is of
mercy and justice, con. xxxii

. 10. God's free and special grace, con, Y.
To glorify God is the chief end of 2. cat. 67. Justification is only of
man, cat. 1. God is glorified by free grace, con. xi. 3. cut. 70, 71.
good works, con. xvi. 2.

Adoption is an act of free grace, con,
i Gluttony, a sin, cat. 139.

xii. cat. 74. The communion in grace
God. The light of nature sheweth which believers have with Christ,

that there is a God, con. xxi. 1. cut. cat. 69. All saving graces are the
2. What it declares concerning work of the Spirit, con, xii. xiv. xv.
him, and of our duty to him, con. i. cat. 32, 72, 75, 76, 77. And do al.
1. xxi. 1. It is not sufficient to give ways accompany faith, con. xi. 2.
that knowledge of God, and of his cut. 73. Perseverance in grace, con.
will, which is necessary unto salva- xvii. cat. 79. Increase in grace, con.
tion, con. i. 1. cat. 2. The attributes, xiii. 1, 3. cat. 75, 77. Assurance of
or perfections of God, con. ii. 1, 2. grace, con. xviii. cat. 80, 81.
cat. 7, 101. There is but one only
God, con. ii. 1. cat. 8. There are

three persons in the Godhead, dis- HARDEN. Why and how sinners are
tinguished by personal properties, hardened, con. v. 6. Believers may
con. ii. 3. cat. 9, 10. The coequali- have their hearts hardened, con.,
ty of the persons proved, cat. 11. xvii. 3.

To him is due from all his creatures, Head. The elect are inseparably uni-

whatsoever worship, service, or obe- ted to Christ as their head, con. IIV. 1
dience, he is pleased to require, con. 1. xxvi. 1. cat. 64, 66. He is the on-
ii. 2. Our duty to God, cat. 104, ly head of the church, con. xxv. 6.
108, 112, 116. What contrary to it, Hearing. What is required of those
cat. 105, 109, 113, 119. Religious that hear the word preached, cor.
worship is to be given to God the xxi, 5. cat. 160.
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and to Heaven, the state of the blessed, con.
him alone; and that only in the me- xxxii. 1. xxxiii. 2. cat. 86, 90.
diation of Christ, con. xxi. 2. cat. Hell, the state of the damned, con.
179, 181. God is to be worshipped xxxii, 1. xxxii. 2. cat. 29, 86, 89.
in that way only which he hath in- The meaning of these words in the
stituted in the scriptures, con. xxi. Creed, He descended into hell, cat. 50.
1. cat. 109. To glorify God, and ful. Hereticks to be rejected, cat. 105.
Iy to enjoy him for ever, is the chief Holiness. Goul is most holy in all his
end of man, çat, 1.

counsels, works, and commands, con.
J1 Good works. See Works.

ii. 2. Man was created holy after the
Gospel. How the covenant of grace is image of God, con. iv. 2. cat. 17. But

administered under the gospel, con. by the fall he became wholly defiled,
vii, 6. cat. 35. Without the gospel cm. vi. 2. Believers are, by the sanc-
no salvation, con. X. 4. cat. 60. In it tifying Spirit of Christ, quickened
Christ doth not dissolve but and strengthened to the practice of
strengthen the obligation to the holiness, con, xiü. 1, 3. cat. 75. And
oluence of the moral law, con. xix. are made perfectly holy in heaven,
5. Believers under the gospel have con. xxxii. 1. cat. 86, 90. See Sune-
a greater boldness of access to the tification.
throne of grace, than believers un- The Holy Ghost equal with the Fa-

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