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Vellus of God preferve) having concluded a treaty of protected, peace and commerce with the United States of America, has ordered me, the better to compleat it, and in addition of the tenth ar ticle of the treaty, to declare, "That if any "yeffel belonging to the United States, fhall "be in any of the ports of his Majesty's do"minions, or within gun-fhot of his forts, "fhe fhall be protected as much as poffible; "and no veffel whatever, belonging either to "Moorish or Chriftian Powers, with whom "the United States may be at war, fhall be "permitted to follow or engage her, as we "now deem the citizens of America our good "friends."

And, in obedience to his Majefty's commands, I certify this declaration, by putting my hand and feal to it, on the eighteenth day of Ramadan,* in the year one thousand two hundred.

The fervant of the King, my Mafter, whom God preferve,


I do certify that the above is a true copy of the tranflation made at Morocco, by Ifaac Cordoza Nunez, interpreter, of a declaration made and figned by Sidi Hage Taher Fennifh, in addition to the treaty between the Emperor of Morocco and the United States of America, which declaration the faid Taher Fennifh made by the express direc tions of his Majesty.


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The Ramadan of the year of the Hegira 1200, commenced

on the 28th June, in the year of our Lord 1736.

Now, KNOW YE, That we, the faid John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, Ministers Plenipotentiary aforefaid, do approve and conclude the faid treaty, and every article and clause therein contained, referving the fame nevertheless to the United States in Congress affembled, for their final ratification.

In teftimony whereof, we have figned the fame with our names and feals, at the places of our refpective refidence, and at the dates expressed under our fignatures refpectively.

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His Most Christian Majesty





Between His Moft Christian Majefty and the United States of America, for the Purpofe of defining and establishing the Functions and Privileges of their respective Confuls and ViceConfuls.

IS Majefty the Most Christian King, and

His Majefty the

the United States of America, having, by the twenty-ninth article of the treaty of amity and commerce concluded between them, mutually granted the liberty of having, in their respective states and ports, confuls, viceconfuls, agents and commiffaries, and being willing, in confequence thereof, to define and establish, in a reciprocal and permanent manner, the functions and privileges of confuls and vice-confuls, which they have judged it convenient to establish of preference, His Moft Christian Majefty has nominated the Sieur Count of Montmorin, of St. Herent, Marechal of his Camps and Armies, Knight of his Orders and of the Golden Fleece, his Counfellor in all his Councils, Minister and Secretary of State, and of his Commandments and Finances, having the department of Foreign Affairs; and the United States have nominated the Sieur Thomas Jefferfon, citizen of the

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Entre le Roi très Chrêtien, et les Etats Unis de l'Amérique, à l'effet de déterminer et fixer les fonctions et prérogatives des Confuls et ViceConfuls refpectifs.


A Majefté le Roi très Chrêtien, et les Etats Unis de l'Amérique, s'étant accordés mutuellement par l'art. XXIX, du traité d'amitié et de commerce conclu entr'eux, la liberté de tenir dans leurs Etats et ports refpectifs, des confuls, et vice-confuls, agens et commiffaires, et voulant en conféquence déterminer et fixe d'une maniére réciproque et permanente, les fonctions et prérogatives des confuls, et viceconfuls qu'ils ont jugé convenable d'établir de préférence, fa Majefté trés Chrêtienne a nommé le Sieur Comte de Montmorin de St. Herent, maréchal de fes camps et armées, chevalier de fes ordres et de la toifon-d'or, fon confeiller en tous fes conseils, miniftre et fécrétaire d'etat et de fes commandements et finances, aïant le département des affaires étrangères; et les Etats Unis ont nommé le Sieur Thomas Jefferfon, citoyen des Etats Unis de l'Amérique, et leur miniftre plénipotentiaire auprès du

Confuls to prefent commiffions, and

to be enti

tled to an exequatur.


United States of America, and their Minister Plenipotentiary near the King, who, after having communicated to each other their respective full powers, have agreed on what follows: ARTICLE I.

The confuls and vice-confuls named by the Most Christian King and the United States, fhall be bound to prefent their commiffions according to the forms which fhall be established refpectively by the Most Christian King within his dominions, and by the Congress within the United States. There fhall be delivered to them, without any charges, the exequatur neceffary for the exercise of their functions; and on exhibiting the faid exequatur, the governors, commanders, heads of justice, bodies corporate, tribunals and other officers having authority in the ports and places of their confulates, shall cause them to enjoy immediately, and without difficulty, the pre-eminences, authority, and privileges, reciprocally granted, without exacting from the faid confuls and vice-confuls any fee, under any pretext what



The confuls and vice-confuls, and perfons af confuls. attached to their functions; that is to fay: their chancellors and fecretaries, fhall enjoy a full and entire immunity for their chancery, and the papers which fhall be therein contained. They fhall be exempt from all perfonal fervice, from foldiers' billets, militia, watch, guard, guardianfhip, trustee-fhip, as well as from all duties, taxes, impofitions and charges whatsoever, except on the eftate real and perfonal of which they may be the proprietors or poffeffors, which fhall be fubject to the taxes imposed on the estates of all other individuals:

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