Heart Condition

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Xulon Press, 2007 - Всего страниц: 208
Don Geyer is a licensed minister and taught part time at the Oregon College of Ministry for six years. Although now employed as a technical writer, his passion is communicating God's word through teaching, preaching, and missions. When not writing or teaching, Don can often be found on stage in dramatic presentations or in his garage crafting wooden swords with Scriptural themes. Don is also co-founder of Word in Motion Ministries, a ministry dedicated to teaching the practical application of God's Word, and promoting worship as a lifestyle not just a Sunday morning experience. Don, along with his wife, and two children live in Sandy, Oregon. Lucas, the author of the third Gospel, was an educated man. As such he was supposed to have all the answers, but his years of medical training left him with an inquisitive mind. Included in his Gospel are stories unique to his account, but he was cryptic in their telling. What really happened as he traveled the Holy Land in search of the truth? What he encountered was more than he bargained for and in the process the doctor discovers his own Heart Condition. Walk the dusty path with Lucas as he encounters eyewitnesses of the amazing and enduring legacy left behind by the Man who changed history, who changed eternity: Jehoshua. What will you discover along the way?

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A Gladdened Heart
A Living Heart
An Anxious Heart
4 A Dismayed Heart
A Broken Heart
A Fathers Heart
A Faint Heart
A Freed Heart
A True Heart
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