Contemporary Anthology of Music by Women

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James R. Briscoe
Indiana University Press, 1997 - Всего страниц: 404
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"... a valuable resource for students and teachers, women and men, who wish to enlarge their understanding of women's contributions to classical new music." —Women & Music

"... an important collection that should quickly find its way into courses on the music of our century.... This anthology offers a significant step toward our richer understanding of musical expressiveness in the late twentieth century." —Notes

The creativity of women in contemporary art, literature, and general culture is well recognized, but their excellence in musical composition remains largely unrecognized. To remedy that oversight, this book brings together scores by 30 composers from around the world in a single, accessible collection encompassing concert and religious music as well as jazz, pop, experimental, and cross-over works. Each piece is introduced by a short biography of the composer, including the formative influences on her life, her role models, the obstacles she encountered, the recognition she has attained, bibliographic references, and discographies.

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JAMES R. BRISCOE is Professor of Music History at Butler University. His research centers on women in music and French music from 1870 to the present. He is editor of Historical Anthology of Music by Women and compiler of a companion recording for that book.

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