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fable; which we the Dey and Divan promife to obferve, on confideration of the United States paying annually the value of twelve thousand Algerine fequins in maritime ftores. Should the United States forward a larger quantity, the overplus fhall be paid for in money, by the Dey and Regency. Any veffel that may be captured from the date of this treaty of peace and amity, fhall immediately be delivered up on her arrival in Algiers.



Seal of Algiers ftamped at the foot of the

JOSEPH DONALDSON, jun. original treaty

in Arabic.

To all to whom thefe Prefents fhall come, or be made known :

WHEREAS the under-written David Humphreys, hath been duly appointed Commiffion er Plenipotentiary, by letters patent under the fignature of the Prefident, and feal of the United States of America, dated the 30th of March 1795, for negociating and concluding a treaty of peace with the Dey and Governors of AIgiers; whereas by inftructions given to him on the part of the Executive, dated the 28th of March and 4th of April, 1795, he hath been further authorized to employ Joseph Donaldfon, junior, on an agency in the faid business; whereas, by a writing under his hand and feal, dated 21st May, 1795, he did constitute and appoint Jofeph Donaldfon, junior, agent in the business aforefaid; and the faid Jofeph Donaldson, jun. did, on the 5th of September, 1795, agree with Haffan Bashaw, Dey of Al

giers, to keep the articles of the preceding treaty facred and inviolable :

Now know ye, That I, David Humphreys, Commiffioner Plenipotentiary aforefaid, do approve and conclude the faid treaty, and every article and clause therein contained; referving the fame nevertheless for the final ratification of the Prefident of the United States of America, by and with the advice and confent of the Senate of the faid United States.


In Teftimony whereof, I have figned the fame with my Hand and Seal, at the City of Lisbon, this 28th of November, 1795,




Friendship, Limits and Navigation,





King of Spain.

IS Catholic Majefty and the United States of America, defiring to confolidate, on a permanent bafis, the friendship and good correfpondence, which happily prevails between the two parties, have determined to establish, by a convention, feveral points, the fettlement whereof will be productive of general advantage and reciprocal utility to both nations.

With this intention, his Catholic Majesty has appointed the moft excellent Lord, don Manuel de Godoy, and Alvarez de Faria, Rios, Sanchez, Zarzofa, Prince de la Paz, duke de la Alcudia, lord of the Soto de Roma, and of the state of Albala, Grandee of Spain of the first class, perpetual regidor of the city of Santiago, knight of the illuftrious order of the Golden Fleece, and Great Crofs of the Royal and distinguished Spanish order of Charles the IIId. commander of Valencia, del Ventofo, Rivera, and Acenchal in that of Santiago; Knight and Great Crofs of the religious order of St. John; Counsellor of ftate; firft Secretary of ftate and defpacho; Secretary to the Queen; Superintendant Ge neral of the posts and highways; Protector



Amistad, Limites, y Navegacion





Rey de Espana,

ESEANDO S.M. Catolica, y los Estados Unidos de America confolidar de un modo permanente la buena correspondencia y amistad que felizmente reyna entre ambas partes, han refuelto fixar por medio de un convenio varios puntos, de cuyo arreglo refultará un beneficio general, y una utilidad recíproca á los dos paifès.

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Con esta mira han nombrado S. M. Catolica al Excelentifimo Sor Dn. Manuel de Godoy, y Alvarez de Faria, Rios, Sanchez, Zarrofa, Principe de la Paz, Duque de la Alcudia, Senor del Soto de Roma, y del Estado de Abalá, Grande de Efpaña de primera clafe, Regidor perpetuo de la ciudad de Santiago, Caballero de la infigne orden del toyfon de Oro, Gran Cruz de la R y diftinguida Efpañola de Carlos III. Comendador de Valencia, del Ventofo, Rivera, y Acenchal en la de Santiago, Caballero Gran Cruz de la Religion de S. Juan, Confejero de Eftado, primera Secretario de Eftado y del Defpacho, Secretario de la Reyna Nuefttra, Sra Superintendente General de Correos y Caminos, Protector de la R Academia de las nobles artes, y de los

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of the royal Academy of the noble arts, and of the royal focieties of natural history, botany, chemistry, and aftronomy; Gentleman of the King's chamber in employment; Captain General of his armies; Infpector and Major of the royal corps of body guards, &c. &c. &c. and the Prefident of the United States, with the advice and consent of their Senate, has appointed Thomas Pinckney, a citizen of the United States, and their Envoy Extraordinary to his Catholic Majefty. And the faid Plenipotentiaries have agreed upon and concluded the following articles:


There shall be a firm and inviolable peace ablished. and fincere friendship between his Catholic Majefty, his fucceffors and fubjects, and the United States, and their citizens, without exception of perfons or places.


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To prevent all difputes on the fubject of boundary the boundaries which feparate the territories of the two high contracting parties, it is hereby declared and agreed as follows, to wit. The fouthern boundary of the United States, which divides their territory from the Spanish colonies of Eaft and Weft Florida, fhall be defignated by a line beginning on the river Miffifippi, at the northernmost part of the thirty-first degree of latitude north of the equator, which from thence fhall be drawn due east to the middle of the river Apalachicola, or Catahouche, thence along the middle thereof to its junction with the Flint: thence ftrait to the head of St. Mary's river, and thence down the middle thereof to the Atlantic ocean. And it is agreed, that if there fhould be any troops, garrifons, or fettlements of either party, in the

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