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the United States, this fecond day of July, in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-one.


Governor in and over the Territory of the United States of America, fouth of the River Ohio, and Superintendant of Indian Affairs for the Southern District.

Chuleoah, or the Boots,

L. S.

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Cauquillehanah, † or the Thigh,

L. S.

Chefquotteloneh, † or Yellow Bird,

Chickafawtehe, † or Chickafaw Killer, z. s.

L. S.

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Chuquilatague, † or Double-Head,
Koolaquah, † or Pig Acorn,
Toowayelloh, † or Bold Hunter,

L. S.

L. S.

L. S.

Jahle-oonoyehka, † or Middle Striker, z. s.

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Auquotague, † the Little Turkey's Son, z. s.

Talohtefke, tor Upfetter,

Cheakoneske,† or Otter Lifter,

L. S.

L. S.

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Daniel Smith, Secretary of the Territory of the United States, fouth of the River Ohio. Thomas Kennedy, of Kentucky.

James Robertson, of Mero Diftrict.
Claiborne Watkins, of Virginia.
Jno. M'Whitney, of Georgia.
Fauche, of Georgia.

Titus Ogden, North-Carolina.

John Chifolm, of Washington District.

Robert King.

Thomas Gegg.

Articles of a Treaty






HEREAS the treaty made and concluded on Holfton river, on the second day of July, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-one, between the United States of America and the Cherokee nation of Indians, has not been fully carried into execution by reason of some misunderstandings which have arisen. ARTICLE I.


And whereas the underfigned Henry Knox, Secretary for the department of War, be- Treaty of ing authorized thereto by the Prefident of binding. the United States, in behalf of the faid United States, and the underfigned Chiefs and Warriors, in their own names, and in behalf of the whole Cherokee nation, are defirous of re-establishing peace and friendship between the faid parties in a permanent manner, Do hereby declare, that the faid treaty of Holston is, to all intents and purposes, in full force and binding upon the said parties, as well in respect to the boundaries therein mentioned as in all other refpects whatever.


It is hereby ftipulated that the boundaries mentioned in the fourth article of the faid Boundaries treaty, fhall be actually afcertained and marked to be in the manner prescribed by the faid article, whenever the Cherokee nation fhall have nine


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ty days notice of the time and place at which the commiffioners of the United States intend to commence their operation.


The United States, to evince their justice by Annual al amply compenfating the faid Cherooke nation lowance of of Indians for all relinquishments of land made


For every

a fum to be

either by the treaty of Hopewell upon the Keowee river, concluded on the twenty-eighth of November, one thousand seven hundred and eighty five, or the aforefaid treaty made upon Holfton river, on the fecond of July, one thoufand seven hundred and ninety-one, do hereby ftipulate, in lieu of all former fums to be paid annually to furnish the Cherokee Indians with goods fuitable for their use, to the amount of five thousand dollars yearly.


And the faid Cherokee nation, in order horse stolen to evince the fincerity of their intentions in deducted future,to prevent the practice of ftealing horses, from the attended with the moft pernicious confeannuity, quences to the lives and peace of both parties, do hereby agree, that for every horfe which fhall be ftolen from the white inhabitants by any Cherokee Indians, and not returned within three months, that the fum of fifty dollars fhall be deducted from the faid annuity of five thousand dollars.

These arti


The articles now ftipulated will be concles in ad- fidered as permanent additions to the treaty of Halfton, as foon as they fhall have been ratified by the President of the United States and the Senate of the United States.

dition to treaty of Holfton.

IN WITNESS of all and every thing herein determined between the United States of America and the whole Cherokee nation, the parties have hereunto fet their hands and feals in the city of Philadelphia, within the United States, this twenty-fixth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thoufand feven hundred and ninety-four.

H. KNOX, Secretary of War. (L. S.)

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Done in the Prefence of

John Thompson,

Arthur Coodey,


Cantwell Jones, of Delaware.

William Wafford, of the ftate of Georgia.

W. M'Caleb, of South-Carolina.

Samuel Lewis, of Philadelphia.

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