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In cafes of violence on the perfons or pro

Retaliation perty of the individuals of either party, neither reftrained. retaliation nor reprifal fhall be committed by the other, until fatisfaction fhall have been demanded of the party, of which the aggreffor is, and shall have been refused.

Indians to


The Creeks fhall give notice to the citizens of the United States of any defigns, which they give notice may know or fufpect to be formed in any of deligus neighbouring tribe, or by any perfon whatever, again U.S. against the peace and interefts of the United States.


That the Creek nation may be led to a greater degree of civilization, and to become herdfmen and cultivators, instead of remaining make pre- in a ftate of hunters, the United States will


States to

fents to



fities to ceafe,

from time to time furnish gratuitously the faid nation with useful domeftic animals and implements of husbandry. And further to affift the faid nation in fo defirable a purfuit, and at the fame time to establish a certain mode of commmunication, the United States will fend fuch, and so many persons to refide in said nation as they may judge proper, and not exceeding four in number, who fhall qualify themfelves to act as interpreters. These perfons fhall have lands affigned them by the Creeks for cultivation, for themfelves and their fucceffors in office; but they shall be precluded exercifing any kind of traffic.


All animofities for paft grievances fhall henceforth ceafe; and the contracting parties will carry the foregoing treaty into full execution, with all good faith and fincerity.



This treaty shall take effect and be obligatory on the contracting parties, as foon as the Ratificefame fhall have been ratified by the Prefident of the United States, with the advice and confent of the Senate of the United States.

IN WITNESS of all and every thing herein determined, between the United States of America and the whole Creek nation, the parties have hereunto fet their hands and feals, in the city of New-York, within the United States, this feventh day of Auguft, one thousand feven hundred and ninety.

In behalf of the United States,

H. KNOX, }

Secretary of War, and fole Com

miflioner for treating with the
Creek Nation of Indians.

In behalf of themfelves and the whole
Creek Nation of Indians,


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Richard Morris, Chief Juftice of the state of New-York. Richard Varick, Mayor of the city of New-York. Marinus Willet. Thomas Lee Shippen, of Pennsylvania. John Rutledge, jun. Jofeph Allen Smith. Henry Izard.

[blocks in formation]





United States of North America



ARTICLES of AGREEMENT and CONFEDERATION, made and entered into by Andrew and Thomas Lewis, Efquires, Commiffioners for, and in Behalf of the United States of North-America of the one Part, and Capt. White Eyes, Capt. John Kill Buck, junior, and Capt. Pipe, Deputies and Chief Men of the Delaware Nation of the other Part.



ly forgiven.

HAT all offences or acts of hoftilities by All offenone, or either of the contracting parties ces mutual. against the other, be mutually forgiven, and buried in the depth of oblivion, never more to be had in remembrance.


That a perpetual peace and friendship fhall Peace and from henceforth take place, and fubfift between friendship the contracting parties aforefaid, through all perpetual, fucceeding generations and if either of the


parties are engaged in a juft and neceffary war In cafe of with any other nation or nations, that then war, each each fhall affift the other in due proportion to party to af their abilities, till their enemies are brought other. to reafonable terms of accommodation: and that if either of them fhall discover any hoftile defigns forming against the other, they VOL. II.

F 3

U. S. to

have free

paffage to forts or

towns of

their enemies.

fhall give the earliest notice thereof, that timeous measures may be taken to prevent their ill effect.


And whereas the United States are engaged in a juft and neceffary war, in defence and fupport of life, liberty and independence, against the King of England and his adherents, and as faid King is yet poffeffed of several pofts and forts on the lakes and other places, the reduction of which is of great importance to the peace and fecurity of the contracting parties, and as the most practicable way for the troops of the United States to fome of the pofts and forts is by paffing through the country of the Delaware nation, the aforefaid deputies, on behalf of themselves and their nation, do hereby ftipulate and agree to give a free paffage through their country to the troops aforefaid, and the fame to conduct by the nearest and best ways to the pofts, forts or towns of the enemies of the United States, affording to faid troops fuch fupplies of corn, meat, horses, or whatever may be in their power for the accommodation of fuch troops, on the commanding officer's, &c. paying, or engaging to pay, the full value of whatever they can supply them with. And the faid deputies, on the behalf of their nation, engage to join the troops of the United States aforefaid, with fuch a number of their beft and moft Such war- expert warriors as they can fpare, confiftent be fpared, with their own fafety, and act in concert with to join the them; and for the better fecurity of the old States. men, women and children of the aforefaid nation, whilft their warriors are engaged against the common enemy, it is agreed on the part of the United States, that a fort of fuffi

riors as can

troops of

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