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Nicaragua : Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Managua.
Norway: Kongelige Norske Frederiks Universitet Bibliotheket, Christiania.
l'araguay : Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Asuncion.
Persia (via Russia).
Peru: Oficina de Reparto, Depósito y Canje Internacional de Publicaciones,

Ministerio de Fomento, Lima.
Portugal: Bibliotheca Nacional, Lisbon.
Queensland : Exchange Board, Parliament House, Brisbane.
Roumania (via Germany).
Russia : Commission Russe des Échanges Internationaux, Bibliothèque Impériale

Publique, St. Petersburg. Salvador : Museo Nacional, San Salvador. Santo Domingo: Sent by mail. Servia (via Germany). Siam : Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bangkok. South Australia : Astronomical Observatory, Adelaide. Spain : Depósito de Libros, Cambio Internacional y Biblioteca General del Min

isterio de Instruccion Publica y Bellas Artes, Madrid. Sumatra (via Netherlands). Syria : Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church, New York. Sweden: Kongliga Svenska Vetenskaps Akademien, Stockholm. Switzerland: Service des échanges Internationaux, Bibliothèque Fédérale Cen

trale, Berne.
Tasmania : Royal Society of Tasmania, Hobart.

inis (via France).
Turkey: American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, Boston,
Uruguay: Oficina de Depósito, Reparto y Canje Internacional, Montevideo.
Venezuela : Biblioteca Nacional, Caracas.
Victoria : Public Library, Melbourne.
Western Australia : Public Library of Western Australia, Perth.
Zanzibar: Sent by mail.

With the exception of points otherwise inaccessible and those countries with which the use of the official post-office frank is permitted, parcels sent to foreign countries during the year were packed in boxes and were forwarded by express or freight. Of the 2,027 boxes of publications thus sent, 203 contained complete series of official documents of the United States for designated depositories, and 1,824 boxes contained United States departmental reports and scientific exchanges for miscellaneous addresses. The number of boxes of miscellaneous exchanges sent to each country is given below: Antigua 1 Cape Colony

12 Argentina 36 China

4 Austria 71 Chile

25 Barbados 2 Colombia

6 Belgium 72 ('osta Rica

7 Bermuda 2 Cuba

() Bolivia 3 Denmark

24 Brazil 29 Dutch Guiana

(6) British colonies.. 25 East Indies

33 British Guiana 4 Egypt

7 British Honduras 5 France and colonies.

177 Canada (a) Germany

236 a Packages sent by mail. o Included in transmissions to Netherlands.

Great Britain and Ireland.
362 Porto Rico

(9) Greece 12 Portugal.

14 Grenada 1 Queensland

8 Guatemala


(b) Haiti 1 Russia.-

72 Hawaii (a) Salvador

7 Honduras 5 Santo Domingo

3 Hungary 35 Servia

(b) Italy 96 Siam

3 Jamaica 4 South Australia.

13 Japan 33 Spain

18 Liberia 1 St. Christopher

1 Mexico (9) Sweden.--.

59 Natal.-8 Switzerland

56 Newfoundland (9) Syria----

2 New South Wales.. 24 Tasmania

4 Netherlands


4 New Providence1 Trinidad

2 New Zealand 10 Turkey

5 Nicaragua 6 Turks Island.

1 Norway 33 Uruguay

13 Paraguay


6 Peru 12 Victoria

19 Philippine Islands_ (9) Western Australia.

11 Polynesia---

(a) During the year four consignments of United States Government official publications were made to each of the fifty depositories for which provision was made under the joint resolution of Congress approved March 2, 1867. Transmissions consisting of one box each were made to each depository on October 1 and December 27, 1904, and on February 28 and April 24, 1905. On the last date mentioned three additional consignments, comprising complete sets, were forwarded to Cape Colony, Manitoba, and France, respectively, thus increasing the number of regular depositories to fifty-three. A list of these depositories follows: Argentina : Library of the Foreign Office, Buenos Ayres. Argentina : Biblioteca Pública Provincial, La Plata. Australia : Library of the Commonwealth Parliament, Melbourne. Austria : K. K. Statistische Central-Commission, Vienna. Baden : Universitäts-Bibliothek, Freiburg. Bavaria : Königliche Hof- und Staats-Bibliothek, Munich. Belgium : Bibliothèque Royale, Brussels. Brazil: Bibliotheca Nacional, Rio de Janeiro. Canada : Parliamentary Library, Ottawa. Cape Colony : Government Stationery Department, Cape Town. Chile: Biblioteca del Congreso, Santiago. Colombia : Biblioteca Nacional, Bogotá. Costa Rica : Oficina de Depósito y Canje de Publicaciones, San José. Cuba : Department of State, Habana. Denmark : Kongelige Bibliotheket, Copenhagen. England: British Museum, London.

a Packages sent by mail.

Included in transmissions to Germany.

England: School of Economics and Political Sciences, London.
France : Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris.
France : Préfecture de la Seine, Paris.
Germany : Deutsche Reichstags-Bibliothek, Berlin.
Greece: National Library, Athens.
Haiti: Secrétaire d'État des Relations Extérieures, Port au Prince.
Hungary : Hungarian House of Delegates, Budapest.
India : Secretary to the Government of India, Calcutta.
Ireland: National Library of Ireland, Dublin.
Italy : Biblioteca Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele, Rome.
Japan: Foreign Office, Tokyo.
Manitoba : Provincial Library, Winnipeg.
Mexico: Instituto Bibliográfico, Museo Nacional, Mexico.
Netherlands : Library of the States General, The Hague.
New South Wales: Board for International Exchanges, Sydney.
New Zealand : General Assembly Library, Wellington.
Norway: Storthingets Bibliothek, Christiania.
Ontario: Legislative Library, Toronto.
Peru: Biblioteca Nacional, Lima.
Portugal: Bibliotheca Nacional, Lisbon.
Prussia : Königliche Bibliothek, Berlin.
Quebec: Legislative Library, Quebec.
Queensland: Parliamentary Library, Brisbane.
Russia: Imperial Public Library. St. Petersburg.
Saxony: Königliche Oeffentliche Bibliothek, Dresden.
South Australia : Parliamentary Library, Adelaide.
Spain : Depósito de Libros, Cambio Internacional y Biblioteca General del

Ministerio de Instrucción Pública y Bellas Artes, Madrid.
Sweden: Kongliga Biblioteket, Stockholm.
Switzerland : Bibliothèque Fédérale, Berne.
Tasmania: Parliamentary Library. Hobart.
Transvaal: Government Library, Pretoria.
Turkey: Minister of Public Instruction, Constantinople.
Cruguay: Oficina de Depósito, Reparto y Canje Internacional de Publicaciones,

Venezuela : Biblioteca Nacional, Carácas.
Victoria : Public Library, Melbourne.
Western Australia : Public Library of Western Australia, Perth.
Württemberg: Königliche Landesbibliothek, Stuttgart.

The fifty-three sets of United States official publications referred to were delivered to the Smithsonian Institution froni time to time as they came from press, and when a sufficient number was received to completely fill the boxes prepared for them a list was printed to accompany each set, which was then shipped to its respective destination.

In addition to the above, partial sets were provided under the joint resolution of Congress approved March 2, 1901, for the purpose of increasing exchanges with countries for which no provision was made under the limited resolution of March 2, 1867. The new depositories that had been designated to the close of the fiscal year 1904–5 were as follows: Austria-Hungary: Bürgermeister der Haupt- und Residenz-Stadt, Vienna. Bolivia : United States Minister, La Paz. British Columbia : Legislative Library, Victoria. Bulgaria : Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sofia.

Ceylon: United States Consul, Colombo.
Egypt: Bibliothèque Khédiviale, Cairo.
Germany : Grossherzogliche Hof-Bibliothek, Darmstadt.
Germany: Senatskommission für die Reichs- und auswärtigen Angelegenheiten,

Germany: Foreign Office, Bremen.
Guatemala: Secretary of the Government, Guatemala.
Honduras : Secretary of the Government, Tegucigalpa.
Jamaica : Colonial Secretary, Kingston.
Malta : Lieutenant-Governor, Valetta.
Newfoundland: Colonial Secretary, St. John's.
New Brunswick : Legislative Library, St. John.
Natal: Colonial Governor, Pietermaritzburg.
Nicaragua : Superintendente de Archivos Nacionales, Managua.
Nova Scotia : Legislative Library, Halifax.
Northwest Territories : Government Library, Regina.
Orange River Colony : Government Library, Bloemfontein.
Prince Edward Island : Legislative Library, Charlottetown.
Paraguay : Oficina General de Informaciones y Canjes y Commisaria General

de Inmigracion, Asuncion.
Roumania : Academia Romana, Bukharest.
Salvador : Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, San Salvador.
Straits Settlements: Colonial Secretary, Singapore.
Siam: Foreign Office, Bangkok.

As new countries are constantly being added, the partial sets for the depositories designated under the last resolution are not forwarded simultaneously with those originally provided, but are delivered to the Institution from the Library of Congress and are dispatched with the next succeeding consignments of miscellaneous exchanges to the respective countries in which the depositories are situated.

The agencies in those countries which are supported at the expense of the Smithsonian Institution are represented by Messrs. William Wesley & Son in London, Mr. Joseph von Körösy in Budapest, and Mr. Karl W. Hiersemann in Leipzig

To those efficient representatives who aid the Institution in promoting the interests of the Exchange Service, both at home and abroad, and to Mr. Charles A. King, deputy collector of the port of New York, grateful acknowledgments are extended. Respectfully submitted.

F. W. HODGE, Acting Curator Mr. S. P. LANGLEY,

Secretary Smithsonian Institution.





SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report relating to the condition and operation of the National Zoological Park for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1905.

New house for mammals.—The principal work that has been prosecuted during the year for the advancement of the park has been that upon the new house for mammals. The structural ironwork was completed about December 1, 19904, and the tile roof was finished about May 1, 1905. This roof was ornamented by terra-cotta finials after models designed by Mrs. Kemeys. A large conduit for heating and ventilating purposes was constructed under the long axis of the building. The amount expended from the appropriation for the year will reach about $10,000. As the building is situated near the edge of a steep declivity, a heavy fill of earth supported by a retainiug wall will be required on the eastern side in order to accommodate the necessary cages and walks. The plastering of this building, the interior and exterior cages, and the woodwork still remain to be done. It is hoped to occupy the building during the coming winter. Considerable delays occur from the difficulty of getting suitable mechanics for the work,

Temporary bird house.—To accommodate the birds kept during the summer in the large flying cage, as well as those received from the St. Louis Exposition, two additions were made to this building. A large indoor cage was fitted up for quail, thrushes, cardinals, etc., and another for finches and other small species, the latter communicating with an outdoor cage. Yards were structed for the north African and Somali ostriches received from the President, and concrete floors were constructed for several of the larger indoor cages. The total cost of the alterations and extensions was about $1,200.

Carnirora house.-A new boiler for the heating apparatus was put in with satisfactory results. Considerable repairs were made to the metal roof, and the ironwork of the outside cages was thoroughly cleaned and repainted, all it a cost of about $800.

Temporary bear cages.-As funds were wanting for the construction of the permanent dens designed for the collection of bears, the small cages in which those animals are now confined were rearranged so as to give better facilities for drainage. Drains were laid, gutters constructed, and screens planted.

Inclosures for burrowing rodents. The inclosures heretofore used for this purpose at the park have hitherto not been satisfactory, being badly located and permitting the escape of the animals. Two new inclosures that have proved very satisfactory have been made during the year. One of these, for prairie dogs, was formed by excavating the earth to a depth of 41 feet, paving and grouting the bottom, and then filling in with gravelly earth. Another, for woodchucks, was not excavated so deeply and was closed at the boitom with telford pavement. The cost of the two inclosures was about $500.

Repairs to inclosures. Most of the inclosures in the park are made by wire fencing, which has now been in use from five to eight years. In the course of

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