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against the United States, or either of them, attempt to pafs through their country, they will endeavour to prevent the fame, and in like manner give information of fuch attempt to the faid Governor or commanding officer, as soon as poffible, that all caufes of miftruft and fufpicion may be avoided between them and the United States: In like manner the United States fhall give notice to the faid Indian nations, of any harm that may be meditated against them, or either of them, that fhall come to their knowledge; and do all in their power to hinder and prevent the fame, that the friendship between them may be uninterrupted.


the protec

If any perfon or perfons, citizens or fub- Perfons to jects of the United States, or any other perfon be out of not being an Indian, fhall prefume to fettle tion of the upon the lands confirmed to the faid nations, U. S. if he and they fhall be out of the protection of the United States; and the faid nations may indianspunish him or them in fuch manner as they fee fit.


they settle

on the

lands of



the U. S.

The United States renew the refervations heretofore made in the before mentioned trea- tion of ty at Fort M'Intosh, for the establishment of lands by trading posts, in manner and form following; for trading that is to fay: Six miles fquare at the mouth pots. of the Miami or Omie river; fix miles fquare at the portage upon that branch of the Miami which runs into the Ohio; fix miles fquare upon the lake Sandufky where the fort formerly ftood; and two miles fquare upon each fide the Lower Rapids on Sandusky river, which pofts, and the lands annexed to them, fhall be for the use and under the government of the United States.

Detroit, &c.


The poft at The poft at Detroit, with a district of land referved. beginning at the mouth of the river Rofine, at the west end of lake Erie, and running up the southern bank of faid river fix miles; thence northerly, and always fix miles weft of the ftrait, until it ftrikes the lake St. Clair, fhall be reserved for the ufe of the United States.

The poft at Michelimackinac,

&c. referved.

Peace and

renewed &


In like manner the post at Michelimackinac, with its dependencies, and twelve miles fquare about the fame, shall be reserved to the fole ufe of the United States.


The United States of America do hereby friendship renew and confirm the peace and friendship confirmed. entered into with the faid nations, at the treaty before mentioned, held at Fort M'Intosh; and the faid nations again acknowledge themselves, and all their tribes, to be under the protection of the faid United States, and no other power whatever.

The nations of



The United States of America do alfo receive into their friendship and protection, the mas & Sacs nations of the Pattiwatimas and Sacs; and received in- do hereby establish a league of peace and Bion of U.S. amity between them refpectively; and all the

to protec

line further

articles of this treaty, fo far as they apply to

these nations, are to be confidered as made and concluded in all, and every part, expressly with them and each of them.


And whereas in defcribing the boundary beBoundary fore mentioned, the words, if strictly construc explained. ted, would carry it from the portage on that branch of the Miami, which runs into the

Ohio, over to the river Au Glaize; which was neither the intention of the Indians, nor of the Commiffioners; it is hereby declared, that the line shall run from the faid portage directly to the first fork of the Miami river, which is to the fouthward and eastward of the Miami village, thence down the main branch of the Miami river to the faid village, and thence down that river to Lake Erie, and along the margin of the lake to the place of beginning.

DONE at Fort Harmar, on the Muskingum, this ninth Day of January, in the Year of our Lord one thousand feven hundred and eighty-nine. In Witness whereof, the Parties have hereunto interchangeably fet their Hands and Seals.

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fefs the

will not be

at peace.

In Prefence of

Jof. Harmar, Lt. Col. Comt. ift U. S. Regt. and Brigr. Genl. by Brevet. Richard Butler. Jno. Gibson. Will. Mc. Curdey, Capt. E. Denny, Enf. 1ft U. S. Regt. A. Hartshorn, Enf. Robt. Thompson, Enf. 1ft U. S. Regt. Frans. Lufe, Enf. J. Williams, jun. Wm. Wilfon. Jofeph Nicholas. James Rinken.

Be it remembered, That the Wyandots have Wyandots will difpof- laid claim to the lands that were granted to Shawanefe, the Shawanese, at the treaty held at the if the latter Miami, and have declared, that as the Shawanese have been fo reftlefs, and caufed fo much trouble, both to them and to the United States, if they will not now be at peace, they will difpoffefs them, and take the country into their own hands; for that the country is theirs of right, and the Shawanefe are only living upon it by their permiffion. They further lay claim to all the country weft of the Miami boundary, from the village to the lake Erie, and declare that it is now under their management and direction.

Two Wyandot vilJages, with

in the re

Separate Article.

Whereas the Wyandots have represented, that within the refervation from the river Rofine along the Strait, they have two villages fervations, from which they cannot with any convenience disturbed. remove; it is agreed, that they fhall remain in poffeffion of the fame, and fhall not be in ány manner difturbed therein.

not to be





Prefident of the United States of America,





A TREATY of PEACE and FRIENDSHIP made and concluded between the Prefident of the United States of America, on the Part and Behalf of the faid States, and the underfigned Chiefs and Warriors of the Cherokee Nation of Indians, on the Part and Behalf of the faid Nation.


HE parties being defirous of establishing permanent peace and friendship between the United States and the faid Cherokee Nation, and the citizens and members thereof, and to remove the causes of war, by afcertaining their limits and making other neceffary, just and friendly arrangements: The Prefident of the United States, by William Blount, Governor of the territory of the United States of America, fouth of the river Ohio, and Superintendant of Indian affairs for the fouthern diftrict, who is vefted with full powers for these purposes, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate of the United States: And the Cherokee Nation, by the underfigned Chiefs and Warriors representing the faid nation, have agreed to the following articles, namely:

[blocks in formation]
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