The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, Том 25

Передняя обложка
Josiah Gilbert Holland, Richard Watson Gilder
Century Company, 1883

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Стр. 587 - Our love was like most other loves, — A little glow, a little shiver, A rosebud and a pair of gloves, And "Fly Not Yet," upon the river; Some jealousy of some one's heir, Some hopes of dying broken-hearted; A miniature, a lock of hair, The usual vows, — and then we parted.
Стр. 70 - For all the rest were poor gentlemen, tradesmen, serving men, libertines, and such like, ten times more fit to spoil a commonwealth, than either begin one, or but help to maintain one.
Стр. 461 - For music (which is earnest of a heaven, Seeing we know emotions strange by it, Not else to be revealed,) is as a voice, A low voice calling fancy, as a friend, To the green woods in the gay summer time : And she fills all the way with dancing shapes Which have made painters pale, and they go on Till stars look at them and winds call to them As they leave life's path for the twilight world Where the dead gather.
Стр. 364 - I came from England, because I did not like the lord-bishops; but I can't join with you, because I would not be under the lord-brethren.
Стр. 461 - I am made up of an intensest life, Of a most clear idea of consciousness Of self, distinct from all its qualities, From all affections, passions, feelings, powers ; And thus far it exists, if tracked in all : But linked, in me, to self-supremacy, Existing as a centre to all things, Most potent to create and rule and call Upon all things to minister to it...
Стр. 170 - It shall be requisite to the admission of attorneys or counsellors to practice in this court, that they shall have been such for three years past in the supreme courts of the States to which they respectively belong, and that their private and professional character shall appear to be fair.
Стр. 243 - A dog-fight!' shouted Bob, and was off; and so was I, both of us all but praying that it might not be over before we got up! and is not this boy-nature? and human nature too? and don't we all wish a house on fire not to be out before we see it? Dogs like fighting; old Isaac says they 'delight...
Стр. 28 - The art of fiction has, in fact, become a finer art in our day than it was with Dickens and Thackeray. We could not suffer the confidential attitude of the latter now, nor the mannerism of the former, any more than we could endure the prolixity of Richardson or the coarseness of Fielding.
Стр. 252 - In this country the people have rights, but the person has none. You would have perceived that if you had come with me to make arrangements at this establishment. The very fine lady who condescends to preside over it kept me waiting twenty minutes, and then came sailing in without a word of apology. I had sat very silent, with my eyes on the clock ; Aurora amused herself...
Стр. 464 - Oh for Jerusalem's trumpet now, To blow a blast of shattering power, To wake the sleepers high and low, And rouse them to the urgent hour! No hand for vengeance — but to save, A million naked swords should wave, Oh, deem not dead that martial fire, Say not the mystic flame is spent!

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